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Chapter 96: Harvest

Chapter 96: Harvest

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During the waiting period, Jiang Liushi had decided which metals should be taken away.

[The auto-absorption function is ready.] The Starseed reminded him after fifteen minutes. From its appearance, the minibus didn’t have any changes. He immediately started his MCV, and could not wait to try the new function.

Jiang Liushi slowly moved to the metals he had decided to take with him. On one shelf there were placed lots of rare metals. The density of the metals was very large, a forklift was needed to take them down.

It was a quite difficult thing to use a forklift to carry them. When Jiang Liushi was driving his MCV near the shelves, Starseed reminded him again, [The target has been detected, whether to start automatically absorbing or not?]

"Of course, begin absorbing!" Jiang Liushi immediately depressed his brakes. That distance should be the most suitable to start automatically absorbing; according to the Starseed’s information the range was just five meters.

Those details seemed useless, but they would come in handy. Knowing in advance was better than knowing nothing.

Jiang Liushi’s eyes were staring at those metals on the shelf, because he was curious about the automatic absorption function. In the end, how would the absorbing be accomplished?

And after Jiang Liushi gave the "start to absorb" instructions, the selection screen automatically emerged from his mind.

Jiang Liushi turned his sight, in the range of five meters, all things into his field had been included in the option. But blood and flesh were not included in that column. Particle light-speed contained very high energy, but when used as an automatic absorption function, it only worked on those items.

Jiang Liushi selected those metals in his mind, instantly, he saw a light flashing and after that the metals had disappeared from the shelf.

Next, neat blocks of metal appeared in the storage space of his MCV. The process of automatic absorption lasted less than a second. If it had been seen by others, they would certainly realize that they would think that their eyesight had gone bad. The MCV continued absorbing at such a speed, and soon all the metals on the shelves had disappeared.

Jiang Liushi made a hurried journey without stopping, and immediately turned to his next goal…

The MCV seemed to have an invisible mouth, wherever it went, it would absorb all the things. The original shelves all became empty.

Jiang Liushi directly knocked down the empty shelves, and then drove deeper. When he drove out of the warehouse, all that could be removed had been moved out by Jiang Liushi. However, the metal reservation in the warehouse was thousands of tons. Jiang Liushi just chose some rare materials.

His storage space was filled with those metals, which were only a small part of the whole warehouse.

[The design of the storage space is very reasonable.] Jiang Liushi thought.

Getting so much metals, Jiang Liushi didn’t need to worry any more. As for those metals carried by Sun and Zhang, Jiang Liushi still put them on the compartment. Otherwise, other people would feel that’s queer indeed. The special metal warehouse had been plundered by Jiang Liushi secretly, and then he drove back to Blood Wolf's base.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun originally guessed Jiang Liushi had something to do, but as he returned so soon, they felt that they may have guessed wrong.

"Most of the things have been moved, even the car’s cab is filled. That off-road vehicle has also been filled with supplies," Zhang Hai said.

"There are still some things inside but they are not much," Sun Kun added.

"We don’t need those items, leave them for the girls," Jiang Liushi said. The best materials had been taken away, so Zhang Hai and Sun Kun did not feel bad.

"Blood Wolf’s resources were really plentiful!" Zhang Hai’s eyes were shining.

Sun Kun lightly climbed on the truck, opening the door, and let Jiang Liushi see.

While they were carrying those things, they had already counted and placed them in different boxes, and then placed them on the car.

In the aspects of arms, Blood Wolf's inventory coupled with the ones picked up from the dead members’ bodies, they had 20 large and small guns, of which the most valuable were 3 Type 95 Automatic Rifle, 2 micro-submachine gun, as well as a light machine gun. The rest were pistols of Type 54 and Type 64.

They also got a box with 10 grenades. A whole box of all kinds of bullets, which was added up to some more than two thousand. They were pretty wealthy.

Thinking about the difficulty of hunting mutant beast, it was estimated that other survivors’ team were Blood Wolf's main hunting target.

They accumulated those materials through killing and plundering. As they kept becoming stronger, the efficiency of plundering would be higher. For Blood Wolf’s team, it was originally a rapid way of development, until this "virtuous circle" came to an end by Jiang Liushi.

"There are 4 pieces of body armor, a few triangular military thorns, and 2 bulletproof shields. There was also a lot of mutant meat," Sun Kun patted a dozen piles, which the meat was stored in.

"At least three tons," Sun Kun said. Hunting a mutant beast was extremely difficult.

In addition to these, the truck was also filled with a variety of dried vegetables, dry food, rice, etc. There were lots bottles filled with water and so on.

Actually, their harvest was quite plentiful, especially Jiang Liushi’s.