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Chapter 71: The New Weapon’s Power

Chapter 71: The New Weapon’s Power

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Jiang Liushi just smiled to Yang Qingqing, and then stopped paying attention to her anymore. He already knew what she had in her mind.

"This is the route we’ll follow today." While eating breakfast, Jiang Liushi took the map out, putting it on the table. He had marked the route as well as some other places, all key construction sites, which that old professor had mentioned, in great detail.

"This route is relatively safe, and the zombies’ number should be small. But to be honest, as long as we’re in the zombie-infested areas, there is nowhere really safe at all." Jiang Liushi said, and thought about yesterday’s incident, unexpectedly meeting the mutant dog.

"I repaired the freezer-car overnight, and it can be used today" Zhang Hai said.

That muscular man also said, "The machine guns are checked and the bullets are ready."

"Well, everything seems ready. Let’s go!" Jiang Zhuying stood up and said. She was holding the longsword wearing denim shorts and a simple T-shirt, her hair was pulled back in a ponytail. It was a deadly combination, a pretty young girl armed with a superior cold weapon.

Jiang Liushi was quite satisfied with Jiang Zhuying temperament. He didn’t know if it was because of evolving, or not, that she had such a unique temperament now.

"Set off!" Jiang Zuying's ordered.

Sitting in the minibus, she looked very eager to use her new weapon, she was not able to use it yesterday, and today was a rare chance. However, as they were getting closer to Jinling University, Jiang Zhuying’s mood was melancholic.

"I left the school before doomsday, and I was not aware when the disaster broke out." For this, Jiang Zhuying felt very lucky.

She was pretty lucky not having to face the terrible scene of the outbreak. Most of the survivors had witnessed their loved ones turning into zombies or eaten by zombies.

When they reached the campus, Jiang Zhuying was calm. Even if she saw some familiar faces that had turned into zombies, she felt that could calmly face, and give an end to their misery.

Jiang Liushi looked at her and said, "The University is very big, trying to escape would be really difficult, and you could not do anything."

"Well, I know." Jiang Zhuying nodded, she clearly knew that she couldn’t save anyone.

The number of zombies, in front of them, was rapidly increasing. Jiang Zhuying’s team were striking the zombies more violently, zombie roars as well as crashing sounds could be heard with no end.

The zombies were not afraid of getting injured, and they rushed one by one.

Soon, the team arrived at the door of Jinling University. "Jinling University", the four characters were sprinkled with brown blood, and some bones could be seen on the ground. Dozens of zombies, which looked like former student, were blocking the door. Hearing the commotion made from the team those zombies had rushed over.

Seeing some of her former classmates, Jiang Zhuying gently exhaled, and then she waved to her members: "Open the road."


The freezer car hit the lift bar directly rushing into the zombie group. Yesterday the mutant dog almost divided the freezer car into two halves, so Zhang Hai further reinforced it, and even welded long nails. The length of the nails wouldn’t only prevent the zombies to hit the car, but also cause greater damage to them.

Although zombies did not care about being injured, the smell of blood could result in other zombies attacking. These zombies had no rationality, so upon seeing living beings or smelling blood, they would make crazy attacks regardless of everything. So this new addition could play a little role of hindering. But the freezer car was nothing compared with Jiang’s MCV. So Zhang Hai didn’t display the same excitement today at all, he was quiet all the way.

Jinling University's national laboratory was located in the furthest right of its center. It was in a relatively remote area. The simple map that the old professor had drawn, showed the fastest path they could take. Even so, after using that route, it was still dense with zombies.

The students that had turned into zombies had become more flexible and fierce, as a result they were attacking like a pack of rabid dogs. The freezer was crashing zombie after zombie, but the impact of crashing made more dents to appear on the car.

The team slowed down and entered the small square in front of the national laboratory. The national labs were surrounded by green belts and the team stopped before the laboratory building.

"Beep!" Jiang Liushi honked the horn. After a few horns, he drove his minibus back. Soon, a few zombies rushed out from the door straight toward the minibus.


Jiang Liushi rushed forward and crashed the incoming zombies, leaving behind blood traces, as well as several knocked zombies. After a few seconds, more zombies appeared, but they followed the same fate. Repeating that action several times, Jiang Liushi finally stopped the minibus.


Jiang Zhuying had just gotten off and a new group of zombies, attracted by the sound, rushed out from the door. She turned around placed the longsword to her side, and used a sword stance, staying completely motionless.

The zombies were in a frenzy, they waved their arms very fast, while they opened their disgusting mouths full with parts of rotten meat and brown blood, they couldn’t wait to tear Jiang Zhuying, who looked really fragile, into pieces. The moment they had approached in Jiang Zhuying’s sword radius area, she suddenly made her move.

With a quick-draw the blade left its sheath, very smoothly, accompanied with electric arcs, matching her every movement. Electric light flashed on the blade, and its intensity kept increasing.


Five zombie heads flew in the air, and it was a clean cut! The necks of the heads were churned black, leaving behind a nauseating smell of burnt meat. The bodies fell on the ground, without any blood splattering, the fatal wounds had been burnt to a crisp and black smoke was leaving the bodies. The bodies were still twitching, more precisely the muscles, leaving the last signs of ‘life’ behind. Jiang Zhuying didn’t stop attacking, she increased her speed and more zombies fell to the ground. The light arcs made her look like a maiden out of a wuxia novel, or an actress aided by film effects. Not long after every zombie had been killed.

Jiang Zhuying turned back, a flash of electricity was apparent in her eyes, and said with a smile, "Let’s go!" It was obvious that she was very satisfied with the longsword’s performance.

Everyone got off and started moving. Yang Qingqing looked Jiang Zhuying, she was green from jealousy. Jiang Zhuying had become stronger, she had killed over twenty zombies like she was cutting butter, it seemed too easy. Yang Qingqing could never do that.

Most of the zombies in the experimental building had been led out, even if there were some zombies still closed in a room, it was not going to be a big problem. As long as they knocked the door, they could know clearly whether there were zombies inside.

Jiang Liushi decided not to get off, but let Jiang Zhuying and the others to find the iridium crucible, and then return. The Iridium crucible’s location was marked on the map by the old professor.

As they were about to go inside Jiang Liushi suddenly said, "One person should stay here with me."

The survivors looked at each other, Jiang Zhuying was about to say that she’d stay, but Yang Qingqing took the initiative and said, "I’d like to stay."