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Chapter 94: Simplicity

Chapter 94: Simplicity

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They quickly drove to the door of the villa. That villa had a little light, when they looked into the villa, they found someone hiding behind the curtains, secretly looking out. It was obvious that she was a woman with long hair.

As long as seeing the person in the car, that woman immediately revealed a panicked look, and she quickly released the curtains.

"Let's go." Zhang Hai went off first, carrying a gun, slowly moving to the villa. Cars and pillars were his shield. When they arrived at the door, they found a lock hanging on, its chain's thickness was a little more than a thumb. That lock was hanging there and keeping the villa locked from the outside.

"Move back."

Zhang Hai rubbed his fists and wiped his palms—he was eager to put his powers in use. Hiding not far away, finding a good angle, he aimed at the iron lock and then pulled the trigger.


At the same time, several screams behind the door could clearly be heard, but they immediately disappeared.

"Banggg!" Zhang Hai rushed and kicked the door heavily. His muzzle aimed at the house, and then he shouted, "Keep quiet! Our boss and Brother Jiang have come."

A burst of girls' shouting came again from the house. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun hiding near the door, with their guns, were aiming at for a while and found that there were indeed no armed men. As a result, they rushed into the house, aiming at the people inside.

Sun Kun was holding a flashlight, he was searching for the switch, when he found it he pressed it and the lights brightened the living room. The whole room was bright and dignified. There were probably more than a dozen women in the house.

They had gathered in the corner, when the lights suddenly lit, they could not help but narrow their eyes.

Several of them showed a look of panic, all clutching their mouth with their hands tightly. They were afraid of making a noise that might annoy Zhang Hai and so on. The rest of the girls were paralyzed sitting beside the wall with numb eyes. They all had confused expressions.

"Only women?" Zhang Hai was stunned for a moment, and then asked, "Only you were left in the house?"

In addition to those numb girls, others were too nervous to meet his gaze or answer to his questions.

"Say something. Do not be afraid, understand?" Zhang Hai said surprised.

At that time Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying had also reached the door. They didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Only robbers would speak the way you did. How could they not be afraid of you? "

At that moment, one of the girls suddenly asked, "Where is Blood Wolf?"

Jiang Liushi looked at her. She was a young lady with a haggard look. When their gazes gathered to her body, the girl immediately trembled.

All of them were waiting for an answer. Zhang Hai's cry was non-stop all the way, and they must have heard, but they just were not sure.

"Blood Wolf? Hey, Brother Jiang killed him," Zhang Hai said.

Those girls looked nervously at Zhang Hai, and then looked at Sun Kun.

Sun Kun was looked a bit like a bully with an aggressive expression. Was he the one that had killed Blood Wolf?

Sun Kun was shocked for a moment, and then quickly said:, "Hey, don't look at me. He is Brother Jiang."

Seeing Sun Kun pointing at Jiang Liushi, those girls were suddenly startled. That young man? And those two vicious men were his members?

It was perfectly logical and reasonable that they could not believe it. Jiang Liushi just looked like a college student. However, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun had aggressive statures.

In their hearts Blood Wolf was already a synonym for terror. How could that young man have killed Blood Wolf?

However, they had heard gunfire and screams, and all the guards had been killed. What they said was absolutely true.

"Well, you don't to keep saying it," Jiang Liushi went in and said, "You, the one standing over there. Tell me, are there other people in this house?" Jiang Liushi asked with a cold look, but it was better than Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's.

The girl he had pointed to carefully said, "There are two people in the backyard…they are…toys…"

"Toys?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"They had tortured them to death, and called them toys," another girl explained quietly.

"So…Sun Kun, you go and look at them carefully. Give them a quick ending," Jiang said.

"Okay!" Sun Kun immediately went to the backyard.

Jiang Liushi and so on continued to look at those girls, "Where did they live?"


"Lead the way," Jiang Liushi said. Those girls looked at each other, putting their heads down.

"You," Jiang Liushi casually pointed out the girl, who gave an interpretation of "toys". This girl was hiding behind the curtains.

She seemed more courageous than the others. Jiang Liushi knew that those girls were very afraid, but he didn't intend to explain his intentions. It was impossible to completely dispel their fear.

Those girls were emaciated with a sallow complexion. At the same time, they were covered all over with cuts and bruises. It was obvious that they had been caught by Blood Wolf and they were tortured.

Women without a self-protection ability were like lambs after doomsday; it was miserable.

The girl was surprised, but she did not dare to refuse, so she took up the courage to stand up.

"Lead the way," Jiang Liushi said.

The girl walked slowly in front of them, and then moved toward a door on the third floor. A big lock was hanging on it, so Zhang Hai walked over and the lock was violently opened.

The door was kicked open, and Zhang Hai taking a gun went into the room. After a while, his laughter came, "Boss, Brother Jiang, you have to come and see. Blood Wolf's inventory is a treasure trove!"

Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying moved inside.

The girl stood at the door, she dared not go in and dared not walk away, so she could only uneasily stand there.

The room was large with a small living room, a bathroom and a large bedroom, and a cloak with the same size as the bedroom.

The useless furniture had long been thrown away. In addition to a bed, it was filled with supplies everywhere.

Blood Wolf seemed to be a "simple" person, even his hobbies were so simple. Compared to sleeping in a gorgeous room, it was obvious that sleeping near the materials let him feel at ease.

However, those precious materials had come under Jiang Liushi and his team's hands.