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Chapter 87: Blood Wolf’s Extraordinary Ability

Chapter 87: Blood Wolf’s Extraordinary Ability

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The gate of the Special Metal factory was also blocked by several large trucks. Since they had decided to retreat, they had to take large trucks away.

A few members, throwing away their SUVs, rushed to the door of those trucks.

There were three large trucks, which were used to transport steel. 40 tons Dongfeng Tianlong followed by 13 meters long semi-trailers and twenty-two truck tires, looking like a monster.

Before a member could jump on the heavy truck's cab, he was pulled away by Blood Wolf.

"I'll drive!" Blood Wolf sat on the driving seat and ignited the car's engine!

In front of such a heavy truck, the minibus was like a tiny fly. What would happen if the truck collided with the minibus? Even if the minibus was bulletproof, after being hit by such a heavy truck, it would definitely be crushed to the ground!

Just... in front of the minibus was a heavy gun!

The power of that secret weapon had been experienced by Blood Wolf. Even if the heavy truck could withstand the weapon's power, the windshield was doomed to be broken! As a result Blood Wolf, as the driver, would be crushed too!

So Blood Wolf decided to rush from the right side of the minibus, he believed it could be destroyed after two direct hits!

The team had already suffered heavy losses, and Blood Wolf was mentally and physically exhausted. He intended to retreat, but now thinking about it, he changed his mind!

[I'll kill that man! Even if Jiang Zhuying suffers from the impact, even if she has only one breath left, I can devour her ability!]

Jiang Zhuying's special ability was coveted by Blood Wolf. Blood Wolf only had physical abilities in his arsenal, if coupled with Jiang Zhuying's ability, he could become a perfect paranormal.

Blood Wolf launched the heavy truck. The trailer of the truck was 13 meters long, and the car was loaded, so the impact force of it could knock down the concrete wall!

However, after he started driving, he suddenly heard the "Da da da" sound coming. Blood Wolf was shocked and he immediately put his body below the steering wheel to ensure that the bullet could not hit him.

The heavy truck's windshield did not break, which was reasonable, because the heavy truck's cab was not facing the minibus. But even so, an ominous feeling appeared on Blood Wolf's heart. He felt an extremely dangerous thing would happen and end his life!

This is…

Blood Wolf suddenly looked to the right side from the rearview mirror. He found that the fuel tank with hundreds of liters of gasoline was leaking out!

Jiang Liushi had shot the heavy truck's fuel tank!

The fuel tank of his minibus was bulletproof, but the truck didn't have that ability. The fuel tank was difficult to explode because the air inside it was less. But once the gasoline leaked, the bullets could create metal sparks, which were likely to create an explosion. That was a large fuel tank with hundreds of liters capacity. Once it exploded, the result would be extremely terrible.

"Terrible!" Blood Wolf felt a great crisis. He roared loudly. The shirt on his upper body was directly burst up by his muscle!

Large hard red hair instantly appeared from his skin like mushrooms after rain. His eyes began to turn green, and his teeth began to drill from the gums, forming long fangs. He turned into a red hair werewolf!

Although he was still a person, he had the features of a wolf. That was his extraordinary talent!

In fact, it was accurate to say that it was the former Blood Wolf's extraordinary talent. The name of the team was rooted in their boss's ability. And later, the second Blood Wolf killed and swallowed their boss and replaced him!

At present, Blood Wolf had completed a transfiguration! When he was in his transfiguration, a row of bullets, even mixed with Jiang Zhuying's blue current, were coming!

Those bullets swept the truck's fuel tank. It caught fire on the spot. Then the entire fuel tank was burning-

Boom! An explosion came. The truck's passenger seat was swallowed by a sea of fire. The poor member screamed with his body changing into a burning man!

At that moment, Blood Wolf issued a howling, and he jumped directly from the driver's seat, hitting the two-meter-wide windshield. And the windshield was crashed directly by Blood Wolf!


The entire cab was changed into a sea of flames, but Blood Wolf jumped out from the flames with the red hair on his back burned curly!

"You motherf*ckers, I will kill you!!"

After the transfiguration, Blood Wolf had become irritable, and even irrational. He rushed toward the minibus directly!

"Uh? It's ..."

Seeing a red hair werewolf rushing to his car, Jiang Liushi was surprised at first. He could see clearly that this red hairworm was rushing from the heavy truck's driver seat.

"Blood Wolf? His ability was to turn into a werewolf?" Jiang Liushi was just slightly surprised. The world was interesting!

Apparently, it was a more advanced ability. For general paranormals, such as "Brother Yu", Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, they just had a common and simple ability. It was like a small sorcerer in the presence of a great warlock—just comparing them was like comparing an ant to an elephant.

Werewolves had extraordinary power, speed, terrible explosive, physical resistance to weapons, as well as the upper limbs had claws which could tear apart anything!

It was an extraordinary ability mixed with various advantages! If they met him head-on, in close combat, encountering such an opponent was definitely a nightmare! Even in a gunfight, his extremely fast speed was still excellent!

However, Jiang Liushi didn't need to worry about all those things. Because Jiang Liushi had a powerful MCV.

Jiang Liushi stepped his throttle in the end, and rushed toward Blood Wolf with his MCV roaring!