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Chapter 85: He Was Observant and Alert

Chapter 85: He Was Observant and Alert

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
[F*cking guys. Could the minibus finish drifting?]

They, driving off-road vehicles, were afraid to try and drift, because the center of gravity was too high, which made it easily to roll.

Was this a rugged minibus? It was simply a combination of tanks and sports car!

Jiang Liushi made a sudden turn. He opened the left window enough for a small seam to pass through, putting the barrel of the Type 81 Automatic Rifle in that gap.

He would like to let his muzzle aim at all the Blood Wolf’s members!

After the evolution of his brain, regardless of the shift, brake, throttle, clutch, all the actions of Jiang Liushi were like floating clouds and flowing water-natural and smooth. He had reached the level of a professional racer!

In addition, Jiang Liushi had the help from the Starseed. The minibus had almost become a part of him, adding all the functions of the minibus, let alone drifting like he was a fish in the water, he could finish some more difficult actions.

The minibus accelerated but Jiang Liushi’s whole body was still hiding behind the glass. Even if a bullet just flew in, it wouldn’t hit Jiang Liushi.

They drove extremely fast. All the off-road vehicles of Blood Wolf’s team started up. When they staggered, the picture instantly froze; to Jiang Liushi it was like looking at a frame.

A man, more than 30 years old, looked ferocious. When his face occurred before Jiang Liushi’s eyes, Jiang could even see the oil on his forehead. He was driving with one hand, and buckling the trigger with the other hand!

Jiang Liushi only shot a bullet, making the automatic rifle completely seem like it was a semi-automatic rifle.

However, the bullet had passed through the ten meters of vanity, was shot off the off-road vehicles on the glass.


The whole window instantly burst into countless pieces, and the bullet just went through the glass, directly moving into the guy’s forehead! The guy was killed immediately. The power of the Type 81 Automatic Rifle was extremely terrible!

The guy in that off-road vehicles died on the spot, so that car was out of control, rushing into the concrete wall.

At such a speed, a car crash could hardly be avoided. The gunmen on the car directly jumped out!

But when he had just jumped, Jiang Liushi saw the opportunity, turning the steering wheel slightly, and then he buckled the trigger taking another shot!


Still one bullet. That bloody member was also jumping in the air. But the bullet had shot across his left chest!

His heart and lung were completely broken. And the member like a dead dog fell to ground.

Generally speaking, the Type 81 Automatic Rifle was powerful enough. And human beings would be finished off with just one blow from it.

The scene let all the other members stand aghast and dare not move anymore. Jiang Liushi had a consummate skill, which made him surpass the level of an ordinary human.

When Blood Wolf saw that scene, his whole face changed. He had felt that Jiang Liushi was just an ordinary person, and Jiang Zhuying was the biggest threat, but he could never have imagined that Jiang Liushi would be so formidable!

Was he part of a branch from the special-forces?

"Blood Wolf, boss, what should we do next?"

In fact, Blood Wolf was in panic. In his mind, Jiang Liushi was terrible.

For the minibus, neither swords nor spears could penetrate it. Jiang Liushi was hiding in the minibus. As a result, Blood Wolf and so on had no choice but be hit!

Blood Wolf said, "Regardless of Jiang Zhuying, start throwing grenades, bomb the goddamn minibus!"

Blood Wolf originally had set his sight on Jiang Zhuying’s special ability, but now their losses were too much. Actually, the losses outweighed the gain.

"Grenades? Okay!"

All the members would like to pay off old scores. Even if the minibus was bulletproof, it could do nothing against grenades!

If those power grenades exploded, let alone bulletproof glass, the whole minibus would be overturned!

"Come on! Kill them!" Blood Wolf roared.

Several members suddenly rushed out. Some of them taking off-road vehicles as the bunker, and others hid themselves first waiting for the minibus to come their way and then throw a grenade.

A member with a triangular eye quickly climbed on a large truck container, hiding behind it and watching the direction of the minibus.

[The little rabbit is coming, I will kill you today!]

The man with the triangle eyes took out three grenades from his pocket. The three grenades were tied together, and the pull rings were also tied together. Actually, it was a self-made grenade. When the three grenades exploded, their destructive power could be imagined.

His eyes were hideous and full with resentment, [The enemy is coming!]

His body was almost totally shrunk in the back of the container, which ensured his safety. After all, Jiang Liushi’s energy could not be underestimated.

The location the man with the triangular eyes had found was indeed good. He held a trump card. Seeing the minibus coming, he suddenly dropped the grenades’ pull ring and threw them directly!

It would be really difficult to find the man with the triangular eyes for any ordinary people. However, after the evolution of his brain, Jiang Liushi’s observation was really too sick. He was observant and alert.

Although he looking in front of him, he had taken notice of a little shadow flying towards them. Jiang Liushi instantly saw what it was! Three grenades were tied together!

He was sure that this grenade would hit him on the left side of the driving position. This frenzied explosion would produce a terrorist shockwave, and the shockwave would be pervasive. Once it ran through his minibus, he would be seriously injured or even die!

Jiang Liushi looked calm, and the scene of that grenade suddenly became static, just as a slow motion scene in a film.

"Da da da!"

Jiang Liushi buckled the trigger, shooting a few bullets, aiming at the grenade!


The grenade suddenly flew away and exploded in the air. The man with the triangular eyes suddenly saw the fire burst. He was stunned.

Om -

There was a shining in front of the man with the triangular eyes. He was immersed in blood!

[What's going on here…]

His didn’t even have the time to realize that he had been shot, and the whole person flew away like straw from the container. He died with everlasting regret. That scene was witnessed by Blood Wolf. Seeing the fire at first glance, Blood Wolf was blinded.

All the things were beyond logic and above reason...