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Chapter 90: Blind spot

Chapter 90: Blind spot

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying cooperated with each other perfectly, so his attempt to rescue her didn’t play the slightest role, and the woman was instantly killed.

As a result, Blood Wolf had suddenly lost his aid; he didn’t have bullets anymore.

And those who were still hesitant to escape, seeing the scene of the woman being killed, would like to run away at once.

"Run away!"

"Come on, we can go with another team!"

Just as an old saying goes, "No benefit, no getting up early." Those survivors even though they were crazy, they were not stupid.

But when they just started running, another gunfire sounded, while a grenade was thrown over.

Even though Sun Kun and Zhang Hai could play a small role, considering their abilities, but those shrimp soldiers and crab generals could be dealt with by them easily. Hearing the gunfire, those guys desperately ran to the door like living targets.

Seeing how the situation was developing, Sun Kun and Zhang Hai would not be soft on their enemies.

Jiang Liushi was standing near the door, suddenly turning the muzzle to the other side.

Blood Wolf had been completely crazy and his hatred for Jiang Liushi had surpassed the desire for Jiang Zhuying’s ability.

In order to kill that woman, Jiang Liushi had finally stopped driving! And he had opened the door! In fact, he had to stop to contend for the initiative.

Jiang Liushi had already prepared for Blood Wolf’s incoming attack.

"Da da da!"

Jiang Liushi continuously shot, and Blood Wolf was constantly changing his direction.

Although the speed of Jiang Liushi’s nerve response was really quick, his arm was still an ordinary person's arm, whose speed could not keep up with Blood Wolf. Bullets shot on the ground making countless debris and sparks, but they did not hit Blood Wolf.

At the same time, several currents suddenly popped up toward Blood Wolf.

The currents formed a power grid, so that Blood Wolf could no longer escape, so he suddenly jumped and disappeared behind the minibus.

"Be careful!" Jiang didn’t hesitate to turn and lift his muzzle.

"Da da da!"

Blood Wolf’s speed was extremely fast. He had easily dodged that round of bullets.


In Jiang Liushi’s mind, an image of the minibus’ rear immediately appeared. Blood Wolf was hiding behind the minibus, he had thought that Jiang Liushi would be afraid because his direction was unknown.

But he did not know that the Starseed was connected with Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi saw Blood Wolf hiding with his mind quickly.

Blood Wolf’s speed and strength were extremely powerful, but when he was carefully hiding and waiting for an opportunity to rush out, it was a rather ridiculous scene.

From that angle, it was difficult for Jiang Liushi to shoot, so he gave a signal to Jiang Zhuying, and silently whispered, "Attack."

Although Jiang Zhuying could not see anything, she threw the longsword directly without any hesitation. At that point, her eyes suddenly became sharp and a small current was beating through her body.


Where the longsword was, the snake flurried. The whole longsword was surrounded by the current. Jiang Zhuying directly used her strongest attack.

Such a current could directly burn more than a dozen, or even more zombies! Of course, Jiang Zhuying had no way to maintain that amount of current.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi didn’t hesitate to lie down, putting his muzzle directly at the ground.

Blood Wolf was ready to rush out, but the current suddenly struck, so he had to dodge!


Seeing that longsword suddenly dumped over, but also carrying such a strong current, Blood Wolf was suddenly surprised. He dodged back quickly!


A sharp pain suddenly came from his arm!

Blood Wolf was on the ground with his four limbs. When he dodged, his arm immediately had been exposed within Jiang Liushi’s view. And Jiang Liushi pulled the trigger without the slightest hesitation.

Blood was splashed, his arm was hurt badly.

"Oh!" Blood Wolf issued a shrill scream, but he did not understand how a hit had landed on him. However, that did not interrupt his pace.

"Cracked." He heard the sound of guns. This sound let Blood Wolf gnash his teeth in anger!

The pain’s stimulus let Blood Wolf feel like fainting. All his blood was as if it had focused on his head.

[Kill him, must kill him!]

Suddenly, Blood Wolf jumped up to the roof, and then all of a sudden rushed toward Jiang Liushi’s direction.


Above his head, a power grid instantly opened, and Blood Wolf rushed directly on the grid!

The truly terrible thing was that his every move seemed to have been anticipated.

The current let him feel instant paralysis.

"Bast*rds. I will slaughter you!" Even in pain, Blood Wolf also screamed, showing his claws, aiming directly at Jiang Liushi’s head.


Jiang Zhuying’s longsword blocked his claws. The winding current directly burnt his flesh.

Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying cooperated very well, at that moment, Jiang Liushi’s muzzle had also been lifted up.


Blood Wolf suddenly felt his shoulder being blown up. He fell heavily on the ground, looking at them not far from him.

Blood Wolf was slowly struggling to stand up, but Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying just stood there looking at him.

The scene was too miserable.

"F*ck!" Blood Wolf looked at them angrily. His whole body was twitching because of being electrified. He rushed over, waving his charred claws at Jiang Liushi.

Blood Wolf’s speed had fallen a lot, but it was still stronger than an average person’s. But it was not enough for him to completely escape bullets.

"Bang! Bang!" Two consecutive gunshots. He dodged in advance, but it was too late. His shoulders and arms were hurt.

His arm was pierced!

His whole body was bloody and in intense pain. If he was an ordinary person, he would already be dead. He hated Jiang Liushi to the core.

If he could hit him before…

"F*cking your mother! In the end, you always used the gun!" Blood Wolf waved over.

Jiang Liushi aimed at Blood Wolf and said lightly, "Yes, you are right!"


Blood Wolf’s eyes were filled with blood.

He was caught like a mouse right into their deadly trap…