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Chapter 48: Xiao Ying, I’m Coming!

Chapter 48: Xiao Ying, I’m Coming!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi couldn’t see anything for a while as a blood fog was covering the windows, after a while he could clearly see that the zombies in front of him had disappeared, or more precisely evaporated.

The ‘Air Cannon’s’ power had created a vacuum zone more than 20 meters away. Even the zombies that were further back had been injured. Once their body had a wound, they would be torn immediately by other zombies.


Jiang Liushi sighed a sigh of relief. He immediately changed direction and continued driving.

After having created such a noise, it was natural that more distant zombies would be attracted and arrive very soon. Even so, he would have driven far by that time, and those zombies would be attracted by the wounded zombies. That way some of Jiang Liushi’s pressure was lifted. Driving along the main road for a while, Jiang Liushi turned toward a narrow street.

Those narrow streets were usually very busy, but now only some zombies were wandering around. But the number of those zombies was not worth mentioning.

"The MCV was not damaged; the glass was not damaged… The windshield has been cleaned." A stream of water came from the wipers and the windshield was cleaned.

Driving along those narrow streets for one day, Jiang Liushi was really tired. But when he saw a housing estate, he was as happy as a lark. The Lan Yuan estate was just the address that Jiang Zhuying had given him.

That housing estate was next to Jiang Zhuying’s university, only a small alley separated them.

Jiang Liushi slowed down, driving slowly towards the housing estate. Seeing the gate house filled with blood, and the ground with a lot of dragging marks, Jiang Liushi was increasingly nervous. In fact, he had seen that scene many times along the way, but this time he felt really uneasy. The situation of the housing estate was the same as other places, it was extremely miserable, everywhere was wrecked and bloody.

Jiang Liushi drove very slowly trying not to make much noise. Although those buildings looked very quiet, they were certainly filled with zombies.

"Woo!" A zombie suddenly rushed from the side of a flower bed, and for its bad luck, it was crashed under the minibus’ wheel. Slightly shaking a bit, Jiang Liushi continued driving, while vigilantly looking at both sides of those buildings. He was looking for Jiang Zhuying’s building.

[The 17th...17…] Jiang Liushi looked at the numbers hanging on the external walls. The 17th was relatively close to the door, but the location was relatively remote, which was advised repeatedly by Jiang Liushi. The road conditions were generally more complex, and the road was narrow. If encountered a vehicle block, just the sound of cleaning the obstacles may attract all the zombies. As a result, the geographic position was of great importance.

Jiang Liushi had decided to find Jiang Zhuying at the fastest speed, and then leave with her immediately.

Soon, he found the 17th building...

Jiang Liushi turned around and looked at the phone next to him. He had specially prepared that phone as a measure to lure out zombies. He had opened the music player application and adjusted the volume to a relatively small value.

Arriving downstairs, Jiang Liushi opened the MCV window a bit. Pressing the play button of the phone, he threw it on the floor of the door, and then drove the MCV back out of a distance. He was waiting for zombies to appear, in order to kill them. .

To find Jiang Zhuying, Jiang Liushi had to get off, but just the bulletproof vest, helmet, and pistol were simply not enough to protect him, not to mention Jiang Zhuying. Therefore, Jiang Liushi had long thought of that method. He would like to attract all the zombies with the cell phone and killed them at once.

After waiting for several seconds, Jiang Liushi saw a shadow tumbling down the stairs. It had worked!

The zombie spotted Jiang Liushi further away and was staring at him with its red eyes. It suddenly rushed toward the MCV, it flung itself at Jiang Liushi with bared fangs to rip him in pieces. But Jiang Liushi was still calm and collected. He held his horses…

But there was no sign of other zombies, so Jiang Liushi was confused.

[Uh? Was there only this zombie in the building? Or are other zombies locked in other rooms?]

[Excellent!] Jiang Liushi waited patiently for a moment. After confirming, he rushed out quickly with his MCV.

"Bang!" The ferocious zombie was killed at once.

Jiang Liushi carefully drove the MCV to the unit door, he then put on a helmet, took a plier and the Type 54 pistol, getting off the minibus.

Music may not be able to attract zombies on the fifth floor, so he picked up the phone, which continued to play music. Once zombies appeared, he could prepare in advance and return to the minibus.

The elevator had long been unable. Moving toward it, Jiang Liushi suddenly heard a noise. There were some zombies inside hitting the door. Jiang Liushi was shocked, but he regained his wits and carefully walked toward the stairs. Although he hadn’t found any other zombies, he was very cautious.

The corridor was dark, only Jiang Liushi’s gentle footsteps echoed. Jiang Zhuying lived on the top. He arrived at the fourth floor, he put the phone to the ground, and then returned to the third floor, holding the pistol tightly aiming at the corridor.

Waiting for a while, no zombie had appeared, he went back and picked up the phone, turning off the music.

[There are no zombies.]

When he arrived on the top floor, he moved toward Jiang Zhuying’s room, Jiang Liushi not only felt extremely nervous, but also a kind of unexplainable excitement.

Approaching the door, Jiang Liushi took a deep breath, he then gently knocked on the door and whispered, "Xiao Ying, It’s me! Your brother."

There was no answer at all.

"Bang!" A muffled sound came. Jiang Liushi was scared to death. Turning around, he found that the sound had come from the opposite door.

That zombie's nails clenched on the security door.

Jiang Liushi had no choice but to knock Xiao Ying’s door again.

Suddenly, he found that the door was not locked, it was not even closed! After the knocking, it had slightly opened...