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Chapter 55: Picking up Mutant Meat

Chapter 55: Picking up Mutant Meat

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"... "Yang Qingqing almost choked.

[Is he a blockhead? He even told me to continue… Does he think I'm a storyteller?]

Yang Qingqing struggled to smile and said, "There is nothing more to say... "

"It's good if you like it. You mustn't have eaten much on the way. Eat more." Jiang Zhuying turned and shouted, "Auntie, cook some more fried meat!"

"Brother, you should eat more to replenish your energy." Jiang Zhuying continued telling and kept putting meat into Jiang Liushi's dish.

Yang Qingqing felt like she was gonna burst from anger, her face twitched a bit. Her share was limited, so she normally had to save. She felt suffocated when she saw Jiang Liushi, an ordinary person who couldn't utilize the meat's advantages, eating freely and so much.

"Right, Zhuying. Didn't you want that customized weapon?" Yang Qingqing suddenly asked.

"Customized weapon?" Jaing Liushi curiously asked.

As Yang Qingqing was about to explain, Jiang Zhuying interrupted her, "The weapon is something that the military offers. They have the technology, materials and equipment. "

"Many survivors in Jinling cooperate with the military. We can collect food by ourselves, but the weapons are from the military. What the military's needs always change and everything is possible, but the standard items they need are mutant meat, medicine and so on." Jiang Zhuying saw that her brother was curious about the "military", and she explained.

[But if the military exists, why don't the survivors follow them, especially ordinary people?]

Without waiting for Jiang Liushi to ask, Jiang Zhuying said, "Although it is called military, actually it is just a frontier camp the army left. The real force has already withdrawn, only about a thousand people staying. The camp's size is limited. In spite of the survivors living there, their number is small. They have said that they cannot spare soldiers to send survivors to the safe area. The survivors living in the camp do not know when they will be able to get to the safe area."

As Jiang Zhuying said, there was a safe area near Nanjing, which was built in the mountains. It was difficult to get there, the location was very remote, just like the safe island.

"So for your customized weapon you need to exchange resources, right? How much do you need? "Jiang Liushi asked.

"It takes five tons of mutant beast meat and Zhuying has been gradually saving..."Yang Qingqing hurried to answer.

Jiang Zhuying interrupted, "There's no hurry. I have saved a lot right now." Speaking of this, Jiang Zhuying seemed to remember something. She took something out of her pocket, and said, "When it comes to mutant beast, there is something you have never seen before. Just this little piece, to the military, can be exchanged for a ton of meat."

"What is it?" Jiang Liushi asked curiously.

Jiang Zhuying stretched her hand and smiled, "Look!"

Jiang Liushi saw that a glittering and transparent bead was in Jiang Zhuying's palm.

It was a mutant nucleus! Jiang Liushi's eyes lightened up at once.

His MVC needed two nuclei to open the biological laboratory. Jiang Liushi thought it should be very hard to find more. Just killing a mutant boar was so difficult. How was he going to kill two boars?

He couldn't imagine that he would see another nucleus so quickly, and belonging to Jiang Zhuying. After pondering for a bit, he knew that he had made a silly mistake. He was eating mutant meat, of course there would be a nucleus.

The team needed meat to get weapons, and the paranormals need meat to replenish energy and evolve, so they would certainly kill mutant beasts. However, the price the military offered was unreasonable. A mutant beast could possess only one mutant nucleus. The nucleus's value was far more than a ton of meat.

"What uses does the military have for the nucleus?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"They seem to use it to study the mutant virus," Jiang Zhuying said.

[The military must have just began studying the mutant nucleus, it must still be in the research phase…] Jiang Liushi had guessed that the military didn't know the nucleus's real value! If the military and the survivors knew, the mutant nucleus would become invaluable.

"Well... Zhuying, can we have a discussion?" Jiang Liushi said.

"You don't need to be so serious… What's up, brother?" Jiang Zhuying threw the nucleus from one hand to the other. The nucleus was like a glass bead, as a girl, Jiang Zhuying seemed to like it.

"This mutant nucleus, I want it. It's important for me." After saying that Jiang Zhuying hadn't reacted, but all of the others suddenly gazed at Jiang Liushi.

