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Chapter 66: Special Longsword

Chapter 66: Special Longsword

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Jiang Liushi took the sword in his hand and he could immediately tell that of its extraordinary origins. Just from its shining blade, someone could tell that it was different than usual swords. There were some words engraved on the blade surface, above the sword guard. The guard, which was like a diamond-shaped metal ring, connected the blade with a threaded handle, made of the same material. The sword was long, about 1,7m, and it was extremely sharp.

"It was made from special alloy steel, with high temperature resistance and, most importantly strong conductivity," The soldier sitting at the table explained to Jiang Liushi.

[Strong conductivity…] Jiang Liushi nodded. It fitted Jiang Zhuying perfectly.

That weapon was a katana. More accurately, it should be based an improved version of the katana, the Wodao, made by Qi Jiguang. When he was alive he had made some alterations and developed it into a Blade Sword, which was more suitable for fighting and killing. It got that name because it was slender, like the blade of rice. This long sword was specially designed for the army. Fast and sharp, it was convenient to kill enemies. Such a sword, coupled with Jiang Zhuying's ability, was amazing.

After that the soldier took out a box made of steel, and place it on the table, with some difficulty. Just from the sound it made they could tell that the box was heavy. As soon as the soldier opened the box, a long chain appeared, it was about five meters long, and at the top of it was an adjustable lock.

The soldier took it out and said, "This one can be connected to the ring above the sword handle, this chain is also made of special alloy steel with excellent conductivity. The sword and the matched chain were costly. Dozens of workers had worked on them day and night. You can't find this material anywhere else."

Such weapons didn't exist before doomsday, because weapons were regulated, there were laws, and in modern society there was no use for such weapons, except if they were practicing martial arts. However, people now needed weapons, especially paranormals in order to assist them and enhance their abilities. Take Jiang Zhuying's weapon as an example, it was designed to help her better control her electrical ability and kill much easier.

That special alloy steel had strong conductivity. Nowadays, even laborers and goods were scarce, let alone rare materials, so the cost of crafting such a sophisticated sword was certainly high.

Jiang Liushi observed that Jiang Zhuying stared at the sword with sparkling eyes. He knew she was very excited and impatient to take it.

"We'll buy it," Jiang Liushi said.

The soldier immediately said, "The price had been settled before, so you only need to pay another 5 tons of meat. Have you brought it?"

5 tons! When the survivors around heard that number, they were envious. So much meat would be exchanged just for a weapon! If it exchanged for other things, how many people would be able to be fed?

"Yes, we brought more," Jiang Liushi said. It was not just "more", because the mutant dog's carcass far exceeded the needed amount. What Jiang Liushi meant "more" referred to the meat he had given to Jiang Zhuying and the meat that Jiang Zhuying and her team had. They didn't have scale that could weigh something so heavy, so they could only estimate. But since they traded with the military, the amount should be accurate. It was fair to both sides.

When a superior ordered some soldiers to take the meat, all the survivors stood by the door and watched curiously. The freezer car was battered and crumbling. People made some wild guesses about what had happened to it. The two SUVs parked beside looked quite normal. As for the minibus, its roof was piled with lots of woven bags, and its simple appearance distinguished it from the grand SUVs.

When Zhang Hai opened the van's door, a hideous mutant dog's head suddenly fell from it, which scared those soldiers. They almost drew their guns from their waists. Other survivors were also scared, but soon they came back to their senses. No one could capture a beast alive. The army, at one time, had such plans but soon discarded that idea, the losses outweighed the benefits.

The mutant dog, even dead, was too ferocious; it could scare people at first glance. If one came closer, they would notice that its eyes and ears were still bleeding. The blood had not yet solidified.

It was killed on the way here?

Even if the scratches on the van had been repaired, a few traces had been left behind. And the iron plates that had been used to repair were brand-new, so it should have been repaired recently. Those scratches should have been caused by the mutant dog. It was ferocious, and even damaged the well-armed freezer, so how could it be killed by them?

While the survivors contemplated on the matter, Zhang Hai had already climbed into the van.

"Bang!" A sound of heavy things dropping rang out. A large piece of meat was thrown out of the van and fell heavily on the ground. Before the survivors reacted, "Bang, bang, bang!" in succession, huge chunks of meat were thrown out of the van piece by piece.

At first, those people only watched, but as more and more meat piled up, and the dog head was still hanging outside the car, they were stunned speechless and couldn't keep calm anymore.

[That's too much!]

When they saw the mutant dog's head, they thought the head must be the main part of the 5 tons of meat. Those soldiers also thought so, it was the logical thing to expect!

But as more and more meat was thrown out, the survivors gradually found that they were wrong. The big chunks of meat were the ones that had been prepared to buy the weapon from the military. The mutant dog should have been killed on the way!

Soon the piled meat on the ground looked like a small mountain. Jiang Zhuying said, "That's all. You can weigh it now."

A scale was swiftly carried there, and several soldiers quickly weighed most of the meat until they reached 5 tons. People could not help but notice that there were several pieces of meat left.

What Jiang Liushi meant "more" did not refer to the mutant dog, but those chunks of meat…

"All right, the meat is enough. The sword is yours," a soldier registered the meat and said. Glancing at the mutant dog, he asked, "What are you going to do with the dog?"

Yang Qingqing and others didn't speak, because in that battle, they hadn't contributed much. They couldn't answer the question. They all looked at Jiang Zhuying, but Jiang Zhuying was looking at Jiang Liushi.

"The mutant dog was killed by my brother. He will decide what we're going to do with it," Jiang Zhuying said. Instantly everyone focused their attention on Jiang Liushi.

Most of the survivors and a soldier looked confused.

[He killed it? He is just an ordinary man!]

Most of the camp's survivors were paranormals, and through induction, they discovered that there was no energy emitted from Jiang Liushi, so he was just an ordinary person.

An ordinary man killed a mutant dog? Was she serious?