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Chapter 107: Arrival at the Black Market

Chapter 107: Arrival at the Black Market

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They drove to the black market's door but they didn't stop.

A few ragged people were gathered in the black market's edge. The deathly pallor of their skins had replaced the faintest flush of color.

Hunger rooted them to the ground. When someone walked, they would stretch their hands for food, but no one would pay any attention to them. It may be a little promising for beggars before doomsday, as people would show compassion. However, after doomsday, more and more people were starving every passing day, how could beggars get any food?

Jiang Liushi looked at those beggars, shaking his head reluctantly. They all had hands and feet, but they didn't go out to search for food just because they were afraid of zombies. In fact, in doomsday, if one was afraid of death, their death would be awful.

There were no walls around the black market, only a simple sign was put in front of its door, which wrote, "Lan County trading area."

Beside the brand were huge animal bones. They looked like a dog's bones, but they were bigger than a cow. Faintly visible dry blood was on them; obviously they were from a mutant beast.

After it was killed, it must have been stripped of its fur and meat, leaving those bones in plain sight. The most valuable part of any mutant beast was its crystal nucleus. After removing the nucleus, the mutant meat could be eaten, but the bones were useless. After a mutant beast's death, their bones were not necessarily firm enough to be used.

Beside the bones, two bruisers were standing with pugnacious looks. However, they didn't emit any energy, so they were ordinary people. Each of them was carrying a machete, guarding the trading area's door.

If a black market could exist, then there should be someone controlling it, otherwise normal transactions, in doomsday, would be difficult to carry out, because the stronger ones would rob the weak's possessions. Only by developing some rules constricting violence, could the black market continue existing. But even so, disregarding the rules could happen at any time. In that black market, there was no security at all.

Jiang Liushi looked at the road, which was extremely narrow, and on both sides of it were booths and tents. Not to mention his MCV, even smaller cars couldn't get in. To enter the black market, he had to get off! That was the reason why he had to constantly strengthen himself.

"Brother Jiang, it's too late. What should we do?" Zhang Hai and Sun Kun would naturally follow Jiang Liushi's lead.

"We should find a place to spend the night," Jiang Liushi said.

The sun had finally set, so they drove and found a place to park and rest. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai took turns in guarding, but Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying had a good rest.

Jiang Liushi just had a light sleep. At dawn, he woke up. After the brain evolution, Jiang's sleep had a particularly good qualitative change, so he could sleep less but still feel like he had rested like a regular person. However, this time he hadn't woken up because it was the time to, but because the Starseed transmitted that the assistant had finally been completed!

"Finally!" Jiang Liushi was excited. He was really impatient about the assistant.

After all, the weapons they had were too valuable. With its addition they would have one more weapon in their arsenal.

As for specialization, Jiang Liushi finally selected the strength specialization. Agility, accuracy and defense were useless to Jiang Liushi. He could only choose the strength specialization. Power was Jiang Liushi's weakness, the situation would be much better with Ying's strength.

[The strength specialization is a little plain and there ways it can be restricted, but the stronger specialization, such as control, sensing danger, investigating and so on were not free. All these functions need nuclei in order to become available.] Jiang Liushi felt it was a little pity.

He could also choose weapons for the assistant, but to build a weapon also needed a nucleus and special metals! Starseed gave a list of weapons, such as two-handed sword, sickle, big ax and guns!

They were all cold weapons. At the end of the list, there were some weapons that even needed a level 2 nucleus to be built.

A level 2 nucleus? Jiang Liushi felt confused. If he really got his hands on a level 2 nucleus, he would use it to improve himself. It was ridiculous to say it…

Jiang Liushi was lost in his fantasies again… Imagining Ying, with perfect body proportions coming into being, looking so beautiful and frail like a flower… Suddenly, pulling out a huge sword, jumping in the air over ten meters high. Her body was so tough it could shatter rocks, and using her full power would be terrifying. To Jiang Liushi she was a goddess!

Jiang Liushi was getting more and more the feeling that the car assistant would not be related to a 'housekeeper'. Although she could drive the MCV, her fighting ability was superior to the driving one.

After he snapped out of his fantasy, Jiang Liushi had to face the harsh reality; he was a poor guy without any nuclei at hand. He had to sell the weapons and search at the black market for nuclei.

"That's it, let's get started!"

Jiang Liushi reviewed his choice once again and proceeded.

Suddenly in the dawn's blue sky, the beautiful moon illuminating on the water was deforming from some ripples.

Suddenly, the scenery was separated by a pair of elegant hands. A beauty with long straight legs moved out of the beautiful scenery. She was wearing black tights and a black skirt. She had a beautiful bust, a thin waist full of toughness.

She was like a fairy princess from the legends!