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Chapter 92: Humanoid Forklift

Chapter 92: Humanoid Forklift

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After the first evolution, the minibus changed into a luxury motor home with defensive abilities. Well, after the second evolution, what would new change would occur?

Jiang Liushi was filled with anticipation. At that moment, Starseed transmitted, [The secondary evolution process has been initiated, and the whole process needs one and a half hour, during which it doesn’t affect the usage of the MCV.]

After finishing the second evolution, there was still some mutation energy left!

As a result, some of the options changed. Some of them became dim, but some were still available.

"Build up another storage space!" Jiang Liushi had cast a covetous eye at it for a long time.

Although the space of the minibus has reached the extreme, it was still not enough. Even his roof was filled with supplies. From the start, Jiang Liushi had been looking for opportunities to build up another storage space.

[The storage space size will be anaerobic with ten cubic meters at a low temperature. Fresh ingredients can be stored for more than one year, and mutant meat can be stored more than three years.]

The sound of Starseed came, [The option has been selected to progress, the materials needed are the following …]

All the materials could be found locally.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun handled all the carrying again. But they totally didn’t know for what purpose those metals were needed. However, it was better to accept deferentially than to decline courteously. They believed that Jiang Liushi was a mysterious person. Collecting metals may be his special hobby, at least they had no other way to interpret it.

[The first-class storage space began building and it the time needed for its completion is one hour.] Starseed transmitted.

[One hour…] Jiang Liushi could surely wait.

During that period, he let Zhang Hai and Sun Kun help him collect the necessary materials for repairing the minibus.

As for rubber materials, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun extracted all the tires from Blood Wolf’s cars. The rest of the required materials all could be found in the Special Metal Factory and the surrounding two factories.

Without the threat of Blood Wolf and zombies, the warehouse was simply a large material house.

An hour passed quickly, [The first-class storage space has been built up.]

Jiang Liushi suddenly could not help but reveal a smile, [Excellent!]

In his mind, a panel suddenly appeared, it showed the remaining space of the first-class storage space; one hundred percent.

At the same time, the Starseed scanned all the items in the MCV. Of course, it did not include him or any other living creatures.

As long as those materials were put in the minibus, Jiang Liushi could immediately feel them. Ten cubic meters were enough!

He had collected all the needed materials, but it was not convenient for him to repair his minibus in front of Zhang Hai and Sun Kun. However, in addition to those materials, it also needed some rare metals. Jiang Liushi wanted them eagerly. Upgrading the storage space, it was just for that purpose!

"Zhang Hai..."

Jiang Liushi just said, but Zhang Hai and Sun Kun stood up immediately.

"We’ll go..."

They had downgraded from paranormals to mere porters, but they did not mind, they knew that Jiang Liushi was a person they had to respect if they wanted to keep their lives. If Jiang Liushi had not helped them, they would be doomed to die today.

There were trolleys all around, adding the fact they were paranormals increased their efficiency in carrying things around. But even so, they were exhausted, because the position of those metals was scattered. They just moved twelve tons of metal in an hour. It sounded more, but in fact, it was just a long and wide one meter cube. It took up 10% of the space.

But Zhang Hai and Sun Kun could only take a hundred kilograms at once and they moved for a hundred and twenty times!

They were too tired to move anything else, actually, they couldn’t bear lifting a single gun.

Jiang Liushi felt compunctious and speechless. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun looked at Jiang Liushi with poor eyes. They were being used as humanoid forklifts.

"Reach the limit..."All the materials in the warehouse were eagerly coveted by Jiang Liushi; those materials were not easy to find. They often had a very high density, even close to twenty tons a cubic meter!

Jiang Liushi closed his door, he was not anxious to transfer those metal blocks to the storage space. Otherwise, if Zhang Hai and Sun Kun inadvertently witnessed from the windshield that those metals had disappeared, they would feel strange.

As a result, Jiang Liushi sent off Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, and then he focused his attention on Starseed, asking it about the benefits of the second evolution.

[The benefits of the second evolution: the completion of the MCV assistant; open the new form of the MCV; the host can choose any vehicle to be scanned, and after scanning, the Starseed will complete the transformation of the vehicle and store it into subspace. However, after the scanning is initiated, it cannot be canceled.]

Hearing the description of the Starseed, Jiang Liushi was shocked. He originally thought that the second evolution mostly had to do with some function of the MCV, but he did not expect that change would actually be that big. MCV’s assistant? New scanning function!

The first new function wasn’t very clear, so Jiang Liushi could only guess according to the literal meaning.

But the second, scanning a new vehicle? What did that mean?