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Chapter 73: Killing Jiang Liushi

Chapter 73: Killing Jiang Liushi

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After Yang Qingqing heard Jiang Liushi's response, the charming smile on her face suddenly froze, and it was like somebody had thrown her a cold bucket of water.

In a post-apocalyptic world, laws ceased to exist, moral values had deteriorated and another's life meant nothing to somebody else. It couldn't be estimated how many people would indulge in their sexual desires, but Jiang Liushi turned a blind eye to her!

Yang Qingqing was about to erupt from anger. She had already planned to loot his minibus as long as she got in. If she could make the minibus hers, her chances for survival would vastly increase.

Although Yang Qingqing was a paranormal, in fact, her ability was nothing special. She just had a far extraordinary jumping ability and dexterity. If she encountered a difficult battle, not to mention mutant beasts, even ordinary zombies, she could only deal with five or six at most. Most of the time, she would escape, but her ability in escaping was really outstanding. At the same time, she was eagerly looking forward to send Jiang Liushi to his death and make him as food for zombies. In her opinion, he deserved it.

As the saying goes "dead men tell no tales". Of course after killing Jiang Liushi there was no way that she could deal with Jiang Zhuying. So she intended to steal the minibus and flee right away, then she would enjoy the minibus, and the food it carried, all by herself. Yang Qingqing's strength was limited, so it would be impossible for her to live alone all the time on the minibus. But she could join other teams.

However, Jiang Liushi had refused to let her in, which made her really angry.

"Jiang Liushi, are you an idi*t? I said it so clearly, and yet you refused? Every moment is unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen the next minute. Don't you have sexual desires? Except if you are not a man?" Yang Qingqing put her hand on the door, subconsciously pulling it. She did not know that it couldn't be opened unless Jiang Liushi wanted it. Jiang Zhuying had gotten off before, so she intended to give it a try. However, the door wouldn't budge at all.

Her actions enraged Jiang Liushi. His killing intent started surging uncontrollably. It was obvious that Yang Qingqing wanted to kill him in the minibus!

In a post-apocalyptic world, it was quite common to kill a person just for a car. The weakest survivors could kill others just for a piece of bread. A seemingly enchanting woman, actually, could be the most ruthless poisonous woman.

Jiang Liushi laughed and mocked, "Even if I wanted to indulge in desire, I would never go with a treacherous person like you. Since you want my car, use your life to exchange for it!" Jiang Liushi said, and quietly pressed the Air Cannon's button.

Yang Qingqing was shocked, her hand was frozen on the door, she reluctantly smiled and said, "Brother Jiang, you...what did you say, I don't know what you mean."

Jiang glanced at her and said, "I deliberately asked for a person to stay here with me. I knew that you would offer to stay, and you really did not let me down. I think you performed very well. Judging from your performance, I think you shouldn't be called as a woman. You are a monster dressed in human skin! You want to seduce me with beauty? Sorry, in my eyes, you are even more disgusting than zombies!"

Jiang Liushi's words were very vicious. Hearing those words, Yang Qingqing was stunned speechless, it was as if electricity had passed through her body.

Yang Qingqing was a very jealous and snobby girl. She didn't really admire Jiang Zhuying, she was just jealous of her extraordinary ability and the respect others showed her. As if that was not enough, now, she was even mocked by Jiang Liushi. Her patience had reached her limits.

"Who do you think you are? Under normal circumstances you were just a poor guy. After doomsday, your strength is inferior to a woman's. It is ridiculous that you are afraid to open the door. You are a waste! If you were not lucky, picking up a broken car, and hadn't your sister's help, you would be like the s*it on roadside. You are unaware of your own limitation. Bast*rd. You are disgusting!"

They offended each other openly, with no restraint!

Yang Qingqing knew that after Jiang Liushi had exposed her plans, it would be impossible for her to stay with the team.

As a result, she would have to leave, all alone, there's no path for retreat. She had decided to leave, so all the repressed anger, bitter feelings and dissatisfaction, which had accumulated over time, burst at once.

Yang Qingqing was not willing to leave just like that. She reached her trousers' pocket and took out a roundish black ball, it was grenade!

Although paranormals were stronger than ordinary people, in the initial stage of evolution, their ability was not as powerful as hot weapons.

Many paranormals exchanged for hot weapons, grenades were a one-time consumables with lower price, so Yang Qingqing had purchased one.

Throwing a grenade on the windshield, Yang Qingqing believed it would explode in pieces, but the only problem was how she could avoid accidentally getting injured.

There was no doubt that Jiang Liushi would certainly die, but the minibus could also receive serious damage. If the car was not damaged, she could climb from the broken windshield and drive away. It was more secure than walking.

Holding the grenade, Yang Qingqing prepared to run as fast as possible.

Yang Qingqing's unique ability had to do with flexibility, and the minibus was too large to dodge. It was impossible for him to run away.

Seeing the grenade, Jiang Liushi quietly released the Air Cannon's button. At this point, the Air Cannon had only half of its power, but it was enough to kill Yang Qingqing.


Suddenly a terrible air burst sounded, hitting the atmosphere! A visible shock wave mixed with water vapor hit Yang Qingqing, who had still not released her grenade!

The Air Cannon's speed was too fast. So Yang Qingqing had no time to react.


Yang Qingqing issued a scream, and her chest caved in, it was like it had been hit by a heavy hammer.

The Air Cannon shattered all of Yang Qingqing's ribs and her lungs ruptured! She was hit away falling on the ground just like a mass of meat.


The grenade in Yang Qingqing's hand also fell to the ground. Yang Qingqing's face was filled with blood, and her eyes were full of unwillingness, puzzlement and regret.

She could not react at all. At the same time, she was quite confused, how could a minibus issue such a terrible shock wave?