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Chapter 69: Destination: Jinling University!

Chapter 69: Destination: Jinling University!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
When Jiang Liushi reached the hall, the ordinary survivors were already sitting at the table. Jiang Liushi noticed that they all looked at him and smiled, with a hint of wonder, as if they were looking at some incredible things.

They had been informed that the mutant dog had been killed by Jiang Liushi. Since all of them had seen the dog's body, the more they were impacted by the body, the more surprised they were as they watched Jiang Liushi. He glanced at them, and then walked across the hall into the dining room. He was not accustomed to being stared by so many people.

In the dining room, everyone had already sat down at the table, and the food was served, but no one was eating. However, it was not because of Jiang Liushi, but because of Jiang Zhuying. She was waiting for Jiang Liushi; the others could only wait, too.

Jang Liushi sat down, looked at other people and said, "Sorry to keep you waiting so long"

After that Jiang Zhuying took up her chopsticks, meaning that the dinner could start.

"You should eat more." Jiang Zhuying firstly took many dishes into Jiang Liushi’s bowl, and the bowl was quickly filled.

"You too." Last time when they ate together, Jiang Liushi discovered that paranormals had to eat a lot. One of them could eat two or three bowls of food. Last time they should have eaten more, but stopped in order to save food. This applied to Yang Qingqing and the others. These people were given only a little meat, so they had to control themselves. But Jiang Zhuying’s share was abundant. Previously she was saving food to exchange for the weapon as soon as possible.

Now that she had gotten the weapon, as well as a whole mutated dog, she could eat as she liked. Before she couldn’t eat as she wished, now her appetite could not be restrained any more. The more mutant meat one ate, the faster one evolved.

Jiang Liushi was more unconcerned about saving food. He owned a big share now, he could eat as he pleased. Although it was a long-term task improving one’s strength through mutant meat, since the meat was useful and delicious, why wouldn’t he eat more?

Yang Qingqing’s stomach growled. Seeing the two siblings stoking up on meat, she felt hungry.

"I'm full." Yang Qingqing put down her chopsticks, but wept inside.

"Brother... Do you really want to go to Jinling University?" Jiang Zhuying suddenly asked before eating some meat.

Previously, when Jiang Zhuying asked, Jiang Liushi had not given her a clear answer, so she asked again. For things concerning Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying cared deeply. She and Jiang Liushi stuck together to survive. What had been engraved in her mind was Jiang Liushi’s care and help, and sometimes ridicule, too...

Although Jiang Zhuying would not talk about how grateful she was, she could only express it silently with her actions.

"Hm..." Jiang Liushi had planned to talk to her later, but she brought it up on the table.

"When... will you..." She swallowed the meat and then said, "Is it urgent?"

"Well, the sooner the better. I decided to go tomorrow," Jiang Liushi said.

"All right." Jiang Zhuying picked up another piece of meat, and then looked at others at the table. "Then we will go to Jinling University tomorrow. Have a good rest tonight," she ordered.

"Ah?" They were all astounded. They’d go to Jinling University?

If it was Jiang Zhuying who wanted to go, then they had nothing to say, and wouldn't ask much. Jiang Zhuying was their leader, so they had to follow her anywhere she wanted, as long as she didn't lead them to certain death. The reason why they could survive and thrive was mainly thanks to Jiang Zhuying, which was also the source of Jiang Zhuying’s prestige among them. But listening to their conversation, they realized that it was Jiang Liushi who wanted to go to Jinling University.

"Why should we go to Jinling University?" Yang Qingqing asked. She looked at Jiang Liushi, wondering why he, who was not a student of their school, would want to go there.

"I need to go to the lab to find something. It's very useful for me," Jiang Liushi said. He could not explain things about the MCV in detail, so he answered vaguely.

[Lab? What in this lab is useful now? There were all chemicals…] Yang complained silently after hearing his answer. If Jiang Zhuying was not there, she would roll her eyes to express her discontent directly.

[At first, it was the mutant nucleus; now he wants things from the lab. Does he want to study the virus? This is just a fantasy. Bullsh*t!]

"Even if you want to find something, you don't have to go to the University. Maybe you can find it in some other places. There will be chances in the future…" Yang Qingqing was interrupted by Jiang Zhuying.

"Alright, that's it. Does such a trivial thing need to be discussed?" Jiang Zhuying said.

She didn't care about what her brother wanted and why he wanted it. If he said that he wanted it, then she would find it for him. She knew that he would not run for useless things. Since he insisted, it must be useful. The most fundamental right of a leader was to make decision. Usually where they go and what they do was mainly decided by Jiang Zhuying. Just going to a place and finding something was not worth discussing.

Being directly interrupted by Jiang Zhuying, Yang Qingqing looked unpleasant.

They were about the same age, and graduated from the same school, but Jiang Zhuying was the one that had become the leader. Jiang Zhuying always looked quite easy-going, but actually she was decisive, and wouldn’t be shaken easily.

Yang now felt disgraced, and thought the rest of the paranormals, as well as ordinary people in the hall, seemed jeered at her.

But Jiang Zhuying didn't care about Yang, and how Yang thought. She ate the last piece of meat, wiped her mouth, contentedly stood up and said, "We still owe my elder brother a mutant nucleus. The mutated dog killed today, according to contribution, should be given to him, so we still owe him a mutant nucleus." After saying this, Jiang Zhuying pulled up Jiang Liushi out of the chair and they walked away.

"It seems that Yang opposes. The others might feel the same" Jiang Liushi wondered.

Jiang Zhuying’s lips curled up and said with a smile, "What does that matter? If they don't dare, I will go. But if I go alone, why should I keep them? If so, after I get back, there's no place for them."

Those paranormals did not have the ability to separate from the group and survive on their own.

Hearing that, Jiang Liushi smiled. He rubbed her head and praised, "Wow. That’s my sister."

"By the way, where are your storage rooms?" Jiang Liushi then asked.