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Chapter 86: Retreat!

Chapter 86: Retreat!

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Boss, what do we do now?"

Blood Wolf’s members were in panic. Frankly speaking, the team’s firepower was invincible. There was no one around that could be compared with them.

But now, Jiang Liushi, an ‘ordinary’ person, just relied on a minibus and an automatic rifle to obliterate them. He left no place for them to even hide.

"Boss, you must help us to get rid of him. We cannot keep going like this for much longer!" Another member shouted. Blood Wolf was frowning. Although he had two different special abilities, his abilities mainly focused on close combat quarters. Whenever he got in a close combat quarters fight, he would sweep the floor with his opponents, nothing could stand in his way.

However, even imagining fighting against a ‘tank’, the minibus, which was steadily accelerating, reaching more than 100km/h, gave him goosebumps. He was powerful, but he had no way to overpower the minibus. Actually, compared to Jiang Liushi and his minibus, Blood Wolf was inferior.

"Attack the right side! His gun can only shoot from the left, as long as we attack on the right side of the car, he cannot fight back!" That was an irrefutable fact.

"The right side?"

"Brothers! Come on!"

Blood Wolf’s members had suddenly woken up, so they jumped one by one on the Hummer, Land Rover SUV, stepping on the throttle rushing toward the right side of the minibus.

The industrial park before doomsday was never in lack of good cars, so Blood Wolf’s team always picked the best ones.

Four SUVs were like wolves pursuing a bison from its right side; viciously approaching.

Simultaneously, countless bullets from automatic rifles were pouring down like rain on the window of minibus!

"Pa-Paaaa-!" A lot of spider web-like broken lines appeared on the bulletproof glass of the minibus.

"Kill those f*cking guys!" Two members on two SUVs headed on, just because they were away from Jiang’s muzzle, otherwise, they would not even dare to meet it head on. In their eyes Jiang Liushi was too horrifying; he was a God of Death.

They approached armed with a hand rifle and grenades. With their teeth biting off the grenade pull rings, they aimed at the right side of the minibus, and they were about to throw grenades!

But just then -

‘Creak!’ The door of the minibus was opened. A pretty figure was standing near the door! It was Jiang Zhuying!

Jiang Zhuying was wearing a body armor, and her left hand was holding a one-meter-high heavy bulletproof shield. A pair of beautiful eyes were hiding behind the bulletproof shield.

Blood Wolf’s members only saw her mouth curling up, just like a little devil.

"Crackling! Pii—pa--" Blue currents started dancing in the air, it was like a purple snake was constantly moving, which then hit the two members riding their respective SUVs.

‘Zii-Zi-!’ The current shot far, so its power was not strong. Charring their bodies was impossible, but benumbing their bodies was enough!


The grenades without the pulling girdle fell down from the skylights. The drivers heard the "Pata" sound and looked back quickly, just seeing the round grenades bounce on the leather sofa...

"Oh my God! F*ck!" The two drivers were frightened out of their wits, but as they were in the SUV, they could not do anything.

"H-hong!" The grenades almost simultaneously exploded in the SUVs. The drivers were directly blown up in countless pieces, while some had caught on fire!

Before one could say Jack Robinson, four members from Blood Wolf’s team were killed. Adding the members that had been killed before, the team had lost nearly half of its members!

What’s worse, the weapons’ bullet consumption was monstrous and a lot of casualties had occurred in the spar of a few minutes. As a result, Blood Wolf’s rage had sipped to his bones.

"Da da da!" Light machine gun fire sounds came. A member from Blood Wolf’s team had been caught off guard and was directly killed.

And then-

‘Boom!!’ Two grenades overturned a SUV!

Blood Wolf looked around and his eyes stopped on the warehouse. He was certain that the grenade attack had come from there. Except Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi, in the warehouse, earlier, there were two other survivors.

Although they had limited strength, they made their appearance in a crucial moment, undoubtedly they would make things worse.

"Boss, should we retreat?" An underling trembling said; they intended to escape.

Although all the Blood Wolf’s members were desperados, they were still afraid of death.

They had formed the team because of the benefits. It would be ridiculous to think that they would stay loyal to their organization if they were faced with a grim situation like that. Originally, they believed that attacking Jiang Zhuying and her team would be a relaxed annexation war. Killing them and then getting weapons and materials, why not? That was the general idea.

But now, they were frightened to their core. What benefits? Half of their comrades had been killed. How could they have the will to keep fighting?

No one would be as dumb and take the initiative to attack the minibus. After all, bullets could not break the bulletproof glass, and throwing a grenade was extremely dangerous. Regardless of left or right, waiting for them was the God of Death!

"Retreat!" Blood Wolf had an impulse to kill the guys.

Since the start of doomsday, he was enjoying rising in power, especially after he killing the former boss. He felt that his life had finally some real meaning and it had reached to the extreme.

He had the absolute power to control others life and death; he believed that after becoming stronger, in the future, he may even create an empire belonging to him!

He would like to tear Jiang to shreds. But he also realized that the most sensible choice for him was to retreat. Otherwise, all his hopes and dreams would be destroyed.

"Withdraw!" Blood Wolf roared loudly.

All the members had heard, in fact, now, they only had nine people!

Hearing Blood Wolf’s roaring command, Jiang Liushi’s smile curled up, "Withdraw? You should ask me first!"