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Chapter 54: Giving Special Favor

Chapter 54: Giving Special Favor

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Soon after Jiang Liushi settled down, Jiang Zhuying knocked at the door to call him for dinner.

The garage had a door that was directly connected to the villa, and he had the only key for that door. The garage was a completely closed environment that separated him from the survivors.

The villa was so large that even twenty survivors living didn't make it seem crowded. Every survivor had their own tasks. According to Jiang Zhuying except those who took turns to guard the base, all young and healthy people had to go out to seek food.

Those without fighting capabilities, such as injured people or physically weak women, usually stayed to cook and clean the house. There were so many people living there, if the housework wasn't done effectively, then it would become a dumping ground.

In addition, there was a doctor in their team. Jiang Liushi gasped in admiration that they were so well-organized.

Presently, most of the survivors were in the hall, and classified the diverse resources they had collected today.

When Jiang Zhuying appeared with her brother, everyone looked at them.

"That's boss' brother?"

"He's called Jiang Liushi, right?" Someone asked Yang Qingqing who stood next to him.

"Yeap." Yang Qingqing answered in a low voice.

"Ah..."The man could tell that Yang Qingqing despised Jiang Liushi. If Yang Qingqing hadn't told them they wouldn't treat Jiang Liushi as a freak, from their first impression.

They had all witnessed Jiang Liushi coming out from the garage door. Yang Qingqing was right, Liushi really lived in the garage, in his mobile home.

During the period that Jiang Liushi was 'making himself at home', Yang Qingqing and others had told the rest about him, more precisely his 'immoral' character. Most of them had not seen Jiang Liushi, but had already a bad impression of him.

A bumpkin and a weirdo...

"Hello, everybody. This is my brother Jiang Liushi." Jiang Zhuying proudly introduced him. The way she did was like, "Look, my brother is so handsome".

It made them want to roll their eyes.

"Brother Jiang, nice to meet you."

"Did you really come from Jiangbei? That's really unbelievable." Everyone came and greeted enthusiastically.

Although they thought Jiang Liushi was a weirdo, they had to be respectful for Jiang Zhuying.

Jiang Liushi greeted them back.

"All right, let's have dinner." Jiang Zhuying said and invited her brother, "Come to eat with me." Her words surprised everyone.

Yang Qingqing and other paranormal were even more astonished and stared at Jiang Zhuying.

Among the survivors, they were 4 paranormals, including Jiang Zhuying. Those without abilities had dinner in the hall and the paranormals used kitchen to enjoy their meal.

Yang Qingqing couldn't help it, so she smiled and said, "Zhuying, it's not appropriate. Brother Jiang doesn't have any special ability, so it doesn't make sense..."

That's what everybody thought, including those without abilities.

"Better than not eating." Jiang Zhuying refuted. She had always been sharing good things with her brother.

The others didn't know how to refute back, because the reply was not even logical.

"I can't? In accordance with the original provisions, either as a leader or according to the contribution, I own a lion's share, but I usually use it to exchange weapons with the army, but all of you have access to them. Now I want to give this share to my brother. Does anyone disagree? "Jiang Zhuying's gaze swept over the survivors' faces.

Jiang Liushi could feel the sharpness in his sister's eyes. The survivors didn't dare to have direct eye contact with Jiang Zhuying and kept silent.

If Jiang Zhuying hadn't mention it, they would have forgotten it. She had certain privileges but hadn't used them for a long time, so the others had gotten accustomed to it and thought she had given up on them. They hadn't taken Jiang Zhuying's actions for granted, using her share for buying weapons, but now she had decided to use that share for herself.

They wouldn't even dare to be dissatisfied with their leader, but they were annoyed with Jiang Liushi who had benefited without doing anything.

Yang Qingqing stopped talking for a while and then squeezed a smile, "It doesn't matter. If that's you want to do then we have no objections."

"Brother, let's go and eat," Jiang Zhuying said and pulled her brother. Their reactions made Jiang Liushi curious about how well the paranormals' food could be.

Seeing an ordinary person joining the 4 paranormals, the other survivors coldly looked at their direction and couldn't help but feel bitter.

It felt right for paranormals to have privileges, they were the ones mostly fighting, but they felt really uncomfortable with another 'ordinary' person sharing these privileges. However, as he was their leader's brother they could only silently envy him and curse him for his luck, having a sister with such extraordinary fighting capabilities.

"Brother Jiang, what you're going to eat may be the best meal you've ever eaten," Zhang Hai said.

Yang Qingqing did not speak, but she was really scornful, [This meal is such a huge advantage to us, but he's not gonna benefit at all. Such a waste!]

Hearing Zhang Hai's words, Jiang Liushi became more and more curious. [Could there be a five-star chef in the team?]

After a while, the food was brought to the table. Jiang Zhuying immediately picked up a chunk of meat into Jiang Liushi's dish. Jiang Liushi took a bite and chewed, and immediately after that he stopped.

[This taste...And this warm feeling… Isn't it the meat of mutant beast?] Jiang Liushi hurried and took another bite. This time he carefully tasted and confirmed his guess.

Seeing Jiang Liushi quickly taking another bite without swallowing the last one, Yang Qingqing and others sneered coldly.

No matter how tasty it was, did he have to eat so greedily?

Perhaps on the way to Nanjing, the only food for he had was instant noodles, or even worse.

"How's it, Jiang Brother? It tastes good, doesn't it? "Yang Qingqing asked with a smile.

Jiang Liushi nodded, "Not bad." He didn't know from what kind of beasts the meat was from, but it's still less delicious than the mutant boar's meat.

Jiang Liushi's "not bad" made Yang Qingqing dumbfounded, she didn't know what to say.

[Does Jiang Liushi know the value of the beast meat?] She thought.

"This is not common meat. It is the meat of mutant beast, particularly prepared for paranormals. It can replenish the energy consumed and improve our powers after eating it. It can also be exchanged for weapons from the military. But its use to ordinary people is not clear..." Yang said.

[Evolution?] Jiang Liushi did not pay attention to her last words. Of course it was useful to ordinary people.

However the Starseed hadn't displayed a specific concept evolution. It said that the individual's power would evolve, but the process of evolution was not clear.

"Unbelievable, right? Paranormals can evolve. Both using our abilities and eating mutant meat can promote evolution," Yang continued saying.

[After knowing all these he should know that it's useless for him to keep eating this meat. If he's not shameless then he'll leave us and go to the hall, to eat with the others.] She thought.

To her surprise, Jiang Liushi just nodded and then picked up another chunk of meat. He said to her, "I see. Very interesting. Go on. "