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Chapter 62: Two Mutant Nuclei

Chapter 62: Two Mutant Nuclei

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The mutant dog's body was still slightly twitching, but it was dying.

The freezer car and SUVs stopped around. Everyone was exhausted.

[Finally, it was killed…]

In addition to the mutant dog, some zombies had also been killed in the fighting and their bodies were lying around, crushed and mangled by the cars that had been swerving rapidly back and forth.

"Oh, my God!" Zhang Hai shouted. He looked at the mutant dog, it still felt unbelievable. When he had been attacked by the mutant dog, he thought that he was going to die. Now, the ferocious mutant dog was the one that had died. He had no idea what would happen without Jiang Liushi’s unexpected help. The rest of them had watched all this, stunned.

The minibus’ front was still intact, only a little damaged which was not obvious. As for the windshield, there were just a few scratches caused by the claws, as well as some bullet marks...

On the other hand, the freezer had been terribly damaged. The cracks made the carriage seem as if it was going to crumble, it could split in half at any time. One side of the van had been hit by the mutant dog, as a result it was dented and deformed.

In the car, Jiang Liushi took a breath. He looked calm, his face was not red or quite pale. All the others had considerably changed their impression about Jiang Liushi; his calm and adamant actions had moved them.

When he had decided to accompany them today, they all thought that he was going to be a pain in the *ss, because he would not be able to help but instead he would need to be protected.

However, reality played a joke on them, it was the extreme opposite of what they had expected. Not only had he played a major role in killing the beast, but they were the ones that had been protected and could only assist him. Although the minibus was the one which could endure and crash with the beast again and again, Jang Liushi’s driving skill was vital too.

The strong smell of blood was wafting through the air. Jiang Zhuying looked around, zombies getting closer.

"You need to distract the zombies. Zhang Hai and Man Zi, you two go and drag the mutant dog to the freezer car. Besides…" Jiang Zhuying glanced at Jiang Liushi, "Dig out the mutant nucleus of that dog."

Jiang Liushi was willing to kill the mutant dog mainly for its mutant nucleus. In fact, the agile mutant dog was kind of a headache to Jiang Liushi. But with the paranormals and the motorcade’s help it was much easier to deal with it.

Of course, in the whole battle, the most important supporting role was Jiang Zhuying’s.

The spoils were distributed according to their contribution. It was reasonable for Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi to take up the bulk of the spoils this time. Moreover, they had promised to give a mutant nucleus to Jiang Liushi, and considering his contribution, they had to give this core to him. So when they heard Jiang Zhuying’s order, Zhang Hai and Man Zi immediately executed it without a word.

They seemed used to collecting spoils or other stuff. They were deft and quick. Zhang Hai used his fingers to stab the mutant dog's heart and dug out a blood-stained core. He ran to the freezer car, and washed it. Then he ran to the minibus and gave it to Jiang Zhuying.

"It is beautiful," Jiang Zhuying praised and gave it to Jiang Liushi.

The mutant nucleus was translucent, glittering the same as glass. It was gorgeous indeed. Such a beautiful thing had been dug out from the ferocious and terrifying mutant dog. Jiang Liushi took the other core out from his pocket. Now he had two in hand.

After dragging the mutant dog, the team shook off zombies and stopped at a relatively safe place. The freezer car was severely impaired, especially because of the damage on the carriage. Although they had used the mutant dog to temporarily block the crack, the van bumped for a while, and the crack became bigger. They had to repair it, or else they would have to split and carry the stuff all the way. As for the other dents, they had decided to neglect them for now.

Zhang Hai took some out tools from the freezer to start repairing. He took an iron plate, placed it above the crack and started hammering some nails.


With the sound of Zhang Hai hammering the nails, Jiang Liushi took both cores out. Jiang Zhuying was out of the car, and other people used their time to rest and regroup. Nobody noticed him.

Now they seemed to be getting used to Jiang Liushi staying in the car. Since his minibus was so powerful, it was understandable that he cared for it so much and wouldn’t get out of it.

He glanced at the crowd and then looking at the cores, he issued instructions to the Starseed.


With a faint sound, a small slot popped up from the bridge. In this slot, there were two sags where two cores could be placed. When the cores were placed inside, the slot automatically closed and returned to its original place.

At the same time, Starseed transmitted, ‘Two cores have successfully been placed. New upgrading options are available. Select an upgrading option…’

"Option 1: Upgrade the fuel tank…"

He had already seen most of the options, but he was still tempted; Storage function, automatic absorption, mechanic arms and so on, those were all abilities that he desired.

But this time Jiang Liushi had collected two cores, he already had a goal in his mind. He shook his head and suppressed his desire for the other options, and then he looked at his goal.

"Option 10: Open a biological laboratory. It will provide the host with evolutionary genes, and greatly increase physical abilities by adding materials and developing the gene evolutionary liquid. It needs: two level 1 nucleus."

Jiang Liushi’s present fighting capabilities relied on the MCV, as he was an ordinary person. If he stayed in the MCV all the time, that’d be fine. But obviously that was impossible.

Once he was alone, even though he could knock down and kill those zombies, when he drove in a place to collect materials, he would be frightened and very cautious.

Therefore, without hesitation, Jiang Liushi ordered, "Open the biological laboratory!"