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Chapter 99: Mechanical Refitting

Chapter 99: Mechanical Refitting

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Seeing Zhang Hai and Sun Kun staring in bewilderment, Jiang Liushi lightly coughed and said, "I had spare windows and tires on my car."

"..." Spare windows? It was normal for any car to have spare tires, but spare windows were extremely rare. However, even if he had enough materials, it was too outrageous that the minibus could be repaired to that degree.

Most people were utterly ignorant of repairing, but Zhang Hai was a professional mechanic, and Sun Kun always helped him.

They were paranormals, but each time they were drenched in sweat after repairing. It was impossible for them to repair such a large-size damaged car and make it look like a new one. Moreover, it was unnecessary to consume vigor and energy. After all, in doomsday, the appearance was not important at all.

So Sun and Zhang felt that's fantastic that the minibus was repaired in the twinkling of an eye. Jiang Liushi had not only fixed the car, but also very leisurely had repaired its appearance. It sounded absolutely preposterous!

Moreover, they always kept vigilant last night. But they didn't hear a little bit of noise from repairing; it was too unreasonable.

Jiang Liushi knew it was a terrible excuse. In the morning, when Jiang Zhuying saw the minibus, she directly turned back and muttered, "There should be something wrong with last night's sleep."

He looked at Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, and repeated what he had said to Zhuying, "In fact, you should also be aware that I am different from you in the aspect of special ability."

"Brother Jiang, what do you mean? Why can't I understand you?" Zhang Hai was confused.

Sun Kun all of a sudden thought that after fighting with Blood Wolf, Jiang Zhuying asked a similar question, and Brother Jiang's answer was not very clear. But then Jiang Zhuying had asked another question.

Now, Brother Jiang also said so…

"I should be considered as a paranormal, but I am different from you," Jiang Liushi said. Things about Starseed couldn't be revealed to others. And the peculiarity of the MCV should be kept secret.

"This… how about your special ability?" Zhang grabbed his head and asked. It was quite difficult for him to understand the whole thing.

"Mechanical refitting," Jiang Liushi said.

When he was lying on the sofa last night, he had thought that. If he directly said the evolution of his brain field, it was still difficult to explain its relationship with repairing. So he simply thought of a new ability; Mechanical refitting.

That ability was not a completely fabricated one. Although all the transformations were actually finished by Starseed, which was bound to Jiang Liushi, others simply could not find it at all.

"Mechanical refitting?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun stared at each other, "What is that ability?"

"I have some special and amazing skills in the area of mechanical refitting and modification, specifically, it is not clear. As for the principle… please don't look at me, because I don't know either," Jiang Liushi calmly said.

Of course, what he said could be totally accepted by many people. It's true that most paranormals couldn't fully understand the principles of their capabilities.

"Hey, the end of the world has come, so everything is possible. Brother Jiang's ability is too special, but it isn't strange," Sun Kun sighed with emotion.

When it came to the end of the world, Zhang Hai felt that it was not strange at all. After all, nothing was too strange in doomsday. Even pigs might be able to fly.

"Brother Jiang, your skill can be used to repair, but I think your shooting skill is so accurate, which may also have a relationship with this. They all belong to mechanical things. It is an excellent skill," Zhang Hai enviously said.

"Brother Jiang, in the future, maybe you could try modifying guns? It is indeed a useful skill," Sun Kun also nodded.

"..." Jiang Liushi didn't know what to say, he had nothing to say. The two guys not only convinced themselves to accept that argument, but also used a "reasoning" ability to help him add a bit, which saved him from thinking more excuses.

"But Brother Jiang your ability couldn't be felt by any energy sensor, if you did not say that, everyone would regard you as an ordinary person," Zhang Hai said.

But before his voice had died away, he was pulled by Sun Kun, "Could Brother Jiang need to be determined strong or not strong through the energy sensor?"

Zhang Hai totally agreed. Originally, they thought Jiang Liushi was just an ordinary person, and even some people regarded him as a burden, but now, they admired him from the bottom of their hearts.

Jiang Liushi had said Yang Qingqing's matter was an accident, but they knew that Yang Qingqing was definitely killed by Jiang Liushi. However, in front of the truth, they didn't dare to say anything at all. This thing also reminded them that they couldn't provoke Brother Jiang.

"Come and eat some meat," Zhang Hai quickly ran to take two strings of roasted mutant meat, and handed to his boss and Brother Jiang.

In doomsday, eating was the most important thing.

After eating breakfast, they were ready to set off.

Carrying so many supplies outside, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun felt uneasy, just like ordinary people with large sums of money walking in the street, they could not wait to rush back to their camp.