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Chapter 49: Wait for Me

Chapter 49: Wait for Me

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi pushed the door carefully, he glanced at the door lock and noticed it was intact, it hadn’t been forced open by an invader or a zombie. The only conclusion he could come up with was that it had been deliberately left unlocked.

Jiang Liushi was really anxious and shouted, "Jiang Zhuying!"

There was no one in the house, the furniture had been pushed to the side, while there were food crates and other supplies in the middle of the room.

In the bedroom, Jiang Liushi found Jiang Zhuying’s T-shirt on the bed. It was not a regular T-shirt, as it held sentimental value for both siblings. In the front side there was a very silly hand-painted pattern, which was a cartoon version of him and Jiang Zhuying fighting. It was a birthday gift that Jiang Zhuying had given him, but he refused to wear it because of the stupid pattern. As a result, Jiang Zhuying happily kept it for herself for several years.

As he was reminiscing, he noticed something. He turned the t-shirt and saw a sentence on its back.

"Brother, wait for me."

[What?] Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment, he tightly clutched the t-shirt in his hands and then he checked it again and again.

[Since she left a message, why did she not write more? Just these words are not enough to make feel better!]

Jiang Liushi was not really complaining about Jiang Zhuying, he was just worried and anxious.

[Jiang Zhuying must have kept her promise, she knew that I’d come for her. If it was not something important, she would be waiting here. But now she has disappeared just leaving a few words. What happened?]

Jiang Liushi was extremely worried, he searched the whole house but did not find anything else left by his sister. He could only take that t-shirt back to his MCV.

Probably because of blood’s smell, some zombies had been wandering out of the other buildings. Jiang Liushi carefully rushed to the MCV, and then back to his cab.

He had failed finding his sister and she hadn’t left any other useful information. He intended to wait out of her building for some time. Even if he was anxious, because Nanjing City was too large, he could not rush to search for her; it was same as looking for a needle in the ocean.

If she hadn’t appeared a few days later, then he’d go and look for her. There was no way he’d kill the zombies outside, as it would attract more, so he decided to ignore them. He left the driver’s seat and headed to the living room to relax a bit.

Outside the MCV, zombies were wandering, but it didn’t matter to Jiang Liushi, he could cook meals, watch a drama and so on. As long as he didn’t make any noise, those zombies simply would not find him.

The way those zombies treated his phone let Jiang Liushi confirm that he was safe, not to mention that the minibus an impregnable fortress to those zombies. But he was still cautious for security reasons.

He was only worried about Jiang Zhuying. If she didn’t appear, what kind of method should be used to find her? It was impossible for him to search every place one by one. Perhaps finding some survivors to ask was a good way. And it may even need to record his words and use a bullhorn...

Jiang Liushi thought about a variety of measures while he was looking at the T-shirt on sofa. He was quite familiar with his sister's character. Although she was vivacious, at home she was still very sensible.

Because Jiang Liushi had always taken care of her, she was always serious when it came to her brother’s words. If she encountered a difficult situation, she’d tell her brother immediately.

After such an earth-shattering event, Jiang Zhuying wasn’t obedient? Jiang Liushi couldn’t help but think about Yu and his gang. Nanjing City was so large, with much more survivors. What if Jiang Zhuying shared the same fate with Wen Lu?

Jiang felt nervous and impatient, he could not wait. After taking out the map, Jiang Liushi began studying the surroundings. Although the network could not be used, he had already downloaded a detailed map of Nanjing City, even the shops along the roadside could be seen clearly.

Several hours had passed. It was getting late, Jiang Liushi was preparing some food to eat, but suddenly a few zombies’ roars came out of the window. Jiang Liushi was shocked. Before he was able to pull the curtains and see what had happened, he heard a burst of "Chi Chi" sound, and after that a sound of heavy objects dropping on the ground.

Jiang Liushi immediately went to the window, and heard a voice coming from outside, "Boss, did your power get stronger? It was excellent. You kill zombies as easy as blowing off dust. The zombie’s body burnt to a crisp…"A male voice came.

And then a girl’s sweet voice cam, "You are a nuisance. Stop trying to flatter the boss."

"What? What I said was the truth!"

"Where did that car come from?" That girl seemed too tired to deal with the man, and she focused on the minibus.

This minibus was in plain view, even a blind man could find it. So Jiang Liushi was not surprised at what the girl said. But he did not know who they were. However, it was apparent that they had been there before. Perhaps, they had some relationship with Jiang Zhuying.

Jiang Liushi touched the pistol on his waist, and slowly walked toward the cab. Those people could easily kill zombies, so they definitely were not weak. Jiang Liushi did not know whether they were enemies or not. As a result, he was fully prepared.

Especially, for the ‘boss’...

"Who’s so insane? Coming to such a place?" The man exclaimed.