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Chapter 44: Two Choices

Chapter 44: Two Choices

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Jiang Liushi ran back and forth more than ten times. Probably, because he had eaten some mutant meat, he did not feel tired at all. It was fairly easy for him to carry those goods.

Soon, the whole MCV had been filled up. Seeing there was no place to put, Jiang Liushi simply put the rest of the sacks on the roof. In that way, his MCV looked even more dilapidated with a roof filled with sacks. It was like migrant workers driving into the city.

Finally, all the appropriate places had been used to store the food. However, there were still some goods. Jiang Liushi could only select some high-calorie small-scale food to carry, such as chocolate and so on.

Looking at the storage room then he went out. Seeing Jiang Liushi empty-handed, those women involuntarily looked toward the storage room’s direction.

"Were all the goods taken away?" Holding her clothes, Xiao Rou asked.

When Yu was alive, they wouldn’t dare to get close to the storage room. Even the motorcycle members were not allowed to get close. Only Yu’s most trusted had the opportunity to enter.

So they did not know how many supplies had been stored. But noticing Jiang Liushi’s actions, they believed that he should have taken all the supplies away.

Without food, they didn’t know how to survive…

Coming out from the storage room, Jiang Liushi searched the living room and Yu's bedroom for any useful things. As he didn’t find anything, he went straight toward the door.

Meanwhile, Xiao Rou bit her lower lip, and bravely called Jiang Liushi, "Please, please wait!"

Jiang Liushi turned and stared at Xiao Rou. However, Xiao Rou just looked at Jiang Liushi but did not really know what to say. They knew that there was no reason for Jiang Liushi to leave any food, but that meant they would starve to death without any food. They didn’t blame him, what he did was perfectly logical and reasonable.

"I...we..." Seeing Xiao Rou hesitating, Jiang Liushi lost his patience.

He left and went downstairs, and after a while he turned back. Suddenly, all their hopes had been shattered to pieces. Some women were thinking of following him. Generally speaking, Jiang Liushi was young and handsome. Most of the women would like to follow him for a meal.

But…They didn’t know what to say, they could tell that Jiang Liushi was not interested in them. They were in an awkward position and they had no ability to change his mind.

At this time, Jiang Liushi said, "If you want, I can help you join some other survivors, but you should know that everybody needs to collect food. I will let them come here later, so you have time to decide what to do. Of course, you can also choose to leave, taking some of the remaining supplies away."

He felt that it was a pity for the supplies to be wasted. Even if those women continued living there, they shouldn’t keep all of them. There was also Wen Xiaotian sister’s team which anxiously needed them too. Of course, if those women did not want to join Wen’s team, he wouldn’t force them; they were the ones that had to decide.

After listening Jiang Liushi’s words, they suddenly looked at each other. They felt incredible. Without even asking him, he had actually taken the initiative to leave them some food.

"What do you choose?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Seeing Jiang Liushi impatiently asking, Xiao Rou talked with the others, then she looked at Jiang Liushi and firmly said, "We are willing to join the other survivors, and we will try our best not to become a burden."

Compared to being ravaged, Xiao Rou was actually more willing to be self-reliant. Even though they didn’t have the ability to survive alone, Jiang Liushi still gave them a chance, so they were very grateful.

"Well then, you have to wait here," Jiang Liushi said.

The building’s location was very good, and Jiang Liushi believed it was suitable for Wen Xiaotian to use it as their camp. At the same time, he did not worry about those women running away with the supplies.

Seeing Jiang Liushi about to leave, Xiao Rou suddenly called out, "Please wait!

[What happened again?] Jiang Liushi was really dizzy.

He turned around and saw that her eyes were red, and she said with tears: "Thank you."

"Uh...You are welcome." Jiang Liushi thought that he hadn’t really done anything. After doomsday, Jiang Liushi didn’t have any delusions that he was a good person, but he wouldn’t do anything wicked and immoral. What he did were all for the sake of surviving and in order to successfully arrive at Nanjing City.


At Wen’s home, Wen Xiaotian, Wen Lu, and the other survivors, were all by the windows waiting for Jiang Liushi’s return.

Although Jiang Liushi had told them not to worry, they were standing there restlessly; they felt as if they were sitting on a bed of nails.

They knew that even if they hid in other places, once Jiang Liushi was defeated, they would be sliced into little bits by Yu.

They were ordinary people, so it was extremely difficult for them to run away. There was no gasoline, and no food, even if they escaped, they would be caught or starve to death.

As a result, they were wishing for a miracle to happen...

That old man moved to the yard picking up the knocked rice pot. The rice had been half cooked, but more than half had been dumped on the ground. The rest of the survivors were silently watching the old man re-cooking the rice, and then taking back the supplies from the motorcycle members’ corpses…