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Chapter 57: Battle Prowess

Chapter 57: Battle Prowess

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If anyone wanted to reach Satellite Town, they'd have to go through that specific road, as the other roads were more dangerous. Although the distance from that area to Satellite Town was not far, they had to go through Jinling's suburbs, where a lot of people used to live there. Due to Jingling having one of the most expensive housing markets many people had chosen to build houses, high-tech districts and schools in the suburbs. One could easily guess that the number of the zombies there were equal to the permanent residents.

Seeing the muscular man being on full alert, Jiang Liushi checked the MCV's conditions with Starseed's help.

[Shell, propulsion system and air cannon, all ready.] Starseed transmitted.

Jiang Zhuying had placed the iron rod on her legs and was looking forward with a pair of bright eyes, "Brother, you just sit and watch."

"Watch what?" Jiang Liushi was confused.

As they were driving very fast, the engines' noise started attracting a lot of zombies. Those zombies were wandering aimlessly on the streets like ghosts, but as soon as they heard the noises, they were instantly attracted and moved toward the source.

Their blood-red eyes stared at the incoming cars moving toward their way, instantly hoarse growling sounds came from their throats and they rushed to the vehicles' direction.

As the vehicles were getting closer, more and more zombies burst out of houses and alleys beside the road. The first car, as the vanguard, was naturally much closer to the incoming swarm of zombies and was quickly surrounded. The zombies were starving for blood, one could easily see blood and chunks of rotten meat between the gaps of their teeth.

Without any living people to eat, they had to attack other zombies in order to replenish their energy, or else they'd have to refrain from moving to conserve energy. Even though they couldn't think, their instincts were what really drove them. And their instincts urged them to do one thing; attack living people. They would attack other zombies if they were hurt or too hungry and could not handle it any more. That was the reason why they had been wandering so 'peacefully' on the streets before.

However, as they saw living people coming, the 'peaceful' atmosphere came into an end. What followed were loud roars and frenzied zombies rushing to decimate their prey. The swarm could make bravest person cower in fear and cry for his life to come into an end quickly. The zombies' most terrifying trait was not their fighting capabilities nor their numbers, it was the stimulation they got from seeing living people; it was as they were strung with doses of adrenaline, and what's worse it didn't diminish at all as long as every living being had been massacred.

Seeing so many zombies showing up, everyone couldn't help it but be afraid. At that moment, the first bullets had been shot.

"Dada dada!" The machine gun belched out fire and the first row of zombies collapsed.

However, the zombies' tenacious vitality could not be taken lightly. They weren't afraid of pain. As long as they were not shoot on the head, they could stand up quickly and run to destroy their target.

Some zombies, that had been shot, just shook a bit and kept moving forward. One of the zombies had been shot in the abdomen, but kept running. Who knew that this would drive it to its end as the running led to its muscle tearing and the intestines coming out hanging from its abdomen. Soon the blood's smell attracted other zombies behind, which pushed it down and ate it.

The survivors had gotten used to such a bloody scene. As for Jiang Liushi, he didn't even bat an eye, at first he had thought that it was a bit gross but he still felt nothing; he had already witnessed more disgusting scenes.

Jiang Zhuying was worried about facing so many zombies, she originally thought that her brother would be nervous, but when she looked at him she was surprised. He was still calmly driving like nothing had happened.

Then the light machine gun stopped firing and the cars' speed slowed down.

Bullets were more valuable than the gun itself, so they couldn't continue shooting. The first round of shooting real purpose was to kill a few zombies, and their corpses would obstruct the other zombies for a while.

The freezer car passed the other car and became the leading vehicle.

Zhang Hai clutched the steering wheel tightly, and his foot pressed hard on the gas pedal; the car went straight toward the zombies.

The zombies were getting closer and closer, even their hands could be seen crawling up.


After a thud the freezer started shaking a bit. The car had crashed into the zombie crowd, repeatedly smashing the zombies in front of it, one after the other.

The freezer's windshield was mostly covered with steel plates. Only a small gap had been left open for the driver, and it was covered with barbed wire.

Zhang Hai was so excited when he saw the zombies in front of the car falling one by one. He honked the horn twice and laughed, "F*ck you! All of you go and die!"

"Awesome! That's so awesome!"

The zombies posed a huge threat, but driving such an "ironclad car", that could easily crash them, made Zhang Hai so excited that his hands were bulging with veins.

After running over so many zombies, in spite of driving at a high speed, inevitably the speed would slow down. The freezer car was hit and surrounded by zombies.


The iron shell started deforming. The zombies' squeezing and impact force could not be measured. Although the iron shell was thick, it was not invulnerable.

"Bang!" At that moment a loud sound came and a tire beneath the freezer car had been punctured. A vehicle with a total of 12 tires had obviously been refitted, not like Jiang Liushi's minibus. Despite the flat tire, it didn't affect them much. What truly worried them was that a tire had burst so soon, which led to them worry about the other tires.

"Don't be nervous! It's just a tire!" Zhang Hai shouted.

Presently, on the roof of the freezer car, a paranormal had climbed up. The other SUV rushed in front of the formation and was followed by the freezer car. Then, Yang Qingqing emerged from the skylight.

The two paranormals began attacking simultaneously. The man on the freezer had a long fork, similarly to a trident. He was almost hanging on the verge of the car, but it was like his feet had merged with the car and could not fall down. His body kept swinging out of the freezer car. Every time he used the fork, he would accurately pierce through a zombie's head.

Yang Qingqing's movement surprised Jiang Liushi. She climbed out of the skylight with two long knives in her hands. Then, she jumped directly into the zombie crowd.

The scene was thrilling, but after the leap, she circled around on the spot, spinning like a gyroscope. The gyroscope was dangerous. The two long knives cut off the throat or chest of the zombies. It was like an Asura cleaving through paper.

Before other zombies could reach her, Yang Qingqing quickly bounced back and landed on the roof. The whole process happened in a second. It looked like her feet were equipped with springs.

"He has an ability that helps him keeping his balance on any ground. As for Yang Qingqing, her calf muscles had mutated, so her bouncing ability is very strong." Jiang Zhuying explained.

Jiang Liushi nodded. Their mutation was similar to his previous speculation, it was on the same level as that of Brother Yu; basically the mutation involved part(s) of the body.

Jiang Zhuying's mutation was in a deeper level, it had to do with the cells of her whole body, which then mutated into the electric cells. As she continued evolving, she would release more and more electricity. It was not clear how what was her limit.

Even though Jiang Zhuying sat in the car, several meters away from the zombies, she could still electrocute them easily. The zombies were scorched and black. The bus ran them over, leaving behind a black trail of pulverized remains.

These partial mutant humans had no way to match Jiang Zhuying.

"That's awesome! Die! All of you die!" They could hear Zhang Hai's shouts from the car.

With Yang Qingqing and the other paranormals' protection, the barrier in front of the freezer car disappeared. The vehicle crashed the zombies to move forward.