[Does he know what he is talking about? It is worth a ton of meat. And how could this be important to him? This must have been his first time seeing it!] Yang Qingqing couldn't believe it, she almost went crazy.

The other people also frowned. Eating the meat was tolerable, but after arriving, his various requests were too excessive! Even if his sister was the leader, he could not do whatever he wanted!

His request would harm his sister. If Jiang Zhuying were to give it to him, she'd lose a lot of face, and they wouldn't respect them the same.

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi added, "Zhuying, you need mutant meat, don't you? I just have some. You can take it out in exchange for the nucleus."

After cutting the mutant boar, he had five tons of meat. He had only eaten a little, and left a lot of it.

As Jiang Zhuying had saved some meat, he just needed to give her some of his own.

Everyone stared at Jiang Liushi. After his request for the mutant nucleus, every word he uttered made them shocked. They were stunned, did he have some short of ability?

"Ah? Brother you have meat? How did you get it?" Jiang Zhuying was also astonished and a little confused. But she was unconditionally trusting her brother since she was a child. In spite such a statement, she did not doubt him at all.

"Wait a minute." Jiang Liushi quickly left and entered the garage. After a while he drove his car out with the van and parked it outside of the house

The survivors stopped eating and gathered in front of the door to see what Jiang Liushi was going to do.

Jiang Liushi got off the minibus, went to the van and started removing the ropes holding the cloth...

Chunks of meat could be seen on the van. Red and lean pork, which could stimulate people's appetite, just from seeing it. A fragrant smell spread everywhere!

Jiang Zhuying stared at the pork, and the survivors couldn't believe what they were seeing.

He actually had mutant meat with him, and so much!

Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi asked "Is it enough?"

Jiang Zhuying was stunned for a minute and rapidly nodded, "Enough, enough! How much do you have?" She ran to the car and found there was still much more meat inside.

"Five tons," Jiang Liushi said.

"So much!" Jiang Zhuying felt amazing and shook her head, "That's too much. I'll take two tons. The rest belongs to you."

"No, I'll give it all to you," Jiang Liushi said.

In fact, Jiang Liushi had decided to give all the meat to his sister, so that those people did not have any ill-intentioned ideas.

As expected, although most felt incredible and others thought it was an illusion, there was no one who appeared greedy.

Those without abilities, even if they got the meat, they would die on the way to exchange for food. As for the paranormals, they were more willing to give up on the meat rather than make Jiang Zhuying their enemy.

But they still couldn't believe that the meat came from Jiang Liushi. That ragged van, which everyone were mocking, was unexpectedly full with mutant meat!

"Zhuying, I want to tell you something else," Jiang Liushi said.

Jiang Zhuying was going to reject Jiang Liushi, giving her all the meat. She waited a bit and said, "Tell me, brother."

"The next time you get a mutant nucleus, can you give it to me?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Five tons of meat, according to the price offered by the military, was enough for five nuclei.

In other people's minds, Jiang Liushi was giving the meat as a present to his sister. They were envy of Jiang Liushi having such a sister, and now they were jealous of Jiang Zhuying who having such a brother.

He had taken out so much meat without hesitation!

Jiang Zhuying of course totally agreed.

"...Brother Jiang, how did you get the meat?" Yang Qingqing couldn't hold back her desire to ask.

Her question was also something they all wanted to know. How did an ordinary person get so much meat?

"This? I picked it up," Jiang Liushi's answer stunned everyone.

[Pick up... Pick up?? Pick a mutant beast's meat?]

"How, how?" Yang Qingqing tried to resist the desire to refute and asked again.

"While I was driving here, I found a wild boar that had crashed into a tree and died..." Jiang Liushi said

"... "

[The wild boar died bumping against a tree? It should be the tree that died!]

However, Jiang Liushi had already said that, though they did not believe, they could not continue questioning him.

No matter what they thought, they couldn't figure out other ways that Jiang Liushi could acquire the meat.

The mutant nucleus was handed over to Jiang Liushi. Holding the warm mutant nucleus, Jiang Liushi smiled.

This nucleus was worthy!

Now, as long as he had one more nucleus, he could open the biological lab.