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Chapter 40: Mutant Energy

Chapter 40: Mutant Energy

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The heavy truck was enormous, so just seeing it crashing left a strong visual impact in the gang members’ eyes. Even knowing that it couldn’t hurt them, as they were far away, they still instinctively jumped backwards while they were screaming. The collision was so intense that the truck’s front was deformed before recognition. Yu’s plan to make Jiang Liushi suffer the most miserable death had utterly failed, and even worse the roles had been switched

The motorcycle members couldn’t clearly see what had occurred. They thought that the heavy truck was about to obliterate the minibus, and come out unscathed. Unexpectedly, before the collision the truck’s front came to a stop and started deforming. Even though Yu’s speed was extraordinary, it was not enough to let him escape. As a result, his head was blown off and his body became one with the truck.

Everyone’s ears were buzzing by the loud collision, which was almost equal to an explosion. Jiang Liushi could see some shrapnel shooting to his windshield, but they couldn’t damage the bulletproof window. Jiang Liushi gasped for breath, it was not surprising at all that the truck would be destroyed like that, but after witnessing it he was still shocked. He had memorized every detail about the ‘Air Cannon’, for security purposes. He was absorbed into listening to the Starseed’s instruction. He had been waiting for the right moment to act, the distance couldn’t be closer neither further, or else after firing the ‘Air Cannon’ the MCV would be seriously affected too or the impact on the truck wouldn’t be the same.

Jiang Liushi had deliberately targeted the driver’s compartment, so it would be impossible for Yu to be alive. Although, Yu was a paranormal being, his ability was speed, he still had a mortal body made of flesh and blood. Being attacked by such a powerful force, there was no chance of survival.

[Detecting energy dissipating from the truck. Should it be absorbed?] Starseed warned.

Jiang Liushi was stunned, [Why is energy dissipating from the truck?]

Without knowing what it was, Jiang Liushi ordered, [Yes, absorb.]


[Mutant energy has been absorbed and stored. New energy is below Level 1. It can't be used to upgrade. Continue storing or transform it to enhance the defensive armor?]

[Mutant energy?] Jiang Liushi was confused at first, but he then noticed the overturned truck and he understood; the leaked mutant energy must have been from Yu’s mutant power.

Luckily, the Starseed instantly notified and explained to him what that energy was. The energy was leaked from Yu after his death, and could be absorbed by the MCV.

It was different from the mutant boar’s nucleus. This mutant energy was stored within Yu’s body and when he used his mutant power, he consumed that energy. A small portion of the energy would dissipate at the same time, and it was really difficult to be detected by the MCV as it was too little.

[This energy can enhance the MCV’s defense…] Jiang Liushi considered the MCV’s defense not powerful enough; he had to avoid the damaging the MCV or else he would have to find precious materials in order to fix it.

He had to enhance the defense as he was going to Nanjing City, a city with over 8 million residents, the number of zombies and mutated being would be unimaginable; even a little bit of enhancement could be crucial to his survival.

He knew nothing about Nanjing City’s current state. He believed even after doomsday, the internet was not going to quickly stop working. But seemingly due to fires and the explosions they caused, he was unable to use the internet, or other means of communication. Otherwise, he would already have tried to acquire information about Nanjing City. Although he knew nearly nothing, he was certain for one thing; the more crowded and prosperous the place once had been, the more dangerous it was.

The energy, lower than Level 1, was weaker than the mutant boar’s energy. The mutant boar was evaluated as a Level 1, and could upgrade the MCV’s abilities. Jiang Liushi estimated if he collected more mutatant energy he could upgrade the MCV. Instead of storing energy, it was more important to enhance the MCV’s defense.

The enhancement of defense wouldn’t hinder driving, and the enhancing speed, in contrast with all the other upgrading abilities, was fastest by far. The whole enhancement would take 15 minutes before it was completed.

Before that, Jiang Liushi diverted his attention to the stunned motorcycle members that were still staring at the heavy truck. They had been gathered by Yu, acknowledged his fighting prowess, and feared him. However, destiny had other plans and now he had died a miserable death, not even his body could be buried.

After the initial shock, they came to realize that without Yu they wouldn’t be able to act the same as before. The source of their arrogance was Yu, and without him they were like a headless chicken; they could run for a while but after that they’d still die.

Jiang Liushi was coldly staring at them. He pressed the ‘Acceleration’ and the minibus burst forward. Seeing the minibus rushing toward them, they felt like the grim reaper’s scythe was about to descent upon them. They were in a hurry to ignite their motorcycle and flee as far as possible.

Jiang Liushi would not spare any of them, he had to eradicate any future troubles. These motorcycle members indulged in all sorts of evil doings, and they had deliberated tried to kill him twice.

Jiang Liushi was not the merciful type, his motto was, ‘An eye for an eye’.