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Chapter 46: Railway Station

Chapter 46: Railway Station

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The small town was several kilometers away from Nanjing City. Jiang Liushi drove along the way at a steady speed. Getting closer to Nanjing, more and more abandoned vehicles appeared on the road.

A sedan was in the way, so Jiang Liushi crushed on it to remove it from the road. Half of the driver’s body was hanging out of the window, while his other half was nowhere to be found, it had clearly been ripped apart by some zombies.

Inside and outside of abandoned vehicles, body parts were lying around. Crashed skulls, leaked brain matter, half-eaten corpses, severed limbs, intestines and every grotesque thing somebody could imagine could be found, accompanied by pools of blood and an unpleasant smell.

Although he had seen a lot of bodies, seeing that bloody scenery, he still felt nauseated. Jiang Liushi’s mind was weighed down with anxiety. Those cars had been moving toward the town’s direction. Although they had tried their best to escape, they still suffered misfortune. There were so many abandoned vehicles, so it was obvious that the zombies’ number was large.

The situation wasn’t optimistic, Jiang Liushi had originally thought that he would only have to worry about the zombies inside the city, but he was gravely mistaken. He felt utterly dispirited and depressed about Nanjing City.

The minibus kept hitting abandoned cars that were parked on the road. Other than the crashing sounds, nothing else could be heard. Soon, Jiang Liushi found some buildings along the roadside, so he drove slowly.

The shop facades along the street were dilapidated with fragmentized windows covered by blood. A small hotel’s door was still shaking back and forth, but there was no zombie.

After a while Jiang Liushi could see a railway station. It was a small site, and the railway station was not large. One could easily see a high-speed train stopped on the bridge. Another part of a train was off the rails, hanging on the bridge.

Two carriages were filled with tanks as well as military trucks. It was a military train.

Jiang Liushi had only seen that kind of train in the news before, but he did not expect he could see two military trains with his own eyes.

Thinking about Jiang Zhuying being unable to buy a train ticket, Jiang Liushi suddenly understood these trains were used to transport military supplies in order to cope with doomsday.

And the two trains had encountered the outbreak of doomsday in the transport process, and then they had to stop there.

While driving, Jiang Liushi observed those cold tanks and military trucks on the military trains. There were good sources of steel as well as a variety of materials!

Looking at these things, Jiang Liushi’s mind was agitated. His MCV was like a bottomless pit, it needed all kinds of materials. Moreover, those materials used in tanks and military trucks were all of high quality. However, Jiang Liushi could do nothing except watch.

At this time, Jiang Liushi suddenly heard a poignant sound coming from the carriage.

The whole area, including this train station, was extremely quiet. That sound instantly made Jiang Liushi nervous. He paid no more attention to the tanks and trucks, and focused on the carriage.

"Bang!" Another sound came.

Then a face was close to the train’s window, with a pair of red eyes frantically staring at the inside of the minibus. That zombie was wearing a uniform, it should have been a soldier, or responsible for escorting.


A large number of zombies suddenly rushed out from the train's’ doors. These zombies were in a mad rush to be first, jumping directly from the bridge, and then rushing toward the minibus. Looking at the black mass of the zombies, Jiang Liushi was shocked. He did not expect that so many zombies had hidden in that compartment.

There were, at least, hundreds of zombies. He did not worry about the zombies rushing toward the minibus, but if his food and gasoline were destroyed by them, it would be a disaster.

He did not wait for the zombies to reach him, so he stepped on the throttle, and the minibus suddenly sped up.

Meanwhile, a zombie in the front had been only a few meters away, it ferociously rushed toward the minibus, but was sent flying by the speeding minibus.

After a while, a lot of zombies caught up with his minibus, and it was almost submerged in the zombie group, but Jiang Liushi was stepping on the throttle, regardless of the zombies, he would not stop at all.

It took more than a thousand meters to outrun the zombie group. But those zombies were not willing to give up. However, that distance had no threat to him.

Looking from the rearview mirror, Jiang Liushi realized that even if he had a way to remove the steel, it would be impossible for him to get them. Fortunately, he hadn’t left the MCV to go search…

He decided to drive away from public places as far as possible. It was simply a large zombie nest.

Through this surprise attack, Jiang Liushi found that the zombies had hiding tendencies. Although there were many zombies wandering in the streets, there were more hidden in every corner. Once people entered these buildings, they were doomed to die.

He was more worried about Jiang Zhuying, who was hiding in the house. She may not be able to stay away from the zombies.

Even though she had hidden in the house, the zombies were just outside of the door…