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Chapter 93: Blood Wolf’s Base

Chapter 93: Blood Wolf’s Base

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi asked Starseed about the new functions, and then the Starseed gave him a detailed explanation. It didn't mean that the MCV would have two forms. After scanning a new means of transport, he could call that new form out.

That is, Jiang Liushi would have a new and available MCV in the future. As for the subspace, it was dedicated to store the new MCV. That space would be automatically opened.

Jiang Liushi was very satisfied with the subspace. Almost all the functions, provided by Starseed, needed to collect the appropriate materials to build. The subspace could be regarded as a welfare services. The second evolution was great!

But 'after scanning it can't be canceled', which let Jiang Liushi become calm down from the excitement. That meant he had to adopt a prudent policy.

In fact, he was not nervous at all, for he knew what to expect… but he was afraid that the dreamed one couldn't be found in nearby regions. Scanning should be considered carefully. He couldn't be in a hurry to succeed.

[How about the assistant?] Jiang Liushi made a unilateral declaration. When he looked at the option, Starseed immediately gave an explanation. The assistant needed time. As a result, Jiang Liushi had to patiently wait.

[It is another comfort,] Jiang Liushi thought about all the perplexing vagaries of that new option.

[The construction of the assistant needs seventy two hours, whether to build or not?]

Seventy two hours, after determining the usage of the MCV was not affected, Jiang Liushi chose to confirm. But the time was indeed a bit long. And the long wait put Jiang Liushi in a rather nervous state filled with excitement.

After finishing all those things, the sky had gotten completely dark.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun made a pile of fire in the open space. And then they barbecued mutant meat, giving two shares to Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi.

They would usually only eat some jerky as they rarely encountered such a secure industrial park. Naturally, they would like to seize the opportunity to eat a warm meal.

Although they didn't add any spices, the gravy and oil was baked out, so the meat immediately became fragrant and they had a good appetite.

Jiang Liushi was busy for the whole day, so he was really hungry. Especially after using the brain evolution, he suddenly felt that his body had become empty from nutrients.

"Fortunately, we had taken some meat from the inventory just in case…" Zhang said. They couldn't ensure that they would be able to return in a day.

In zombie-intensive areas, there were too many variables. Without enough food, it would be quite terrible. Now these stocks had been eaten by Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Zhuying also ate a lot. After using her electricity today, the consumption was huge. After eating some mutant meat, she suddenly felt a hint of comfortable feeling from the inside of her muscles. It was different from the original feeling, but Jiang Zhuying was still very sure that this change was certainly not a bad thing.

Even she instinctively felt that this change was so weak. If it was strong enough, her body would inevitably make a new change. She should find a way to seize that feeling.

They had eaten their fill. Jiang Liushi drank a few mouthfuls of mineral water, and then said, "It is late..."

"Let's hurry to Blood Wolf's base," Jiang Liushi said.

"Brother Jiang, you…" Zhang Hai smiled and he really liked Jiang Liushi's character.

It was completely unnecessary for them to worry.

If it was any other place they wouldn't dare going out anymore, unless they didn't want to live. But in that industrial park, the number of zombies was small. As long as other zombies would not be attracted, they could do anything freely.

"Let's go!"

"Yeah, let's go, actually I'm pretty curious about what the stock will be like."

"They kept hunting every day, and frequently traded in the Satellite Town, so it is certain that they must be pretty rich."

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were excited to jump on their car, Jiang Zhuying was sitting in her brother's minibus. The two cars moved toward the direction of their base. In that industrial park, the road was extending in all directions with many detours.

No wonder Blood Wolf and the others could secretly follow them, and then wait for them to enter the warehouse and block them.

Zhang Hai looked at the signs of the road, taking the most normal route. A few minutes later, they reached the door of a pharmaceutical company. The company's door was open and a few red dots could be seen far away.

While they were driving slowly, a few of those red dots were swaggering from the hidden point.

"Coming back so late? They said that they would go to catch a fat sheep, but that is such a broken car, too broken…" But he suddenly showed a vigilance and surprised look.

Because he saw from the windshield a stranger. They were not their members, but they were Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying.

If Jiang Zhuying was dying, it would be normal. But now, Jiang Zhuying was obviously in a perfect state.

They clearly did not wait for that person to react, Zhang Hai had been driving the off-road vehicle rushing toward him, and then Sun Kun's spear suddenly stabbed from the window.


The man fell heavily to the ground, but his gun landed in Sun Kun's hands.

The rest of the red dots immediately reacted, but then, the minibus suddenly accelerated rushing to the front.

"Da da da!"

They quickly shot, but the minibus was still rushing straight toward them at a quite fast speed.


After the collision the red dots completely disappeared. They were guards, but they were killed without seeing their enemies' faces.

Zhang Hai cried with excitement, "All the people inside, listen carefully! Brother Jiang took us to collect our trophies! Brother Jiang has killed your boss!"