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Chapter 41: Everything Is Ready

Chapter 41: Everything Is Ready

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Hearing the minibus’ roaring engine, the motorcycle members were frightened to the core. Even the heavy truck was devastated, how motorcycle members could stand a chance against it, with their non-existent defenses.

"Go into the alley. He can’t get in there! " Someone shouted.

They moved into the alley, but soon after they entered it, some zombies appeared, jumped at the motorcycles and began biting them.

Many zombies started appearing, after the whole commotion, one after the other. They were not afraid of being injured or dying, as they could feel nothing, they were very fast, with nimble reaction, and to make things worse they could jump. As a result, the unlucky gang members were either thrown down from their motorcycles or stopped by the massive number of zombies that had jumped on them, the only thing they could do was scream for their soon-to-end life.

Although, most of the zombies had been led far away, the ones that appeared had been hiding in the near buildings. The total number was about a hundred, so Jiang Liushi didn’t feel threatened at all.

The motorcycle members were really pitiful, they were pursued by Jiang Liushi or hunted down by zombies. They were in lose-lose situation; crashed by Jiang Liushi’s minibus as they tried to escape or become zombie food.

After most of the members were a pile of meat, some zombies turned their gaze toward Jiang Liushi and dashed his way. At the beginning, he had not paid any attention to them, he was determined to kill all the motorcycle members. Jiang Liushi reacted quickly, he turned around and started killing zombies.

"Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang!"

The scene was bloody, bodies were lying here and there on the street, hands and legs were dismembered, even intestines were hanging on the minibus. Jiang Liushi had been driving in a circular way so that he could attract all the zombies and massacre them.

Zombies were mindlessly rushing toward the MCV, they were slammed as soon as they approached or were crashed under the wheels. Soon, there wasn’t any zombie in the streets. Outside of the gas station, the road was filled with body parts and a deformed heavy truck; it was extremely tragic.

Looking at the bloody scene, Jiang Liushi actually felt relieved. This was the end of the world! The law of the jungle prevailed; the strong eat the weak. Jiang Liushi had already accepted that concept. Zombies killed people, as well as people killed people. If you did not kill others, you would be killed by others. After a while, Jiang Liushi slowly drove the minibus, and returned to the heavy truck’s location, and then he parked next to the deformed car front. He was really cautious, he made sure that others couldn’t attack him, and that he could immediately jump back to the MCV.

Jiang Liushi left the vehicle and inspected the heavy truck's driver's seat. It had been completely squeezed, all he could see was a twisted mass of iron and some blood flowing out from the cracks. He observed a little more and a hand could be seen from a gap within the mass of iron.

Jiang Liushi believed that Yu should have a lot of valuable things, as he was the boss of the motorcycle gang and the town’s tyrant. However, it was impossible to drag Yu from the gap, so those valuables were wasted. As Jiang Liushi was feeling sorry, he suddenly noticed a black thing under the hand.

Jiang Liushi stretched his leg, kicking the hand aside and he found the pistol! That pistol was relatively small, so it wasn’t destroyed, it should have fallen out from the gap when the truck turned over. Jiang Liushi was filled with unexpected joy and quickly picked up the pistol. In the process of picking it up, he was very careful in order to avoid any accidents.

Jiang Liushi naturally did not have any experience with the Type 54 pistol. But when he was a child, he was always playing with an air-gun, and before his parents passed away, he had been brought to a shooting hall once. Of course, after so long, he felt it was very strange, but he still remembered the basics.

After making sure that the gun had its safety on, Jiang Liushi was more at ease. Picking up the Type 54 pistol, he could feel a glimmer of hope; there may be other things around like the pistol. He was very patient and searched for a while. Unfortunately, except from blood and debris, he did not find anything useful, so he returned to the minibus and drove to the gas station again.

This time, no one would bother him while he was refueling. The whole town’s gasoline was stored there, thanks to Yu and his gang. But who would have thought that Jiang Liushi would be the one who benefitted in the end.

Jiang Liushi parked the MCV and activated the automatic refueling device, which immediately stretched out and connected with the refueling gun. Suddenly, a large amount of gasoline was continuously filling the MCV’s fuel tank.

1000L, 1500L, 2000L…

Finally, a full 10000L!

At last, the fuel tank was full, this made Jiang Liushi feel extremely comfortable and relieved.

It was extremely difficult for him to collect the amount of 10000L just from abandoned cars. Finally, the MCV could be operated fully and use a variety of functions. He could drive the MCV to Nanjing Town with complete confidence. But he was not satisfied, so he went to inside the gas station, and found a fuel tank car, which was filled with gasoline. He was delighted and connected it to the minibus.

Having dragged the fuel tank car, Jiang Liushi had no other way to store more gasoline, so he had to give up on the rest of it. That town was not far from Nanjing Town, so if he couldn’t find gasoline, he could also return.

After refueling, Jiang Liushi drove towards the motorcycle gang’s base...