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Chapter 88: Blood Wolf’s Counterattack

Chapter 88: Blood Wolf’s Counterattack

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Blood Wolf had an extraordinary speed as well as the body of a werewolf. His arms stretched with his fingers changed into claws, and he was running fast on the ground! Although the speed of Blood Wolf was amazing, it was impossible for him to dodge bullets. Compared to the speed of supersonic bullets, it was much slower. However, he could dodge a muzzle pointed at him.

Observing the muzzle with his eyes, he could avoid getting hit, Blood Wolf in close combat, with his claws and teeth could tear his enemy into pieces!

After the transfiguration, Blood Wolf became very cruel, and even his brain was affected. People who were killed by him almost could not be found with an intact piece of meat!

Jiang Liushi held the steering wheel by one hand, and automatic rifle with the other. He believed that even if he had turned into a werewolf, he was still made from flesh and blood, as long as a shot could land on him, he would die!

However, Blood Wolf was in high alert. He didn’t give Jiang Liushi any opportunity to shoot. At the same time, Blood Wolf wouldn’t appear in front of the ‘Air Cannon’ because he always retained an artful angle.

"I can’t hit him!" Jiang Liushi stepped on the throttle, rushing toward Blood Wolf, but he jumped high directly crossing the minibus.


The friction sound between Blood Wolf’s claws and metal was coming from the top of the minibus. He was running on the minibus’ roof!

The relative speed was more than 150 kilometers, so he could not stop at the top of the minibus. And the roof was made of steel, which was stronger than his claws.


Because the relative speed was too fast, Blood Wolf fell off the roof, rolling from the top of the minibus.


He dropped on the ground, but he was not hurt at all. At that moment, he tried his best to jump into the sky!

Similarly, the minibus had rushed out more than 100 meters. It was extremely fast! Jiang Liushi turned his steering wheel urgently, making an exaggerated large angle drift by two consecutive ninety degrees’ turn. Actually, the tail of the minibus was like a whip!

Completing such a big turn at such a high-speed, the pressure on the tires was simply unimaginable. Generally, the bus should have been overturned, but the minibus had abruptly completed it!

Seeing the tire-print on the concrete ground, Blood Wolf’s members’ hearts were trembling. The scene was difficult to understand and to believe. By now, Blood Wolf’s members had regarded Jiang Liushi as a special soldier. In the narrow plant, he could drive more than 100 kilometers per minute. A professional racing driver may not be able to do that!

All the members were waiting far away. They were waiting for the outcome of the battle! If the situation was not good, they would run away immediately. However, if their boss won, they would come back to divide the spoils of war.

But… Blood Wolf wanted to kill Jiang. Actually, it was a fantastic idea.

His claws, canine teeth as well as his power were just a joke in front of the minibus. "You are a crunchy turtle, you always hide in the car! Do you have the ability to fight with me?" Blood Wolf roared. His roar was very scary with penetrating power, just like a really wolf!

Jiang Liushi heard that clearly, "Ha! He became a wolf and his IQ is the same, or even lower. Did he want to pull my IQ to the same level as his? Dream on!" Jiang Liushi responded with a sneer and continued moving toward him!

In fact, the two sides were well-matched!

"Do you want me to open the door?" Jiang Zhuying suddenly asked. Her left hand was holding the defensive shield exchanged from the military, and her right hand was holding her longsword!

"Are you sure? Grasp all, lose all."

Jiang Liushi looked very dignified because Jiang Zhuying’s current could not pass through the bulletproof glass. If she wanted to attack, they had to open the door.

"I'm not afraid of him, but I'm afraid that he would rush on our minibus and attack you!" After all, Blood Wolf’s speed was unimaginable. He could abruptly rush from the door! Jiang Zhuying had confidence in her own strength, but she was worried about her brother.

Jiang Liushi slightly pondered because it would be a gamble. But he was not in a hurry at that moment because Blood Wolf’s endurance was limited.

On the other hand, his minibus had eight tons of gasoline as well as a modified fuel tank of ten cubic meters! At the same time, instantaneous acceleration, emergency cornering and the ‘Air Cannon", all could be used arbitrarily!

He intended to delay. That was, Jiang Liushi would like to deplete the enemy’s forces until he could not run any more. If Blood Wolf would like to escape, he would chase after him.

"Do not open the door!" Jiang said. A war of attrition was the most effective and most secure way!

But at that moment-

"Boom!!" With a burst of sound, the minibus suddenly startled. And its rear had jumped up. A strong flame along the side of the minibus, had reached to the front windshield!

"Grenade!?" Jiang Liushi was shocked.

Usually when Blood Wolf turned into a werewolf his beastly instincts took over. He would use his claws and teeth to kill the enemy. He had never tried using modern weapons.

But now, he had no other way to confront them, so he used a grenade attack!

But the explosion created from the grenade did not overturn the minibus.

However, Starseed transmitted, "No. 3 tire was damaged, 30%!"

"Uh?" Jiang Liushi’s heart was bleeding, [My tires!]

Naturally, they were explosion-proof tires. There was a large number of small balloons inside. But once the grenade exploded, which would produce high temperature air waves and flames, it would strike a deadly blow.