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Chapter 70: Stirring up Trouble

Chapter 70: Stirring up Trouble

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"Well, where is your storage?" Jiang asked.

Seeing Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying walking away, Yang Qingqing turned her gaze and angrily whispered: "What a nuisance that man is! Don’t you think that since he came, Zhuying seemed always partial to him? That Jiang Liushi doesn’t have any ability except for a powerful car!"

Zhang Hai and the others didn’t speak, so Yang Qingqing stood up angrily and left.

[These people are all coward!]

Jiang Liushi searched in the storage room because he was very concerned about his share. Although he clearly knew that he would get the vast majority of today’s mutant dog, he was still very curious about the specific amount. After all, seeing is believing. It would be an important resource.

The survivors had dealt with the mutated meat very quickly, and the cutting method was also very good. One by one, it was neatly placed there, looked clean and appetizing.

Jiang Liushi was very satisfied. This mutant dog’s size was almost the same as the mutant wild boar. The amount he got was quite considerable, almost three quarters of that mutant dog.

Jiang Liushi was immersed in searching, but he suddenly heard some people talking outside the room.

"What's the matter? It's safe here, you can tell me here," said a woman.

"It’s about that bumpkin!" Another familiar voice came.

[Yang Qingqing?] Jiang had no interest in their conversation, but then he heard his name.

"That Jiang Liushi, and Jiang Zhuying are really excessive!" Yang Qingqing said angrily.

Jiang Liushi gently walked to the door, looking out from the door's eye to see Yang Qingqing and another woman. That woman, he had vaguely any impression for her. When he had just met with Jiang Zhuying, that woman was also an ordinary person, but her athletic ability was relatively strong. It seemed easy to get along with her. And the relationship between Jiang Zhuying and her seemed good.

"Jiang Zhuying ordered us to accompany her and her brother to the Jinling University!"

"Why?" Asked the woman.

"Who knows?" Yang Qingqing said angrily, "In fact, I do not want to go, moreover, he is not a member of our team. Except eating, he is always in that car. He treats that car as a rare treasure, he never lets others get on. Only Jiang Zhuying could ride on his car."

Yang Qingqing became more and more angry, however, being interrupted by Jiang Zhuying, she could only to go with them tomorrow...

To Yang Qingqing, Jiang Liushi was someone offending her eyes. But she knew that the real reason she felt like that was because she was jealous of Jiang Zhuying.

What made her angrier was that Jiang Liushi, an ordinary man, was treated with increased respect by others. Under her influence, the survivors secretly ridiculed Jiang Liushi. But now, their attitudes had changed. Even another survivor had begun to following Zhang Hai’s footsteps calling him "Big Brother. But that was all because they wanted to suck up to Jiang Zhuying…

Talking about this, Yang Qingqing suddenly thought of something. Jiang Liushi’s was quite powerful, if she could get it…

But after thinking again, Yang Qingqing believed that was impossible. Her driving skill was so poor. Jiang Liushi’s car was worse than a tank, and once she got it, she couldn’t drive it.

"Since he wants us to help, then he should act as part of our team. And that car should be taken as a shared car. We can elect a driver; even if he drives it, it should be ours to use."

Yang Qingqing thought that if she could stay in the minibus, she would be safer than in the SUV. Today, the battle with the mutant dog brought her a deep sense of insecurity. While the minibus’ defense gave her a very deep impression. In contrast, the SUV’s defense was far less than the freezer car’s, how could she feel at ease!

"That's right, but it’s certain that he will disagree." The woman said.

"He is a miser. But I do not believe that I’m the only one thinking about it, so I will discuss it with the others, so Jiang Zhuying won’t be able to refuse our request, she can’t ignore all of us. If she does not agree, then we will certainly be disappointed with her." Yang Qingqing said with a vicious smile.

In fact, judging Jiang Zhuying’s attitude, she was sure that she would disagree. Then, Jiang Zhuying would face greater pressure. Perhaps in the end she would not only lose everyone’s trust, but she would also have to confiscate her brother’s car. That’s a viable way!

"Well, I’m going to sleep. I’ll look for more opportunities tomorrow, and discuss with other dissatisfied people. This is for everyone's interests and security, they won’t disagree. Moreover, what if Jiang Liushi was killed by zombies? He is, after all, an ordinary person." Yang Qingqing meaningfully laughed.

That woman was surprised for a moment, and then also laughed.

She knew that Jiang Liushi’s future was grim after the last sentence…

After a while both left…

A door opened, and Jiang Liushi walked out, watching at their direction, Yang Qingqing thought that he had returned to his minibus, but she could not be more wrong.

[Yang Qingqing…] Jiang Liushi touched his chin, there was no way he would have imagined that she would actually have such sinister thoughts and stir up so much trouble. Originally, he didn’t think much about her…

Jiang Liushi lying in bed, heard the roar of a zombie. But he just slightly paused, and then went on watching a drama. And then, Jiang Liushi could not help but think whether the dramas he had could be exchanged with other materials with the military or other survivors. Anyway, he just needed to collect some empty disks, then he could repeatedly copy them…

Next morning, Jiang Liushi got up early. He slept late last night, but the quality of sleep was very good. Lying in the MCV, the sense of security was certainly much higher than the survivors’.


"Big Brother, good morning."

While eating breakfast, Jiang Liushi gave a glance to Yang Qingqing. She also looked at Jiang Liushi, and then smiled.

Jiang Liushi also smiled, his expression seemed more enthusiastic than before. Yang Qingqing was shocked, but she didn’t know the reason. And she was too lazy to think about it. Moreover, today she would talk with other survivors and incidentally mention that matter to him.

She wondered whether Jiang Liushi could smile then...