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Chapter 59: Predicament

Chapter 59: Predicament

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Zhang Hai used to be a mechanic. After the mutation, he combined his ability with his professional skills and continued his business.

Of course he was stronger than the average man, but among the four, he was the weakest. Nevertheless, his role was important. The cars’ modification and repairs were all responsibility.

Whereas, Zhang Hai's funny character and strange ability made it hard for others to respect him much... Yang Qingqing was the one who despised him mostly and usually vented her anger on him.

[This ability is not fully utilized! It could be used for much more than repairing cars. It is really useful for close combat quarters fighting. Just stabbing someone with his fingers will be like they were hit by a bullet, or his gripping power could smash a skull like it was nothing] Jiang Liushi thought.

Zhang Hai laughed and said, "I am not good at fighting. If I fight, I will go crazy and lose control." He paused and his smile started fading. It was the first time Jiang Liushi saw that expression on his face.

"I don't know why... I am always dreaming of my wife stretching out her hand among the zombies, asking for help. When I wake up, I wish I could have killed a little faster... Forget it." Zhang Hai smiled again and kept on working.

In fact, Zhang Hai knew that no matter how fast he was, there was no way to save his wife. Although he knew, it didn't mean he could get rid of that memory. Most of survivors had experienced similar tragedies, too.

"Brother, we'll reach Satellite Town soon." Jiang Zhuying took a bottle of water from the car and handed it to Jiang Liushi.

All of them were drinking water, in order to replenish the water and strength they had consumed. He noticed that the paranormals also carried some air-dried meat, of mutant beasts, and were eating them.

Using abilities consumed a lot of energy. Only by having mutant beasts’ meat could they quickly regain energy. Ordinary food worked too, but the amount was considerable and troublesome to carry. Not to mention that it wouldn't promote the paranormals’ evolution.

Shortly after, the tire was changed and the team continued driving toward Satellite Town, they would need about ten minutes to reach their destination.

On the way there were zombies, which had heard the engines’ sounds, which rushed to the cars, it was like the turbulent tides were rising.

"Ahhh!" Zhang Hai stepped on the gas pedal. With Yang Qingqing and others’ help, he crashed the zombies again and again, and burst into the crowd. This time, fortunately, there was no flat tire, only some minor damage because of the impact.

Satellite Town was not far away, they only had to make their way through those zombies and they would see their destination.

Suddenly, they heard a roar. The roar was deep and it was not far from where they were.

Hearing the roar, Jiang Zhuying sat up straight and her expression was very serious. She listened carefully again and then shouted, "Watch out!"


A lot of zombies were pushed away, some even thrown into the air. A huge black figure rushed out and ran towards the team. The figure’s size was equal to the size of an off-road car, as well as its speed!

It stared at them with its red eyes and widely opened its mouth, showing its sharp fangs. That was a mutant dog!

In the city, many people kept pet dogs, and in the outskirts one could see lots of homeless dogs. Naturally, all of them they had been infected with the virus. In the post-apocalyptic world, most of them had turned into zombies. But, there were also a few of them that had become mutant beasts!

"That size!" Jiang Zhuying’s expression changed. The beasts’ sizes varied, and that dog was the biggest they had met!

[Mutant dog: Class 1+, detected…] Starseed transmitted to Jiang Liushi.

"1+" represented the energy level of that mutant dog, but as a matter of fact, its fighting capabilities depended a lot on its body size, strength and speed. That mutant dog was huge with terrifying strength and incredible speed!

When the team had just discovered it, the dog had already rushed near them!


The mutant dog crashed with the freezer car and changed the car’s direction, it sent into a flower bed. After that, the mutant dog caught up with the car and stretched out its claw. Just the tip of the sharp claw was more than 10cm. Accompanied with its horrible strength, a few deep cracks appeared on the iron shell covering the car at once, it was like slicing a piece of paper. From a crack, two chunk of meat rolled out, which meant that the freezer had been cut.

The mutant dog moved once again and everybody were scared!

"Oh my god! Oh, my god!" Zhang Hai shouted from the driver's seat. His freezer car could kill those zombies, but in front of the mutant dog, it was like a plastic toy car.

Just after a few attacks, the freezer car would be destroyed.

It used its scarlet eyes to stare at Zhang Hai inside the car with sticky blood-red saliva flowing from its big mouth and dropping on the ground.

Zhang Hai was frightened, he stepped on the gas and forced his way forward. The mutant dog immediately followed and jumped onto the freezer car. As long as the mutant dog succeeded in overturning the car, then, the freezer, Zhang Hai and the resources would be scr*wed.

At the moment, a burst of gunfire sounded from behind. The bullets hit the mutant dog and several bloody holes appeared on its body.


The mutant dog was hurt and turned to the off-road vehicle with the light machine gun.

The muscular man who fired the gun was horrified by the monster’s eyesight.

The gunfire continued, but the mutant dog ran quickly and the zombies blocked the bullets. The muscular man just looked at the mutant dog rushing towards the car without knowing what to do...