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Chapter 75: Somebody Is Coming

Chapter 75: Somebody Is Coming

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Jinling Industrial Park was one hour drive away from Jinling University, but as things had changed because of doomsday, even if they selected some more remote roads, they would still encounter lots of zombies.

About two hours later, they finally arrived at the Jinling Industrial Park. The Park's atmosphere was kind of depressing, some vehicles were parked in the middle of the road, with lots of bloodstains.

Jiang Liushi was slowly driving on the industrial park's road, searching for roadside signs, to find the way to the Special Metal Company (SMC).

"Why are there no zombies here?" Jiang Zhuying looked around and couldn't help but ask as it was eerily quiet.

The Industrial Park had plenty of enterprises and factories. Logically speaking, there should be lots of zombies wandering around, but they hadn't seen even one.

"Somebody must have been here and have attracted them, or something else must have happened." Jiang Zhuying guessed.

"We should stay vigilant, not lowering our guard in the slightest," Jiang Liushi said. Even though it was a broiling hot day, the place's emptiness gave them a chill.

"We found it!" Sun Kun drove off, lowering the window, and said, "That SMC is located in Area C, but we are currently in Area A."

"Do you know the route?" Jiang Liushi asked.


"Lead the way then," Jiang Liushi said. The freezer car and SUV drove in front and the minibus followed behind them.

"Anyway, there are no zombies." Sun Kun asked Zhang Hai, "Why does Brother Jiang want to collect these strange things?"

At first, even though Jiang Liushi was much younger than him, he called him 'Brother' out of respect for his sister. However, after Yang Qingqing's miserable death, Sun Kun felt that Jiang Liushi was strong and shouldn't underestimate him. They only knew that their mission was to help Jiang Liushi find some things. They couldn't understand why he would need to find those things; his actions were a complete mystery.

Jinling University was only one of the places they needed to go. Seeing that it was still early, Jiang Liushi proposed to rush to the SMC! Why would Jiang Liushi need metals?

"I don't know." Zhang Hai was not concerned about that kind of thing. Actually, he did not really want to think about anything. After doomsday, it was good to just live well.

Sun Kun was silent, he realized it was not their business with the usage of those things. As he couldn't ask Jiang Liushi, he stopped thinking about it.

They were moving forward and the further they got they could still not find any zombie groups around.

About ten minutes later, the team arrived at the gate of the SMC. The company's telescopic door was half-open. Looking at it, they found it was empty. There was a mess in the guard room, and there was some bloodstains in the middle of the driveway that had dried up.

"Come on, let's go."

The SMC's metals were certainly stored in the warehouse, which was easy to find. Driving around the company in a circle, they soon found a large warehouse behind the company. Seeing the size of that warehouse, Jiang Liushi was quite happy. It was such a large warehouse, and its capacity to storage metals was certainly big. That is, all he needed could be found there.

But everything was going smoothly until now. It was strange. They had guessed that because the situation was urgent, and the people that were working there had just escaped without closing the door.

Jiang Liushi drove into the warehouse, and then Zhang Hai and Sun Kun in accordance with the list, ran to find the metals needed, and then transported them to the minibus.

Those metals were distributed in the warehouse. It was quite difficult for Jiang Liushi just to find and carry them alone. But it became much easier with Zhang and Sun's help, it had greatly enhanced the efficiency of finding items.

After all, Jiang Liushi was an ordinary person. For him, driving the MCV was simple, but there were a lot of places that his MCV couldn't be useful, such as Jinling University's National Key Laboratory. As long as he got off and went into a building, Jiang Liushi's weakness was obvious. Two or three zombies could kill him.

Those zombies had fast speed as well as great strength, so they could easily tear a living person. Their only flaw was that they had no sanity.

As a matter of fact, the survivors had helped him a lot. Two mutant nucleus had been found within a day. And now they had found all the metals needed for the construction of biological laboratory, in one day.

100kg titanium, 100kg nickel, 20kg cobalt, 150kg... Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were moving those metal blocks one by one to the minibus.

Seeing the metal blocks gradually filling the minibus' floor, Jiang Liushi felt very happy. After all the materials were collected, he would immediately build the biological laboratory.

He did not know what kind of surprises the biological laboratory would bring him after being built. Anyway, he would solve one of his biggest problems.

Jiang Liushi was standing in the minibus, looking at this SMC's warehouse. That warehouse had a lot metals. Excluding some special ones, such as iridium, most of metals could be found in that warehouse.

Jiang Liushi had marked it on the map. Whenever he needed metals in the future, that warehouse would be the first place he'd go to.

While Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were still moving those metals, a bursting sound came from outside.

"Somebody is coming." Jiang Zhuying immediately turned to look at the door with a vigilant look.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun immediately put down a metal block and headed to the door; the sudden sound had made them nervous.

"Woom-" a sharp friction sound came. Jiang Liushi and Zhang Hai saw a Hummer, which had also been refitted, rushing to the door, and then stopped.