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Chapter 47: Nanjing City

Chapter 47: Nanjing City

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
[Nanjing City, 20 KM] Jiang Liushi noticed a road sign.

As he was driving he looked at the map, and he suddenly made a 180-degree turn, driving several hundred meters to an arboretum. He crashed the door, and kept driving further inside.

"Ao-ao-!" More than a dozen zombies rushed out from the middle of some cultured flowers, but they were killed by Jiang Liushi.

This arboretum was full of flowers and trees, many of which were rare, but they were still crashed under the MCV’s tires. At some point, he reached a greenhouse and stopped.

It was the nearest safe place that Jiang Liushi had found on the map. There were no residential areas and large shops around it. People wouldn’t casually wander around it, so it was the best place for storing valuables.

Jiang Liushi slowly drove and found a good location to park the fuel tank car, he then pressed a button and it separated from the minibus.

His minibus was loaded with a lot of valuable things. Even though the minibus looked normal, the tanker was too conspicuous. Jiang Liushi believed that it wouldn’t be so easy to find gasoline at Nanjing City, so dragging a fully loaded tanker would be like serving meat to the wolves. It was better to be safe than sorry.

Jiang Liushi refueled the minibus and then left the arboretum to continue his journey. Back to the road, he saw the ‘Nanjing City’ road sign again. It showed that he would arrive Nanjing soon.

[Xiao Ying, keep waiting for me.]

Jiang Liushi looked again at the map and focused on a marked spot, it the place where his sister was hiding.

After that Jiang Liushi tried to send a text message to Jiang Zhuying.

After doomsday his cell phone didn’t have any signal, and then he was travelling through mountains, so it was impossible to have either. He was hoping that the nearer he got to Nanjing City, it would be better, but the text message had failed to be sent and a "No Service" notification was lingering at the upper left corner of his phone.

Jiang Liushi was greatly disappointed as Nanjing City didn’t have any signal either.

If he could contact Jiang Zhuying in advance, he would not be so anxious; he could not wait to find his sister.

Nanjing City had become an abandoned city, there were lots of abandoned vehicles on the road, and most of them had been moving away from Nanjing’s direction.

At first, the zombies’ number was not much, Jiang Liushi could deal with them easily, but as he continued moving, their numbers kept increasing. Zombies constantly appeared, so Jiang Liushi had to maintain a high degree of vigilance.

His minibus was constantly under attacks, but because its defense had been upgraded by the mutant energy, these attacks couldn’t even leave a single mark on it.

However, even with its defenses the zombies would overwhelm it, at some point, with their numbers. Jiang Liushi looked at the screen and felt that he was being followed by a sea of corpses. What’s worse, the front didn’t look any good either. If he was to be surrounded by all those zombies then his survival wouldn’t be assured.

The few are no match for the many. But many ants can even kill an elephant, not to mention bloodthirsty zombies.


Suddenly, a female zombie with its head half-open, wearing broken high-heels, a dirty dress and ripped stockings had jumped on the MCV’s windshield, staring at him, while her dirty bloodied fingernails were desperately scratching on the glass. Her long nails should have been broken, but after being transformed into a zombie, even her nails had become very tough like animal claws.

Jiang Liushi stepped on the accelerator to the end, and pushed the horn. It was like casting a stone to calm water, the horn sound created a huge uproar and most of the zombies focused on his direction.

The zombies looking at the minibus frantically rushed toward the minibus, more than 200 zombies were rushing and kept increasing. Seeing this scene, ordinary survivors would feel hopeless, Jiang Liushi was affected too, he could feel cold sweat on his hands while holding the steering wheel.

"Bang bang bang!"

Zombies were turned into a meat paste after being hit by the high-speed MCV. Even so, a lot of them started moving to its side and some even jumped on the MCV’s roof.

Jiang Liushi didn’t despair in such a situation, instead his courage burst forth in the face of danger. After encountering untold difficulties and dangers, there was no way he would give up now.

[It is almost ready.] Jiang Liushi thought and pressed the ‘Acceleration’ button.

"Woom-." All the zombies around the MCV were suddenly thrown off by the sudden acceleration. Jiang Liushi opened up a path crashing on the walking corpses in front. Most of the zombies had been gathered by now and were frenziedly following the MCV.

However, Jiang Liushi did not continue accelerating in order to leave, but instead he suddenly took a sudden turn!

‘Squeak--!’ A sharp friction sound came. Then, Jiang Liushi pressed the ‘Air Cannon’ button without any hesitation.

"Ten, Nine, Eight..."

‘Bang! Bang! Bang!’

Zombies had been constantly rushing to catch up with the MCV, and soon its windshield was packed with zombies’ hideous faces. Those zombies were desperately hitting the windshield, staring at Jiang Liushi, as they couldn’t wait to tear him.

As Jiang Liushi was sitting in the driver's seat, his body was shaking and he was slightly pale, waiting for Starseed’s countdown to finish,