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Chapter 101: What Are You Looking For?

Chapter 101: What Are You Looking For?

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Several survivors around them were suddenly enlightened. Seeing so many resources, everyone felt very happy.

They all came to believe that, fortunately, Yang Qingqing had persuaded them. As a result, they had such a big harvest…

Unexpectedly, Zhang Hai was staring at that woman and sneered, "Reliable? Hey, we were truly lucky...If we hadn't gone to collect the metals, how could we have gotten these resources? Accompanying Brother Jiang to collect the metals was our real fortune!"

That woman was stunned for a moment. She wondered why Zhang Hai say something like that. What did he mean?

"And who told you that we did collect any metals?" Zhang Hai took out a brand new gun and said, "These guns were acquired by boss and Brother Jiang's efforts as we were collecting metals!"

"My Type 81 Automatic Rifle was meritorious! Oh, you can't even imagine how accurate it was in Brother Jiang's hands," Zhang Hai said, watching the gun, and then sighed, "Ah, it's an insult for the gun being carried in my hands, and my marksmanship is really bad…"

He did not realize that after saying those words, that woman became dumb as a wooden chicken. As for the rest of the survivors they all turned around with incredible looks staring at Jiang Liushi.

Soon, the origins of the new acquired resources were spread among those survivors.

Facts speak louder than words. All the survivors admitted Jiang Liushi's superiority.

Last time, when they went to the Satellite Town, they had killed a mutant beast, but they all believed that's because his car was powerful. Toward him, those survivors' attitude had changed a little, but they didn't believe that he was that awesome.

However this time, Zhang Hai had personally revealed Jiang Liushi's strength. It couldn't be underestimated!

Actually, the gap between paranormals and ordinary people was little. If he or she was a sharpshooter, then his or her combat effectiveness would be much stronger than the general paranormal.

At that time, the woman sneakily came before the minibus.

Jiang Zhuying had just come down from the minibus. That woman stood at the front, and looked into the minibus on her tiptoes.

It seemed like nobody else was inside…

She was eager to ask Yang Qingqing what had actually happened. Whether she had succeeded or not? If Yang Qingqing had succeeded, then she could receive some benefits. But if Yang Qingqing had failed, then she had to know whether that plan was exposed or not.

"What are you looking for?" A voice suddenly came from behind. That woman was scared and quickly turned around.

"Brother Jiang!" The woman looked at Jiang Liushi, and her heart was suddenly flustered, "Brother Jiang you scared me," the woman smiled and patted her chest. Her body was slightly plump. In that way, she concealed her surprise and panic.

Jiang Liushi observed with great interest her reaction and asked, "Your face is pretty pale. What were you looking for?"

The woman forced a smile and replied in a natural manner, "I was looking for Yang Qingqing, I have yet to see her."

"You were looking for Yang Qingqing? What made you think she would be in my car?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"This is not in case…" This woman did not know what to say. Looking at Jiang Liushi that was staring at her eyes, she felt a bit weird, it was as if Jiang Liushi knew everything.

[We were alone when Yang Qingqing was telling me about her plan. How would he know?]

Although it was just a guess, she didn't want to talk with Jiang Liushi anymore.

"I was busy, maybe I did not notice her, and I'll come back to find her later," said the woman. Then she turned and was about to leave.

But just as she turned, she exclaimed again, because Jiang Liushi was quietly blocking her way!

"I can help you meeting her," Jiang Liushi said while holding her arm.

Seeing Jiang Liushi's smile, the woman couldn't help but shudder, "Brother Jiang, why do you… you…"

Her athletic ability was much stronger than the average person, but when she was about to walk away, she was still caught by Jiang Liushi.

The survivors were carrying some materials, but they suddenly heard a scream. They looked around and saw Jiang Liushi clutching that woman dragging her to the minibus.

That woman's expression was distorted, she was struggling while shouting, "What do you want to do!? Zhuying-! Zhuying! Do you see how your brother is treating me!?"

Jiang Liushi was a young man, so naturally his power greater than that woman's.

As that woman was about to bite him, Jiang Liushi touched her waist and said, "You better be clever and behave."

A cold muzzle was put at her head, so the woman did not dare moving anymore, she was terrified, "Jiang Liushi, what do you want to do? You are crazy! Zhuying! Qingqing! Help me!"

The survivors as well as Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Jiang Zhuying were all approaching them.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun did not know what had happened, but they didn't speak while they were looking at the scene.

They knew a little about Jiang Liushi's character. Unless that woman had done something wrong, she wouldn't be treated like that.

As for the other survivors, although they had learned that Jiang Liushi was strong, after all, they hadn't seen it themselves.

They could feel a chill just looking at Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi was not bluffing, he would really pull the trigger…

That woman's face was full of sweat, and her voice became numb,

"What are you all doing? Hurry up and stop him! He wants to kill me!" She shouted.

"Quit pretending! Yang Qingqing wanted to kill me and rob my car, you knew about this! You just wanted to see whether I am dead or not, right? I'm really sorry to let you down. Otherwise, you could be sharing the car with Yang Qingqing, right?" Jiang Liushi said.

"Since you are looking for Yang Qingqing, I can help you meeting with her," Jiang Liushi smiled and said.

Hearing those words, her howling suddenly stopped. She had an extremely ugly face, looking at Jiang Liushi in panic.