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Chapter 50: Are You The Boss?

Chapter 50: Are You The Boss?

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi heard the man's voice coming closer. Apparently he had gotten in front of the minibus and was looking at it in confusion.

"You can't see anything here and there's nobody in the cab. God knows where they went." The man said.

Then the woman complained impatiently, "You don’t need to care about where they went. Perhaps they have already been eaten by the zombies we met before. "

"I'm just curious. Who’d drive such a big minibus?" the man said.

"Whatever, it's merely a shabby car with nothing special." The woman with the sickeningly sweet voice looked down on the minibus. Although her words were largely due to refuting the man, her view was still very accurate for the minibus.

Jiang Liushi’s minibus was, indeed, a worn-out car...

Its appearance seemed to speak for itself, also dragging a ragged van with and there were various sacks on the roof. If it was before the apocalypse, that vehicle would be totally fine. However, now in this environment, this vehicle looked even shabbier. It seemed that as long as zombies swarmed to attack, it would be torn apart.

"From which town is the license plate?" The man wasn’t affected by her words and he kept trying to find more details.

[Look like Jiangbei?] The man thought to himself, and unexpectedly said, "What is in that small van and the plastic knitting bags? Let’s open to see! "

"It can only be some rubbish." The woman became more impatient.

"Just look. Maybe we can find something useful." The male said.

As Jiang Liushi heard that they would touch the van, he was unable to bear with it. When he was about open the door, he recognized a familiar voice.

"The license plate is from Jiangbei!" A surprised voice expressed. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi was astonished.

He quickly and rushed to the cab and looked through the windshield. There were five or six people standing outside the minibus. Among them, Jiang Liushi immediately found Jiang Zhuying.

Jiang Zhuying was dressed in a simple denim shorts and a large jacket with a plain white T-shirt inside. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail, making her look very smart and youthful. She was staring at the minibus with an iron rod in her hand.

Making eye contact with Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying opened her eyes widely out of shock. Her eyes were always so big, and her lips turned into the shape of an O.

Then she called out, "Brother!"


Surprise was evident in their faces, and they kept staring at Jiang Liushi.

[Jiang Zhuying’s brother?!]

Those people were filled with astonishment, but Jiang Liushi was as shocked as them. He didn't expect that Jiang Zhuying was among that group of people.

But more unexpected was that after his sister’s calling, the male voice rang again "OMG, boss, he is your brother!"

The man, seemed to be twenty years old, he was dressed in a casual way, holding a long knife in his hand. His expression was one of a kind, while looking at Jiang Liushi he couldn’t hide how amazed he was.

It was even more unbelievable for Liushi. "The boss", he had heard earlier, turned out to be his own sister...

Jiang Liushi was incredibly staring at his sister who was staring back at him with the same amazement.

"Boss’s brother came from Jiangbei, alone, driving such a bus." The man holding a knife stayed outside with others. In order to give space to the siblings, that had just met each other, they left them alone.

Among those people, a curly-haired girl glared at him and said in a low voice, "Do you wanna die? You speak so loudly that Zhuying may hear what you’re saying."

"It doesn’t matter." The man didn’t worry and kept observing the bus.

That curly-haired girl was very embarrassed, because all of her ironic words about the minibus were clearly heard by Jiang Zhuying, and probably her brother.

All of them thought that Jiang Zhuying’s brother had no chance of leaving Jiangbei, not to add reaching Jinling [1]. In fact, Jiang Zhuying had been trying to find an opportunity to go back to Jiangbei. Nobody could have thought that Jiang Liushi would actually reach Jinling, and with such a beaten-up vehicle.

"The car seems to have been refitted. So clever!" The young man mumbled.

The curly-haired girl rolled her eyes for the young man, who she had been unsatisfied with for a long time. But she also noticed what the young man said. At first, she didn't care about that old car, but now her interest was piqued after knowing it was Jiang Zhuying brother’s car. However, she didn’t find out anything particular. To be honest, she was more interested in Jiang Liushi.

"Perhaps Zhuying’s brother is very awesome, too." The curly-haired girl said. The young man and the others totally agreed.

"That’s really awesome." The young man began to praise again. Among them, Jiang Liushi also saw a muscular tall man carrying an axe with a fierce appearance.

"This kind of person is obedient to you." Jiang Liushi turned his head from the window and looked at Jiang Zhuying.

They had been talking for more than ten minutes, and in those ten minutes they asked each other questions, but most of the time belonged to Jiang Zhuying speaking to him.

Jiang Liushi was surprised at his sister's situation. The Starseed had only told him that Jiang Zhuying would not mutate into a zombie, but other than that he knew nothing of Zhuying’s future.

Jiang Zhuying’s situation was not what he had expected. His sister had become a paranormal being.

After discovering her special ability, Jiang Zhuying began practicing. But after a period, Jiang Zhuying found that she had to leave her shelter.

She then started gathering those survivors and became their leader. As for her title as "boss", it was due to her personal interest.

"What do you mean you had to leave? What's the reason for that? "Jiang Liushi asked.

Jiang Zhuying pouted and thought for a while, and then said, "Too difficult to explain. You will know later."