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Chapter 72: I Want to Take a Bath

Chapter 72: I Want to Take a Bath

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"You?" Jiang Zhuying hesitated. When Jiang Liushi asked for one person to stay, Jiang Zhuying had decided to stay with her brother without thinking. Although Jiang Liushi had the MCV, he was still an ordinary person.

But Yang Qingqing had taken initiative volunteer and stay behind with him. Jiang Zhuying was shocked for a moment, [What is my brother planning?]

Those days, Jiang Zhuying gradually learnt about Jang Liushi's MCV. It could be said that the MCV was strong enough to protect Jiang Liushi. So it didn't make sense to let other people protect him.

"Brother, why do you need someone to stay with you?" Jiang Zhuying asked.

"I just need a liaison. My minibus can't enter the laboratory, so I can only wait outside. If something happens outside, I can inform you. It's more convenient that way." Jiang Liushi casually said, but it was very reasonable.

Jiang Zhuying thought about it and then said apprehensively, "Dear brother, you should be careful. Don't get off."

"Believe me. No problem." Jiang Liushi agreed.

Jiang Zhuying was dependent on her brother. On the other hand, Jiang Zhuying had confidence in her brother, "Well, we will go to the lab!"

Jiang Zhuying waved her longsword, and a glint of light flashed on cold steel. The iridium crucible was on the top floor of the experimental building's national key laboratories. The national key laboratories occupied a whole floor, which had very advanced equipment. It was the pride of Jinling University. If there was a leadership inspection, leaders would have to visit that key laboratory.

Jiang Zhuying was relatively familiar with the experimental building. Moreover, the large number of zombies were in the laboratory building. The arduous task couldn't be finished without Jiang Zhuying. Zhang Hai, and another survivor Sun Kun, in fact hadn't strong abilities that could be applied while fighting. Zhang Hai was a mechanic, with some strength in his fingers, but couldn't control himself, so he would clearly fall in a disadvantageous situation. Sun Kun was like a gecko, whose his feet could stick on a wall surface. He could move on a wall as easily as walking on a road. As a result, he was extremely good at running away.

"Big brother, we're leaving. Take care of yourself!" Zhang Hai also enjoined, then he grabbed a bag of mutant meat in one hand, and carried the light machine gun in the other hand moving upstairs.

As they weren't in the cars, and they were going to be in a place where there movements would be restrained, the light machine gun was going to be their precaution, it shouldn't be used recklessly as a gunshot could lead in a zombie tide. The result would be a supposed remedy having the opposite effect.

"Godspeed." Jiang Liushi nodded, seeing the three disappearing in the experimental building, and his eyes flashed a trace of cold light which could not easily be detected.

The experimental building was very high, it had twelve floors, but because of the power outages in doomsday, the elevators could not be used. So they would have to climb to a 12-story building, as well as fight with a large number of zombies. Just that combination was very energy-consuming. They couldn't afford not to replenish their energy, so they had to carry with them mutant meat to consume.

Due to the fierce fighting, they had to replenish their energy several times. Naturally, they would stay for long in the experimental building. In other words, Jiang Liushi and Yang Qingqing would have at least an hour to stay alone!

Yang Qingqing naturally knew that and started planning how and when to act. Occasionally, she looked at her mechanical watch. Yang Qingqing looked at the wandering zombies not far from them, and estimated the chances of being attacked by zombies near the vicinity of the experimental building. Next to it, not far away, there was a dormitory, which was absolutely the most densely-packed area with zombies. As long as one shouted, it would lead to a flood of zombies!

Although she was a paranormal with fast speed, if she was caught into the sea of walking corpses, she was bound to die. Of course, if she had the MCV...

Yang Qingqing was clear that the stored food on the MCV was enough to sustain her for a long time…

"It's hot." Yang Qingqing intentionally or unintentionally went to Jiang Liushi's windshield, with her hands covering her face from the sun, and said in a soft and seductive tone, full of playfulness.

"The sun is so strong that I'm sweating." Yang Qingqing took off her coat, 'accidentally' revealing her body, she was wearing tight clothes. Yang Qingqing's body was in a good shape. Actually, she was rather good-looking. She was always chased by many boys when she was at school. As a result, she quite enjoyed that kind of feeling. Although she looked down on most of the poor boys, she still didn't turn them down. She didn't really do it out of her good heart, she didn't show her disdain as they could help her repair the computer or move luggage.

In Yang Qingqing's view, Jiang Liushi was a standard poor guy. She was clear about Jiang Zhuying's family. Even after doomsday, she thought that Jiang Liushi was still an ordinary person, so she naturally looked down on him. Adding the fact that she was a paranormal made her superiority complex rise further.

She believed that Jiang Liushi would be lured by her. "Brother Jiang, it may take them some time till they come back. It's really hot outside and I'm really sweaty. I feel uncomfortable. May come inside and take a bath in your car?" Yang Qingqing said in a seductive tone.

Jiang Liushi silently watched Yang Qingqing's performance. He already knew that she had malicious intentions towards him. He was clear that people, especially after doomsday, could do anything just because of their selfish interests.

Some would sell their bodies, kill and rob and so on...

"There's no electricity on my car, so you won't be able to take a bath." Jiang Liushi casually refused, he was not anxious at all, he just wanted to see for how long would Yang Qingqing keep up her act.

He couldn't take any chances and let Yang Qingqing get on the car.

If Jiang Zhuying was there, he wouldn't mind others getting on, because Jiang Zhuying's ability, and battle capabilities, was stronger than all of them.

But Jiang Zhuying was not there, so there was no way he'd agree with her request. In fact, low-level abilities such as Yang Qingqing's didn't pose much threat to him, she was just a bit stronger than an ordinary person. Moreover, Jiang Liushi had a pistol, but even so, he would still not risk it.

"It's okay even if there's no electricity, I can use cold water. I'm pretty sure you can help me warm my body, right?" Yang Qingqing said in a flirtatious tone.

"There is no cold water either." Jiang Liushi refused with an indifferent tone. He was not affected by Yang Qingqing's charm at all, instead he felt disdain.