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Chapter 52: It’s Time to Go

Chapter 52: It’s Time to Go

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
It was getting dark, so everyone started picking several bags from the ground while tightly holding their weapons.

As Jiang Zhuying was about to get off the minibus she suddenly stopped and turned around with a confused expression, saying, "Brother, let's go."

They were ready to leave, but Jiang Liushi hadn't gotten out of the car or picked up anything important to take with him, instead he had sat in the driver's seat.

"Come and sit down." Jiang Liushi's eyes pointed at the passenger side. Then he opened the window and said to the people outside, "Get on the car."

When they saw Liushi sitting in the driver's seat they thought that he may have wanted to take something. But, as they heard him, they felt like they had heard wrong and looked each other to confirm.

[Drive this run-down minibus to our destination?]

If it were a sedan, that'd be fine, but that was a run-down minibus, which was a big moving target in their minds. It could only attract more trouble for them, it'd increase the number of zombies that'd follow them and would have to defeat.

They didn't see the point of using it to go to their destination, as their abilities were pretty powerful, not to add Jiang Zhuying's superior ability.

If it was a brand new minibus, they wouldn't hesitate that much, but not only it seemed shabby, it was attached with another van full of cargo!

Actually, Jiang Liushi didn't think there was a problem with driving the minibus. On the contrary, the minibus was his means to survive, and under normal circumstances he wouldn't let so many people get on the car. But they were Jiang Zhuying's followers, so he took the initiative to invite them.

Jiang Zhuying looked at her subordinates and then her brother, and she casually sat in the passenger seat.

Seeing her subordinates still standing outside without moving, Jiang Zhuying came closer to the windscreen and yelled, "What are you stupidly standing there for? Get on the car."

Originally, they had thought that it'd be impolite to reject Jiang Liushi's offer, but it would not be a problem for Jiang Zhuying. Unexpectedly, their calm and rational leader had agreed without hesitation. After recovering from their initial shock, they looked at each other and obediently got on the bus.

As they got in the car they were dumbfounded. Contrary to its shabby appearance the inside was luxurious. The curly-haired girl curiously looked around and found that the car contained almost everything.

"This car is really interesting!" The young man commented.

The curly-haired girl glanced at the young man without saying anything. She was thinking that even though the car was luxurious, in the post-apocalyptic world it had no use; it was not practical at all.

"Hello, I'm Yang Qingqing. Nice to meet you. It's amazing that you drove from Jiangbei to here. You must have suffered a lot on the way." The curly-haired girl walked to the cab, smiling sweetly and expressing her concern.

Based on her understanding, the way from Jiangbei to Jinling, other than an arduous journey, must had been filled with various dangers and difficulties all the way.

Yang Qingqing had already thought how to get to know Jiang Liushi, while she was outside the car. As she spoke, she stretched out her hand.

"Hello, you can call me Jiang Liushi." Jiang Liushi also politely gave her his hand.

As their hands were about to touch, her smile froze, but she hid well her emotions and shook hands with Jiang Liushi, "You are Zhuying's brother and I'm her good friend, so it's only natural not to be so formal. Could I call you Brother Jiang?"

"Certainly." Jiang Liushi nodded. Jiang Zhuying's university was near here, so it was natural that this girl was her classmate.

The young man hastened to shake hands, "Big brother. Hello. I'm Zhang Hai. You can call me Haizi. I admire our boss very much. "

The others also came to say hello. From their conversations, Jiang Liushi learnt that Yang Qingqing and Zhang Hai were paranormals, as well as another shorter man. The muscular strong man was not a paranormal. He was a security guard, who had retired from the army, and his combat effectiveness was only inferior to that of those paranormals.

There was a woman, who was not very talkative, without an ability, but her overall performance was excellent.

After greeting, Zhang Hai walked into the car, and sat next to Yang Qingqing. Then Yang Qingqing whispered, "Brother Jiang doesn't seem to possess any ability, because I couldn't feel energy fluctuations from him."

Paranormals have the ability to sense and judge the energy of other paranormals, similar to Starseed's functions.

But Yang Qingqing couldn't not feel any fluctuations from Jiang Liushi at all. Zhang Hai had also noticed it but didn't think there was something wrong, "That's more amazing. An ordinary person reached Jinling without the help of abilities."

"Lower your voice!" Yang Qingqing immediately cursed. If what they were discussing was heard by the siblings, the situation would turn into a mess. She didn't want to talk to Zhang Hai anymore, so she turned around to see Jiang Liushi.

[Not a paranormal... One of the siblings is as a genius among paranormals, but the other one has no ability at all. Very interesting.] Yang Qingqing thought.

Even though the sofa Yang Qingqing sat was pretty comfortable, it didn't make her feel any better. She thought Jiang Liushi was not a paranormal and the whole appearance of the car was repulsive in her eyes, she was not optimistic about how far the car could go.

Before Jiang Liushi ignited the engine he turned and asked, "Ying, where do you live? I'll use the map to see if there's a better way to go. Zombies are too annoying. "

"... "

For people without abilities, zombies were not simply annoying. Even for them, it was very dangerous to thread through zombies.

However, Jiang Zhuying was still very cooperative, "Map?! Ha ha, let me see. It doesn't matter if we meet zombies. You can open the window and I can electrocute them, just like a vehicle-mounted machine gun. "

Seeing Jiang Zhuying respond like that made everyone to wipe their eyes and check if they heard right.

Usually, if anyone said something without common sense, their leader face would sneer and mock them.

But whatever Jiang Liushi said, Jiang Zhuying would unconditionally support him.

They had just met each other, so her abnormal behavior could be understood…