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Chapter 81: Do You Have a Gun?

Chapter 81: Do You Have a Gun?

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"Brother, what's wrong with you? Please open the door." Jiang Zhuying was still worried. Because she believed that what had happened was not perfectly logical and reasonable.

Jiang Liushi opened the door, and Jiang Zhuying jumped on immediately.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi subconsciously concentrated, and he found that he could observe every subtle action of Jiang Zhuying, including the fluttering of her clothes. Her action was indeed very fast, but in Jiang Liushi's view, her action was slowed down 3.5 times.

After the evolution of his brain field, Jiang Liushi could accurately estimate the slowdown of speed. If the enemy got on, Jiang Liushi had enough time to react, such as taking guns. However, when he subconsciously wanted to do something, he found that the speed of Jiang Zhuying as well as his own speed were all slower. That is, his nerve reaction speed was fast, but his muscles could not keep up with the nerve speed.

If let Jiang Liushi run 100 meters, he would run a couple of seconds faster than before just because his coordination brain field of was better, but it was still impossible for him to run ten seconds faster than before, which was at the level of top athletes.

Nothing was given without a disadvantage in it. The first gene evolutionary liquid created by the biological laboratory could only evolve one ability. If he had chosen the agility's evolution, then his speed would be extremely fast, but his reaction could not keep up. Frankly speaking, it would be the same situation as "Brother Yu".

[My brain has evolved, but my muscles cannot keep up with the speed of the nerves. Although I can see the punch of an opponent, my body is slow. So I have no choice but watch the punch hitting me.] Jiang Liushi's brain was running quickly and he estimated his own strength.

Jiang Liushi was clear about all his fatal weaknesses. As a result, Jiang Liushi decided not to concentrate anymore. In that way, Jiang Zhuying's speed became normal again to his eyes.

Although the evolution of his brain field had finished, if he didn't deliberately use his new ability, that scene in fact had no difference compared to the previous ones.

"Zhuying, I'm fine."

Jiang Liushi didn't know how to explain about the biological laboratory to his sister. The biological laboratory was of great importance, especially in the era they were currently living. If the secret was known by the military, things could go sideways.

As a result, Jiang Liushi intended not to tell anyone about this matter, which was also good for Jiang Zhuying.

"Great." Jiang Zhuying nodded, but she did not get off because she was still worried about Jiang Liushi. At this time, Jiang Liushi had turned his attention to his hands. Generally, people's hands are the most dexterous organs.

Painters with their hands draw excellent painting works; Engravers with their hands carved vivid statues and micro-carving; Game players with hands completed effective operations; Pianists played wonderful music with their hands…

People's hands had a huge potential for improvement. After evolution, Jiang Liushi's biggest advantages lied in "accuracy" and "cleverness"!

At present, giving Jiang Liushi a piece of paper, he could draw a perfect round circle; Giving him a game, he could learn it at the fastest speed, and quickly catch up with professional players; Giving him a car, he could even drift it, and catch up with professional racing drivers!

Those operations did not need too fast speed, but they needed reaction and accuracy!

"Zhuying, do you have a gun? An Automatic Rifle if possible!"

Jiang Zhuying was shocked for a moment, "Ah, we not only have an Automatic Rifle, but also a light machine gun."

"Wonderful! I just need the Automatic Rifle!" Jiang Liushi said firmly.

"Brother, do you know how to shoot?" Jiang Zhuying thought Jiang Liushi was going to fight against Blood Wolf.

"I'd like to have a try. It should not be hard," Jiang Liushi casually said.

Hua Xia was a country that had tight gun-control laws. However, after doomsday, a large number of people had changed into zombies, so the rest of the survivors began collecting weapons.

Ordinary people came in contact with weapons, but it was really hard for most of them. Frankly speaking, they needed to overcome their nervousness.

The first time, when Zhang Hai and Sun Kun tried using a gun, it was a complete a waste of bullets. Their results were so miserable that one could not bear watching.

Jiang Zhuying looked at her brother in surprise, but she did not ask, and directly shouted, "Zhang Hai, please bring that Automatic Rifle to me!"

"What?" Zhang Hai was stunned for a moment. There were only two great powerful hot weapons in their team. A light machine gun carried by Sun Kun. Zhang Hai had taken the Automatic Rifle, but he seldom used it. Zhang Hai relied on the Automatic Rifle to fight against Blood Wolf. Although he was reluctant, he gave it to Jiang Liushi.

It was a Type 81 Automatic Rifle, which was based and improved from the Russian AK47. As a result, it was more accurate than the AK47, although the maintenance aspects were less than the AK47. Actually, what Jiang Liushi was mostly concerned about was the accuracy. An Automatic Rifle was totally different from a pistol. Even the famous desert eagle was completely inferior to the Type 81 Automatic Rifle.

In 1994, a soldier whose surname was Tian in Yanjing, using a Type 81 Automatic Rifle and six rounds of magazines, he fought against dozens of armed police and police teams by himself. With his own skills and the powerful fire suppression of Type 81 Automatic Rifle, he let dozens of civilian police have no chance to lift their heads. At that time, a police surnamed Cao with a helmet, headed to Tian soldier's location, but at that moment, he was killed with a single shot. So the precision and power of the Type 81 Automatic Rifle were unparalleled.