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Chapter 67: The General Situation

Chapter 67: The General Situation

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The soldier who asked the question was not a paranormal, but he was still surprised to hear Jiang Zhuying’s answer. He got along well with Jiang Zhuying and her team, so he knew the strongest one in the team was Jiang Zhuying. Furthermore, every time Jiang Zhuying came to exchange, the team members accompanied her, several times, were the same people. So he had come into the conclusion that Jiang Zhuying was the strongest paranormal amongst them.

Otherwise, in a common team, the leader would always change because of injuries and death, let alone team members. And the goods other teams brought mostly depended on luck. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But the goods Jiang Zhuying brought were always in great amounts. This time, of course, they had hit it big.

What surprised the soldier most was Jiang Liushi, [He was the one who killed the mutant dog? Is he stronger than Jiang Zhuying?]

Jiang Liushi looked at the soldier's look and knew that the he had misunderstood. He did not mind such misunderstandings, so he did not try to explain.

"We won’t sell for now," Jiang Liushi said, and then he looked at Jiang Zhuying, Yang Qingqing and other members. "You can sell your share, if you want."

"Ah? It's all right. We won't sell either," The muscular man and the other members looked at each other and shook their heads.

Yang Qingqing also said, "Yes." She bit her lips and looked at Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi’s attitude was similar to Jiang Zhuying’s. Even though it sounded, at first, different from Jiang Zhuying’s enforcement, in fact they were exactly the same. For Yang Qingqing, she had become accustomed to being led by Jiang Zhuying, but she suddenly felt like Jiang Liushi was in charge now.

This time, Jiang Liushi had taken the biggest share, but if others had taken the biggest share in the team, the leader would distribute it. But their leader not only gave up her right to distribute, but she had also asked for Jiang Liushi’s opinion on things that had nothing to do with him.

Yang Qingqing actually wanted to exchange something, but seeing the others that had refused, she did the same, for she only had a small portion.

It was she who had gotten the smallest portion. She blamed Jiang Liushi for failure in exchanging things.

[He is not our member. How does he dare…] Yang Qingqing silently complained.

[They won’t sell…] The soldier looked at the mutant dog’s body with a pitiable expression on his face.

In general, survivor teams would not bring much meat for exchanging. Unless they needed a large number of bullets, or like Jiang Zhuying who needed a custom made weapon, they wouldn’t bring a great deal of meat with them.

The mutant dog’s complete carcass was valuable, and if the military could get it, it would be a great gain. What a pity…

"Then whenever you want to sell, you are always welcome," the soldier added.

As Jiang Zhuying had mentioned, the soldiers were polite to them. That military region aimed at collecting supplies, but collecting was not as fast as exchanging with survivors. For the benefits of both sides, they wouldn't offend each other.

"By the way, I would like to know how the situation is now." Jiang Liushi suddenly asked.

The Starseed had transmitted that the whole world would quickly be destroyed, but it hadn’t given him more information.

The military was supported by governments, so they must have had conserved a lot of important technologies, and in some degree, controlled the world situation. Security zones and security islands may be interlinked. But that was his speculation, so he wanted to know more about the current situation.

"Now..." The soldiers hesitated. Usually, they wouldn’t tell survivors things about the situation, in order to avoid causing more desperate emotions, but that was for ordinary people. People struggled to survive in the city, and should have given up the hope of things getting better.

"I'm not sure... Anyway, the people in safety zones were working on different beast research. These damn things evolve, so they become stronger and faster," the soldier said.

[Evolvin…] Whether it was mutant beasts or paranormals, they were evolving. The underlying meaning in the soldier’s words was obvious. The military didn’t plan on counter-attacking, but only guard the security regions.

The survivors would either go to security regions or live on their own outside. Average people would choose to go to security regions, but what about paranormals? They needed to eat mutant meat in order to evolve.

On the other hand, there were so many people in that camp, and they had yet to be moved to security regions.

"It's getting dark. Let's go," Jiang Liushi looked at his watch and said. Once the night fell, the whole city would become the monsters’ hunting ground; they were more active than they were during the day.

Walking on the streets at night was the same as committing suicide...

On the return trip, Jiang Liushi told Jiang Zhuying the information he got, about the rare metals, from the old professor.

Jiang Zhuying was tightly holding her sword, she was like a little child that had gotten a new toy. Upon hearing Jiang Liushi asking her things about the national laboratory in the school, she suddenly paused, then raised her head and asked, "Why do you want to know about the laboratory?"

"Because it’s useful. What do you know about Jinling University?" Jiang Liushi said.

"Hmmm... There are no precious materials in the university, and there are too many zombies there, so I haven’t been there. As for the general situation, zombies are everywhere," Jiang Zhuying said. There were too many students and faculty before, now zombies must haunt everywhere in the campus.

"Are you going there? Let me go with you!" Jiang Zhuying suggested.

"Let’s talk about it later," Jiang Liushi said, "It is said that the Special Metal Company is in JinLing industrial park. Have you heard of that?"

Jiang Zhuying once came to Jinling to go to university, but she either stayed at school or investigated outside with teachers and groups. She hadn’t been to many places around.

She thought for a while. "I don't know. You may ask Yang Qingqing. She is a native. She should know something," Jiang Zhuying pouted her lips and said.

"OK." Jiang Liushi nodded his head.

It would be more convenient to know the exact location. He could only find JinLing industrial park on the map, but no more details.

The map was a mess and he couldn’t find the Special Metal Company.

Although his map was the latest edition it did not mark the industrial park, which made Jiang Liushi speechless and depressed.