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Chapter 89: Nowhere to Go

Chapter 89: Nowhere to Go

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"What’s the situation with the car?" Jiang Zhuying anxiously asked. She did not know all of the minibus’ defensive mechanisms. But in her view, even if the minibus was bulletproof, it could not withstand the grenade.

"The situation is not very good!"

Jiang Liushi immediately withdrew the automatic rifle. Since Blood Wolf would not give him any chance to shoot, he would concentrate on driving.

"Well...the control of the car is not as good as it was."

Tire No.3 was the right rear tire, which was farthest from Jiang Liushi.

After the explosion, the minibus still could move. Some people seem to always be lucky, and Blood Wolf apparently had noticed that. He saw that a wheel from the minibus was damaged.

"This wheel is toast, I want to see you how you’ll keep driving!" Blood Wolf was grinning. He was at the end of his rope. However, this would be a turn for the better.

He stared at the No.3 tire. This would be his target!

"Da da da!" Automatic rifle’s sound came. Seeing from the rearview mirror, Jiang Liushi found that Blood Wolf was using an automatic rifle to shoot the No.3 tire!

When the minibus was driving fast, it was not easy to shoot the tires. But the distance separating Blood Wolf and them was not big, because he depended on his werewolf speed; it was possible for him to catch up with the minibus.

"No.3 tire was damaged, 40%!"Starseed transmitted again.

Its bullet-proof performance immediately cut down, so Jiang Liushi felt the minibus was difficult to control!

When the tire was completely destroyed, the minibus would break down.

"Where did he get that gun?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"That leather jacket woman, she threw it to Blood Wolf even the grenade was provided by her!"

The number of weapons carried on him was limited. She threw out the grenades, guns accurately, so that Blood Wolf had just received them.

In this way, it could ensure that the number of hot arms carried by him was enough without affecting his speed!

"Boss!" The woman in the leather jacket was throwing another grenade as well as a loaded magazine.

Blood Wolf caught grenades and magazine on the spot by a roll, and then he ran while changing the magazine!

"Da da da!"

The automatic rifle was used again. Blood Wolf didn’t give Jiang Liushi any opportunity.

"Boom!" Blood Wolf threw out a grenade. But this time, there was something wrong.

"Alert, No.3 tire was damaged, 60%!"

It had been sixty percent, so Starseed issued a warning. Jiang Liushi certainly could not await for his doom anymore.

[Blood Wolf's bullets have been used up!], While he was driving, Jiang Liushi counted the number of bullets. He only had thirty bullets!

Such a dense gunfire, that is, only Jiang Liushi could count the number of bullets.

At the moment he used up his bullets, Jiang Liushi immediately turned the steering wheel, making a sharp turn, rushing to the woman with the leather jacket!

He would like to kill that woman first!

That time, the woman had just prepared a new magazine to throw.

But looking at the minibus rushing, she looked scared.

"Open the door, and kill this woman!" Jiang Liushi shouted! Jiang Zhuying also understood. When the door was opened, she was holding her sword, and impaled it to that woman.


The minibus severely hit her hiding bunker. So all kinds of sandbags, iron barrels were directly knocked over. However, the woman in leather jacket screamed, and she suddenly jumped backwards with her body twisted three hundred sixty degrees in the air. She had successfully escaped the hit!

But Jiang Zhuying was excellent; it was too late for the woman to fight.

The woman crossed her hands before her chest. Above her elbow, her flesh cracked, and a crystal clear white blade stretched out. It was a bone knife!

The woman's special ability was to strengthen her bones. Her bones’ strength was four or five times stronger than the average person. In addition, her arm's bones could be extended out to one-meter long bone knives.

This was the woman's weapon!

"Claaaang!" The collision issued a harsh roar.

Jiang Zhuying’s attack was as a storm. That woman could block the blade, but she could not stop the current.


The current as a snake drilled into the woman’s body, so she was paralyzed!

If she was an ordinary person, this kind of current would kill her.

The woman's movements, all of a sudden, became slow she had a frightened look on her face.

Jiang Zhuying was running forward, but when she was about to attack again, she felt an imminent danger!

"Be careful!" Jiang Liushi shouted!

Jiang Zhuying suddenly bent over!


A dark shadow was wiping against Jiang Zhuying’s hair, directly hitting on an iron bucket.


The Iron barrel was abruptly hit, creating a small pit like it was hit by a huge bomb!

Jiang Zhuying took a closer look, and found that shadow was an empty magazine!

Blood Wolf threw out the empty magazine with his powerful force! It was terrible!

Jiang Zhuying escaped the magazine, but she did turned back to see Blood Wolf. Instead, she waved her longsword, and then a silver-white current suddenly was shot.


At that time, the woman in leather clothing had just recovered a little, so she quickly dodged.

Jiang Liushi didn’t give her any chance to escape. He instantly used his ability of extreme concentration, so the woman's actions suddenly became slow in his eyes.

"Right!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Jiang Zhuying’s longsword immediately made a right cut, and the current in the air formed a line.

That current hurt the woman's skin, and all her hair flew up. But Jiang Liushi’s shouting had scared her!

But her action had not yet been completed, Jiang Liushi had made a judge through her subtle action.

It was too late to think, so the woman immediately jumped toward the other side. Otherwise, she would take the initiative to jump under Jiang Zhuying’s longsword.

But as she jumped her pupils suddenly shrank! Jiang Liushi’s muzzle was aiming at her!

The cooperation between the brother and his sister was perfect! She had escaped from Jiang Zhuying’s longsword, but she had no way to escape from Jiang Liushi’s gun.

A sharp pain rushed through her body, she looked at her chest that had burst open, gushing out a large number of blood flowers.

"Ah!" Seeing the woman being thrown just like a blood bag, Blood Wolf roared.