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Chapter 68: Jiang Liushi’s Expectations

Chapter 68: Jiang Liushi’s Expectations

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Returning was smoother, but when they reached the villa, it was already sundown and nearly dark; they felt lucky enough.

The other survivors in the villa were nervously waiting at the door. Jiang Zhuying and her team only made up a small portion of the whole, but they were the main fighting force. If they suffered misfortune, the people left would not know what to do. When they saw the motorcade back, the survivors were relieved.

But why Jiang Liushi's leading the formation. It was the solid and crashworthy freezer car that was always in the lead, what changed?

However, when the motorcade stopped at the door, people saw it and were immediately shocked. It was terribly damaged... No wonder it couldn't be the leading car.

Jiang Zhuying and others got off, and some survivors immediately gathered around.

The miscellaneous tasks of refueling, maintenance, and cleaning the cars, as well as material handling, were all handled by non-combatants. Only repairing and modification was Zhang Hai's responsibility, as this was his previous profession.

"There's a mutant beast in the car. You go and carry it out." Cutting and dealing with internal organs was troublesome, so that task was handled by non-combatants too. For Jiang Zhuying wouldn't keep any idle person.

Yang Qingqing and some people had thought that Jiang Liushi was an exception, a permissible idler, but from today on, they had changed their mind. Although after he returned to the camp, Jiang Liushi was really like an idler who had nothing to do…

"I will go back to the garage," Jiang Liushi told Jiang Zhuying, and then he left.

"I'll help you repair the car," Zhang Hai said.

Jiang Liushi waved his hands and said, "Don't worry about it, I'll handle it."

It was not a problem for Zhang Hai to fix ordinary cars, but Jiang Liushi's MCV was beyond his ability. Letting him fix the MCV might result in increasing the repairing cost…

According to the Starseed's report, there was no need to repair the car now, because those scratches would not hinder the MCV's performance in any way. The only thing that was affected was the car's appearance, which was not 'appealing', not that it really mattered.

Watching the minibus back to the garage and the garage's door closing, the survivors felt awkward. They did not dare to say anything before Jiang Zhuying, but they were wondering why her brother's car would need to be repaired. It didn't seem that damaged, so it must have been protected well.

After a while, the survivors opened the freezers' doors…


Even though they were mentally prepared, and knew what was in it, the survivors couldn't help but step back. The mutant dog was terrifying, they could not imagine fighting with such a monster.

"Is it this monster that impaired the freezer? Fighting it must have been breathtaking! You are so amazing. This monster seems so fierce, but now it lies here, dead!" A survivor praised and patted the dog head.

He was an ordinary man but now he could stand there and pat the dog, with an excited expression on his face. In fact, he was a person who was scared easily, even hearing a zombie's growl would frighten him. The mutant dog's carcass could not hurt him, but he could cut it into pieces. He knew he could do that only because of Jiang Zhuying, so he immediately complimented. Who didn't love hearing people's compliments?

Yang Qingqing looked unpleasant. She interrupted the survivors and said, "I am tired. I'm going back to my room." Then she walked into villa without looking back. That compliment made her very uncomfortable.

The muscular man and the other people were also somewhat awkward, so one of the paranormals said, "Ah, this mutant dog was actually killed by Jiang Zhuying's brother. He was the one who fought with it, all we could do was support him."

"Ah?" The survivors were stunned.

But soon, looking at Jiang Zhuying, they realized and hastily said, "That's awesome!"

"Ha, ha; He is truly boss's brother. He is also quite strong."

"Boss is boss."

Although they said so, they still looked shocked. They felt incredible when they saw the mutant dog. They all had been informed by Yang Qingqing that Jiang Liushi was an ordinary person, just like them. But a person like them had actually killed the mutant dog, which was unthinkable.

"He merely owns a strong car," hearing those people's words, Yang Qingqing murmured.

Inside the MCV, it was bright and warm, and the plush facilities were grand. It was fairly safe, comfortable and quiet, compared to the horrific scenes that they'd witnessed outside today.

"Click." The bathroom door opened. Jiang Liushi came out after taking a bath. Steaming from the heat, he felt comfortable. Lying on the bed, Jiang Liushi was completely relaxed.

[Jinling University…] Jiang Liushi looked at the MCV's roof. Today, he had gotten two mutant nuclei, and started the biological laboratory's construction, which made him too excited to sleep.

He had even witnessed paranormals fighting. Brother Yu was so weak, but even though he hadn't evolved his speed had actually impressed Jiang Liushi. But today, the paranormals' power, especially Jiang Zhuying' ability, had shocked Jiang Liushi.

Constructing the biological laboratory was not only an urgent need to improve his strength, in order to feel more secure, but also because Jiang Liushi was interested in those super abilities. Once ordinary people owned those ability, they would be treated differently.

[Tomorrow morning, we will go to Jinling University!] Jiang Liushi was determined.

"Bro, time to dinner." After Jiang Liushi recognized Jiang Zhuying' voice, a smile appeared on his face. Although the word had changed, he felt that everything was the same as before, at that moment.