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Chapter 77: Devouring Ability

Chapter 77: Devouring Ability

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Jiang Zhuying, you should think about it carefully," Blood Wolf said. It was obvious that he didn’t intend to let Jiang Zhuying go.

Blood Wolf intentions were in no way good, everyone could guess it. Actually, Blood Wolf's goal, was neither 10 tons of mutant meat, nor Jiang Zhuying joining. In fact, he would like to obtain Jiang Zhuying's ability!

Blood Wolf had secretly been observing Jiang Zhuying for a long time. Even if Jiang Zhuying hadn’t broken into their base, he had been planning to look for a chance and attack Jiang Zhuying.

Blood Wolf's ability was able to devour the cells of any paranormal. It was like making himself being infected with a new virus. Different cells could exist in his body, in two forms. But if it exceeded two abilities, then his body would collapse.

The old Blood Wolf had been attacked and devoured by him, and then he became the new Blood Wolf. After that, he had been looking for his next target, and finally he chose Jiang Zhuying’s ability. Jiang Zhuying’s cells had changed into electric cells. It was excellent!

Just seeing Jiang Zhuying releasing electricity, made Blood Wolf really excited and impatient. That was the ability he had been looking for! If he could obtain it, coupled with the previous Blood Wolf’s ability, he would be able to enter a new realm.

[As long as we catch Jiang Zhuying alive, her ability will be mine!]

Hearing Blood Wolf’s words, Jiang Zhuying was angry. If that could be tolerated, what couldn’t? Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had ugly faces.

At that moment, Blood Wolf’s team members began preparing. It seemed that they were crazy to fight. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were really sweaty from the predicament they were in. They were too weak to fight. If they really fought against them, they may not be able to survive.

Jiang Zhuying clenched her longsword. Actually, fighting with Blood Wolf was almost as dangerous as fighting with a mutant beast. But in any case, she could not join them, there would be only one outcome, her death!

"Jiang Zhuying, you should really reconsider. Joining us is indeed a great opportunity for you. There are way too many people in your team dragging you down. That guy for an example, he is just an ordinary person…" Blood Wolf said.

When he spoke, he found out that Jiang Liushi had entered his car. But he didn’t pay any heed in that action, because he was just an ordinary person.

Other members in Blood Wolf’s team also began laughing. That guy who once humiliated Jiang Zhuying said, "Look! The men of the team that have as a woman a leader are all like b*tches. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…"

His laughter soon disappeared, although he still had a mocking smile on his face. They saw Jiang Liushi suddenly rushing toward them with his minibus.

"Oh, the ordinary guy must be really angry from embarrassment…" That member didn’t intend to move away. That woman loaded her gun and aimed at Jiang Liushi, her pupil shrank as she was concentrating in aiming. She was like a deadly snake locking on Jiang Liushi. Suddenly, Blood Wolf got a really creepy feeling. He quickly glanced at the minibus, and found there was a black hole in the minibus’ front.

That creepy feeling came from the black hole. Although he did not know what the black hole would do, Blood Wolf instinctively felt that some really bad was going to happen. If a paranormal’s power reached a certain level, their instincts would be enhanced, they could even feel danger.

Blood Wolf was originally indifferent to the rushing minibus, but he immediately shouted, "Run away!"

At the same time, Blood Wolf’s whole body started bulging. All of a sudden, he changed from an plain young person into a wolf. His speed was extremely fast, even his eyes had become red.

That woman quickly ran back, the same response had the other team members too and started running. Although they reacted quickly, their speed was their Achilles’ heel.

"Woooom!" Most of them had run into the motorcycles’ direction, trying to escape.

But at that time...


Suddenly a loud thundering noise appeared out of nowhere, and everyone felt their ears going numb, they could not hear any sound. In front of them, an air wave was heading towards them.


That team member seeing the air wave coming, felt being hit away together with the motorcycle he was riding. He was in a miserable state, the pain spread all over his body, he could even see his own blood spraying all over.

[This is… my own blood?]

"Bang!" The member heavily fell to the ground just like a rag sack, rolling several laps. Finally, he was like a goldfish that had been thrown out of the water, his whole body was convulsing, blood poured out from his mouth, and his eyes wide open.

He saw several people lying around him, everyone covered with blood. Unfortunately, Blood Wolf, that woman as well as some other members had retreated near the door. He was opening his mouth, trying to call for help, but it was too late. There were some mixed visceral fragments in his mouth, he could not utter a single word.

[The Air Cannon has been successfully been deployed, and the MCV is accelerating…]

Inside the minibus, Jiang Liushi had an emotionless expression, turning the steering wheel he mercilessly pressed the throttle and rushed toward the door.

"F*ck! What was that bloody thing?" Blood Wolf and others had yet to recover from the Cannon’s loud noise, but they saw the minibus rush out again. That scene had left them frightened. Seeing the minibus rushing over again, they suddenly felt a tingling sensation in their scalp.

They had no time to drive their off-road vehicles and Hummer, so they quickly retreated to the door.


With a sharp friction sound, the minibus rushed to the Hummer and parked next to it.

Jiang Liushi sitting in the driver's seat was coldly staring outside through the windshield.

Blood Wolf and his members had moved far away. They had been shocked by the Air Cannon’s devastating attack. But they didn’t know it needed 10 seconds to charge and some time to cool down. Otherwise, they would not have escape so quickly.

Unfortunately, Blood Wolf had not be killed, he could find any danger in advance. So he had enough time to escape.

Actually, those people had regarded Jiang Liushi as an ordinary person, and paid no attention to his ragged minibus. As a result, it gave Jiang Liushi a good chance to attack them, he caught them unprepared.

Blood Wolf and his members had no choice but to reap the fruits of their own actions.