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Chapter 98: Humanoid Charger

Chapter 98: Humanoid Charger

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Jiang Liushi looked at the materials in the carriage and said, "Zhuying, I need your help to charge the minibus."

Although the minibus could use solar energy, it also had a battery that could power it. Charging it was similar to other electric cars.

As for why he needed Jiang Zhuying's help to charge it, the reason was very simple.


The loss of his minibus was serious. If it was not repaired, how would Jiang Liushi keep driving it?

The solar energy storage-power was only enough for daily use, and today's fighting had consumed most of the power. Relying on the remaining power was far from enough to repair it.

He had just returned from the Special Metal Company, but he hadn't found any generators and the like.

Contrary, there was a strong power supply beside him. Moreover, it was bio-energy.

Jiang Liushi already knew that although the consumption of using her special ability was great, it would her become more skilled and promote the evolution. So letting his sister to help him would be harmless, as long as he gave her enough meat to eat.

"Oh, no problem" Jiang Zhuying obediently accepted to help.

Although she was regarded as a humanoid charger, Jiang Zhuying actually felt that it was quite interesting.

As far as the two siblings were concerned, they had a similar mindset In fact, Jiang Zhuying has long secretly used her power to charge her phone. Of course, the result was not very good. That phone was burned…

But she didn't need to worry about the MCV, because it had a regulator, which could make the output voltage become stable.

Seeing Jiang Zhuying going to charge the MCV, Jiang Liushi took a large piece of mutant meat and some vegetables in order to cook.

Although the mutant meat's taste was quite good just by roasting, Jiang Liushi would like to cook it with some spices and mix it with other ingredients. Soon, the aroma was overflowing in the minibus.

The door had not been closed. While Jiang Zhuying was charging, her head gradually moved toward the door with as her small nose had been provoked, "Delicious…"

Jiang Zhuying exerted more power! She drummed her little face making energetic power generation. She felt like she was Pikachu…

Soon, the Starseed transmitted that the energy was enough to repair the minibus. Jiang Zhuying continued charging until she completely filled the battery.

"Good job! Quickly come to recharge yourself," Jiang Liushi stretched his hand from the door, holding a plate with a grilled steak. The steak looked tender, fresh and juicy, dotted with fresh vegetables and a few slices of fruit.

That kind of food, in doomsday was simply a treasure and the most extravagant pleasure.

As he had just stretched his hand, Jiang Liushi felt that the plate was empty, "One more please!"

"How fast!" Jiang Liushi was shocked.

Jiang Zhuying ate a total of several pounds of mutant meat. The energy of the meat moved into her limbs and bones, so her whole body felt warm with her cells slowly evolving.

Lying and watching for a while, Jiang Zhuying fell asleep.

Usually even in the camp, Jiang Zhuying wouldn't sleep so deep, but now she felt secure in her brother's minibus.

Jiang Zhuying was very strong before her team members, but in front of Jiang Liushi she was very well-behaved, actually she was determined to protect her brother.

But after today, Jiang Zhuying felt that she had returned to the past. In front of Jiang Liushi, she was just still his favorite little sister. During that period of time, it was the first time for Jiang Zhuying to sleep so sweet, and she didn't know that her brother was watching over her, like a mother looking at her new born.

Seeing that Jiang Zhuying had fallen asleep, Jiang Liushi was sitting on the sofa and issued an order to Starseed, "Begin repairing the minibus."

Some of the materials on the minibus started disappearing one by one. Electricity and gasoline were consumed, and the damage of the minibus was being repaired at a fast speed, which could be seen by naked eyes. The tattered tires were restored to their original state, and the 'spider webs' on the glass also disappeared as if they were erased.

[Repairing progress; finished 30 percent ... 50 percent ... eighty percent …]

[100%, it has been completed, the MCV is in good condition without any flaws…] The Starseed's transmission came.

Jiang Liushi looked at the repaired MCV, and gently exhaled; he could peacefully go to sleep.

The next morning, when Jiang Zhuying woke up to saw the minibus, she would certainly rub her eyes, and doubt if she had awoken or was still in a dream…

Early in the next morning, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun woke up. They simply finished washing.

Having a safe sleep, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt happy. In the environment of doomsday, most of survivors were far worse than them.

As long as the environment was relatively safe, they had to seize the time to sleep.

They were ready to light a fire and barbecue, and at that time, the minibus also drove their way.

"Boss, and Brother Jiang, the food is ready..." Zhang Hai and Sun Kun's faces suddenly twitched, their eyes almost dropped to the ground.

"What's this? Do you see what I'm seeing?" They blinked hard and looked again.

Clean glass, good tires, and not a single scratch could be seen on the minibus… it was really impossible!

Jiang Liushi had repaired the minibus before by himself. So Zhang Hai and others regarded him as a fanatical car enthusiast, so it was normal. And that damage was not serious! But this time the minibus was seriously damaged!

Generally, repairing was a big project, which was time-consuming. And it was estimated that the surface should also be marked with a lot of patches.

Moreover, all the materials needed were certainly not easy to find.

At that time, the minibus had stopped in front of them. Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying went off the minibus. They were full of energy. It was obvious that they had slept very well, especially Jiang Zhuying. Her skin was rosy just like lighting.

Was it possible that there's an explanation for all this?