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Chapter 61: Perfect Cooperation

Chapter 61: Perfect Cooperation

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Howl!" The mutant dog was completely furious. But before it fought back, Jiang Liushi had already drew back and pulled away after the crash.

Once the minibus was scratched by the mutant dog, it would be impaired.

This dog had been hit twice by the minibus. It desired to tear up the minibus and Jiang Liushi, and devour them. Watching the minibus retreating, it ignored the paranormal’s attack, and with a sudden leap, it ran towards the minibus. Since it was near to the minibus, coupled with its fast speed, one leap was enough for it to catch up. The dog opened its big mouth, its sharp teeth appearing. It was going to tear up the bus and drag the hateful person out.

At this point, Jiang Zhuying appeared from the window. Facing the mutant dog running wild, she waved the iron bar in full force.

"Zap!" A few blue and white colors flashed through the bar, like lightning, and hit the mutant dog. The dog was enormous, so the currents were not fatal, but it was stunned for a bit. That was enough for the minibus to speed up and run into once again.

What a perfect cooperation!

Jiang Zhuying acted bravely. There was no horror in her pretty face. Facing the mutant dog, she was calm and therefore she took the chance of attack, which brought the mutant dog to a real halt. If she repeated attacking several times, the dog's body would not be able to bear any more. Just now the crash was more powerful than before.

"Go!" Jiang Zhuying cried.

At that moment, the bus pulled back and swerved.

"Pow, pow, pow…" A large number of bullets poured frantically into the mutant dog that had just been attacked. Shooting at the dog, the muscular man shouted at Yang Qingqing, "Help us!"

Zhang Hai and the muscular man both observed, they knew that they should protect Jiang Liushi. The car’s performance, as well as Jiang Liushi’s control and reaction time were all amazing. Just now the fight with the mutant dog showed that if they didn't help the minibus, they would suffer a lot. So they were tacit to protect Jiang Liushi. If Yang Qingqing still didn’t act, she would have no excuse. Thus although she was afraid of the mutant dog, she had no choice but go near it.

"Bang!" Jiang Liushi took advantage of the mutant dog, as it was eluding bullets, suddenly changing from moving backward to forward, and unexpectedly hit it again.

The muscular man stopped shooting, and wondered if Jiang Liushi was crazy, because he had dared to attack while a shower of bullets was raining down on the dog; fortunately he wasn’t hurt.

But soon the muscular man found that some bullets had hit the bus. The car’s window had several cracks, as a spider web.

[I can’t believe it! The bullets have not penetrated the window. Is it bull-bulletproof?! Incredible] That muscular man was completely shocked. The car’s refit was cool, even as excellent as President’s vehicle If he knew that the car had a ton of fuel and an ‘Air Cannon’, a weapon of mass destruction, how surprised he would be.


The mutant dog was hit by the minibus and was thrown into a roadside shop, but it was not killed. Soon it burst out of the shop.

The car's continuous attacks had not injured it badly, but it was staggering. When it came out, it shook his head to sober up.

At that moment, Yang Qingqing came close, but as she landed at the mutant dog’s side it furiously roared. Frightened, Yang Qingqing immediately bounced back. The mutant dog did not pursue Yang Qingqing, its only aim was the minibus.

Yang Qingqing looked pale, [This mutant dog, even injured, is still terrifying!]

Compared to Jiang Zhuying’s horrible striking force, she didn't even have the chance to fight. Even the other two men, the spearman and the gunman, together were not as powerful as Jiang Zhuying. They were able to deal with common zombies, or weaker mutant beasts, but at this point, they could only distract the dog.

The mutant dog was constantly interfered by Zhang Hai and the other three cars. Although it was agile, with Jiang Zhuying’s help, Jiang Liushi still found chances to crash into the dog again and again. No matter how powerful it was, it was made of flesh and blood, so after continuous and intense collisions, it gradually slowed down. Wounds appeared on the surface of its body, while its mouth and nose were bleeding.

Seeing this, the survivors were excited and more desperate in helping Jiang Liushi carry out more violent attacks. They all had been beaten by the mutant dog, but now the situation had reversed. In particular, the siblings’ cooperation, with the other cars’ help, overwhelmed the mutant dog’s attacks. And since both of them were in the car, they were quite safe.

"Bang, bang, bang!"

Jiang Liushi didn't know how many times he had crashed into the mutant dog, but this time, he directly crashed it into the outside wall of a building.

After crashing the mutated dog into the wall, Jiang Liushi didn't stop. He pressed on the accelerator and continued squeezing the mutant dog. If he were to launch the ‘Air Cannon’, the wall, as well as the mutant dog would be smashed into pieces.


The minibus’ engine roared, the tires were spinning furiously on the ground, dust was blowing, and a tire mark trail could be seen.

Seeing the power of Jiang Liushi’s car, the survivors were stunned. Through the gap, they could see the giant body of that dog, and a lot of blood coming out of the car.

Finally, the car’s roar ended and it slowly backed away.

[Did it die?] Everyone stared nervously at the place where the mutant dog was.

As the bus was backing away, the mutant dog appeared in front of the crowd.

Its giant body had almost been squeezed and distorted, and its eyes, ears and nose were bleeding. On its body one could see burning marks, by the current, some places even smoking…

Below its body there was blood, lots of blood. The thick blood, which had splashed to the minibus’ front, was dripping down...