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Chapter 58: Zhang Hai’s Ability

Chapter 58: Zhang Hai’s Ability

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Zhang Hai’s shouting was louder than all sounds. He could only express his excitement in that way.

The previously leading SUV had reduced its speed to be side by side with the minibus, and then somebody honked the horn.

As Jiang Zhuying glanced the car, the muscular man came out of the skylight and shouted, "Boss! There are lots of zombies in front of us and we're going to speed up! Can you keep up with us?"

"Brother?" Jiang Zhuying turned to ask Jiang Liushi. Their SUVs and freezer car had been modified to be much faster than their original speed.

The muscular man was apparently worried that the bus couldn’t keep up with them, so he had to ask if they wanted to change cars.

If Jiang Liushi's minibus couldn't keep up, they would abandon it and move to the other cars.

Jiang Liushi shook his head, "Tell them not to worry. There’s problem."

"OK." Jiang Zhuying said without hesitation, "It's all right. There’s no need to worry about us, keep moving."

The muscular man was a little surprised, but then agreed, "Yes!" Since Jiang Zhuying had agreed, he had to agree. He guessed that the minibus’ engine must have been modified. After all, the interior had been modified, why couldn’t have its engine been modified too!

The SUV drove beside them for a while and then it started accelerating. The other three cars followed suit and began accelerating too.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was higher, so he could see further into the horizon than the others. He looked in front and was shocked. In the distance, there was an area filled with zombies, twice as many as before.

The other cars accelerated, but Jiang Liushi did not immediately speed up. Only, after there was some distance between his and the other vehicles did he step on the gas.

"Bang! Bang!"

Some zombies had been crushed under the minibus, but the collision’s impact had not affected the minibus at all.

After some more collisions, they rushed to the rear of the team.

"Wow!" Jiang Zhuying expressed her amazement, "This car has been refitted well. It accelerated so smoothly and quickly!"

Hearing Jiang Zhuying’s praises, Jiang Liushi smiled. In fact, that was just a normal acceleration. If she saw the ‘Acceleration’ function and its effect, she would be more astonished.

Although the other vehicles had been modified, their acceleration couldn’t compare with the MCV. In terms of speed, those cars could only follow after the minibus’ dirt and dust.

Yang Qingqing jumped back into the car again, her two long knives dripping with sticky blood. By chance, Yang Qingqing looked back and then thought, [How come the minibus is so close? It should be further behind.]

Meanwhile Zhang Hai shouted, "Does boss follow?"

Yang Qingqing looked at the car and felt perplexed. She impatiently replied, "Yes!"

A zombie jumped at Yang Qingqing’s car and grabbed the luggage rack, after that it climbed up. Just taking a whiff of its rotten flesh’s smell, Yang Qingqing shouted and jumped behind the zombie. Her two long knives stabbed the zombie, which didn’t have the time to turn around.

"Unlucky!" Yang Qingqing said and kicked the body out of the car.

Presently, she didn't have the time to focus on the minibus. The danger of passing through this zombie crowd was considerable, but if it went on like this, they would eventually succeed. Some zombies chased after them, but finally they had to give up and wander back again.

The following path was relatively safe. Fortunately, the area was not large. Soon the team got away from the crowd. About ten minutes later, they arrived at a vacant lot and stopped.

Yang Qingqing and others jumped out of the car and killed ten nearby zombies. Jiang Liushi also drove the minibus to the vacant lot.

"How are the cars?" Jiang Zhuying got out of the car and asked.

The SUVs' drivers and Zhang Hai were inspecting them. After they rushed out of the zombie crowd, they needed to check whether the cars could go on.

The two SUVs were fine, only with slight scratches. But the freezer car’s damage seemed more serious.

Its appearance had deformed a bit, but the iron plates had not been affected. There was only one problem, the flat tire.

Zhang Hai circled around the freezer car and saw Jiang Liushi looking at it. He smiled, "How is it, bro? I have a good car, right? So many zombies have been killed by it, but it can still go on!"

"Yeah, but it has a flat tire." Said Jiang Liushi.

The flat tire had completely shredded to pieces.

"Hahaha, if it’s just a flat tire, there’s no problem." Zhang Hai laughed.

"Right, bro, do you know about my ability?" Zhang Hai suddenly asked.

Jiang Liushi thought a while, he did not really know about Zhang Hai’s ability.

The other paranormals had shown their abilities. He remembered that Zhang Hai was driving at that time and did nothing else.

"What is your ability?" Jiang Liushi asked curiously.

"Let me show you! Watch! "Zhang Hai suddenly spoke in Beijing dialect.

"Great." Jiang Liushi was really curious about Zhang Hai’s ability now.

He rolled up his sleeves, he pulled a tire out of the car. "I've stored several tires in my car and I'm not afraid of flat tires!" Zhang Hai proudly said.

[... It seems that he is always confronted with such a situation…] Jiang Liushi thought.

Still, he didn't understand why Zhang Hai’s ability had anything to do with the tire.

Zhang Haiti walked to the flat tire. He took out the jack and put the car up. Then he rubbed his hands and moved his ten fingers, which were like carrots.

"Bro, look! This is my ability!" Zhang Hai said. All of a sudden, his fingers acted very quickly with great strength and surprising flexibility.

What he did was... to change the tire…

He didn't use any other tools, even a wrench. He replaced the tools with his hands and fitted the bolts effortlessly.

After changing the tire, Zhang Hai proudly said, "How was it bro? Not bad, right? My fingers have mutated, so their speed is very fast and my strength is great. Look here, it's all muscles!"

Jiang Liushi was stunned and it took him a long time to respond, "Excuse me... What did you do before? "

"I was a mechanic! Hahaha!"