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Chapter 45: Departure

Chapter 45: Departure

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Wen Xiaotian was extremely worried because she had heard most of Yu's atrocious actions from the survivors. She was really worried about Jiang's safety, if it wasn't for him, Wen Xiaotian would not be able to come back.

Wen Xiaotian hoped that Jiang Liushi would put his own safety first. It didn't really matter if Jiang Liushi was able to kill Yu or not, either way the rest of the motorcycle members would target them in order to take revenge. Only if Jiang Liushi had the ability to capture all the motorcycle members in one go would they be really safe. That feeling of desperation and helplessness was common to most of the survivors…

Wen Lu put her hand in her pocket, secretly holding a dagger. She clearly knew how Yu treated those who dare to resist him or his underlings, so she didn't plan on giving them a chance to torture her. Thinking about this, Wen Lu felt her hand holding the knife was in slightly trembling. Soon they will have their answer, but right now, every passing moment seemed endless.

"Woo!" Suddenly, the roaring sound of the engine came. All the survivors, including Wen Lu and Wen Xiaotian were so nervous that their hearts raced like crazy.

They moved to the window, and at the same time were terrified of what they were about see. Wen Lu strengthened her grip on the dagger, and Wen Xiaotian tightly clenched her fists.

"Brother Jiang!" Wen Lu suddenly shouted.

Outside of the courtyard, the minibus was dragging a fuel tank car, with a lot of sacks on its roof, slowly moving to the entrance, and then stopped. Wen Lu put the dagger aside, and rushed toward the door. She could not wait to learn what had happened.

Wen Xiaotian was still staring the minibus, she was extremely worried, but she felt relieved to see that Jiang Liushi was fine. She felt like she was dreaming.

The survivors had not reacted at all till Wen Lu ran out of the courtyard.

"Hurry up!"

"What happened?"

The minibus had appeared without being followed by the motorcycle gang, also dragging a fuel tank car. What had happened was pretty obvious. But even so the survivors had a hard time to swallow it.

Soon, they surrounded the vehicle so that they could hear Jiang Liushi explaining what had happened. Jiang Liushi had left some details out, as his 'Air Cannon', and also told them that they could take over the motorcycle gang's stronghold, which had supplies that could sustain them for a while.

It was really hard to accept it, as Yu was the personification of despair in their minds. Nobody had dared to resist him, till Jiang Liushi appeared. He had single-handedly exterminated the whole gang, it was inconceivable. Looking at the minibus, they could see several bullet holes on the windshield, but the bullets had not penetrated the glass!

Furthermore, Jiang Liushi was safe and sound, so they were finally convinced that what Jiang Liushi had said was true. At last, they were finally freed from the motorcycle gang's shadow.

The survivors felt like they had gained a new life.

That old man came out from the house, standing behind the crowd, listening to Jiang's words, with his hands trembling. He bitterly wept, it was normal to cry. He was in a state of anxiety for several days. And after today's events, he had decided that if his grandson were to die, he would accompany him.

However, everything was about to change. They could live in a more secure place and have better chances at surviving.

In the future, they wouldn't suffer the gang's torture, they were deeply grateful.

But Jiang Liushi told them that he was going to leave soon. His gasoline tank was filled, and everything was ready. Jiang Liushi could not wait to go Nanjing City.

Wen Xiaotian and Wen Lu had been reunited. But he was still quite worried about Jiang Zhuying. This town was not far from Nanjing City. Jiang Liushi would resume his journey after he had moved the survivors to the stronghold.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's decision, the survivors were all shocked.

"Saying that we are thankful is an understatement. We are indebted to you for your help." Wen Lu had a quick tongue and always said what she thought.

Wen Lu would like to repay Jiang Liushi for his kindness, Wen Xiaotian would like to do so eagerly. The survivors felt the same.

Although Jiang Liushi wouldn't accept any gifts, at least, they could prepare several good meals for him…

"No, thanks." Jiang Liushi said. From the start his goal was to collect gasoline. Saving these people wasn't his original intention, it was something that occurred along the way.

"You have to be careful… Oh, I almost forgot..." Jiang Liushi suddenly remembered something. He told them about Xiao Rou and the others. Wen Lu immediately said that there was no problem, she could relate with them.

Jiang Liushi insisted on leaving, and then he marked the gas station on the map. Later if he could not find gasoline, he could return.

Nanjing's gasoline perhaps had already been taken away by the military. Although he had taken as much gasoline as possible he may have to face a situation that he lacked gasoline

If these survivors moved to the gas station, they could help him watch the gas station. Seeing the Wen sisters as well as other survivors eager to repay him, Jiang Liushi made that demand. They immediately accepted. As a matter of fact, they felt extremely happy to help Jiang Liushi.

The Wen sisters kept waving their hands and saying goodbye. Although they didn't get along with each other in the past, they were reluctant to part.

Sitting in the MCV, Jiang Liushi opened Nanjing's map...