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Chapter 108: Ying

Chapter 108: Ying

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Jiang Liushi usually slept on the sofa of his small living room. He and Jiang Zhuying were sleeping separately. As a result, there was only him in the small living room. A beauty suddenly jumped out, so one could imagine the strong visual impact. If Jiang Liushi was a classic otaku, he would be obsessed by her beauty.

At that moment, the Starseed transmitted in Jiang Liushi's mind, "The assistant is scanning the host…the scan is completed." Jiang Liushi suddenly felt that there was a special connection between him and the beauty.

In short, it was like the connection a master and a spiritual beast shared in wuxia novels. The beauty's appearance was same as the data provided by Starseed, in all aspects.

Just as the Starseed had transmitted, that beauty was bound with Jiang Liushi, and she would be absolutely loyal to him.

At the beginning, this great beauty seemed to have no consciousness, until Jiang Liushi confirmed to proceed with her activation. The great beauty's eyes slowly lit up. Jiang Liushi deliberately coughed because he was trying to say hello, but at that moment, the tall beauty spoke first, "Are you the host?"

"Uh…" Jiang Liushi's words, all of a sudden, were blocked in his throat. He subconsciously said, "Yes..."

[Wait! It should not be like this! That's not the way I had imagined it... When she first appeared I thought she would act at my beck and call, not talk first... And she should also call me master! Originally, she should have a brilliant smile and ask with her tender and soft voice, "Master, what can I do for you?"]

[What is it with this 'host' title? What do you think you are, my roundworm?] Jiang Liushi whispered in his mind. But as he was silently complaining, the tall beauty was looking the MCV's various facilities.

She then stooped and touched the MCV's steering wheel. When she stooped, her tight black skirt perfectly outlined her tight buttocks' curve.

"I have something to tell you...please don't call me 'host'. It is unpleasant to hear!" Jiang Liushi protested.

"What do you want me to call you?" Ying stood up and turned to look at Jiang Liushi.

"You can call me... "Jiang Liushi suddenly had no words. "Well, you can call me Brother Jiang…"

"Okay, Brother Jiang." Ying called him with her crisp soft voice, which was quite nice.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi inadvertently found that although Ying's chest supported her clothes high-rise, he could see a perfect semicircle under her tight T-shirt, which was… she did not wear underwear?

Jiang Liushi was stunned for a moment. He had forgotten to add underwear! In reality, he was so focused on her abilities that he had not thought about the bra... It was difficult to believe... Jiang Liushi was swallowing his saliva. This was really a blessing, but…for a while she had to follow them into the black market. A lot of people were there, so he had to do something.

As he was thinking about it, suddenly, the bedroom door was pushed. Jiang Zhuying wearing cartoon pajamas moved toward the small living room, with a confused expression. She heard her brother talking, although, the sound insulation was very good, Jiang Zhuying still heard him.

"Brother…Whom are you talking to…?" Seeing a girl was in the room, Jiang Zhuying was suddenly shocked. But it was obvious that the girl was not an enemy.

"Who are you?" Jiang Zhuying asked the ravishing beauty in front of her.

"Uh…!" Jiang Liushi didn't know what to say. It was hard to explain!

"Zhuying, I will introduce her to you. She is called Ying and she is my uh…how to say it? She is my… that…" Jiang Liushi was tongue-tied.

[Bodyguard? Driver? Mercenary? They all sound silly.]

If he said she was his college classmate, and they saw each other in the black market, although it did not sound strange, it still sounded like there was something wrong.

At that moment, Ying made a generous introduction of herself, "You can regard me as a follower of Brother Jiang, you see, our names are a bit similar."

[Follower?] Jiang Zhuying was puzzled. She had just gotten up, so she was not clearheaded.

Why did her brother have a follower? Moreover, the proportion of her body was so good, and…Jiang Zhuying also found that she was not wearing underwear.

She was in the MCV so early in the morning, just with her brother at the same room, not wearing underwear…

Jiang Zhuying thought that she had connected the dots and her face, instantly, turned red.

Jiang Liushi knew that Jiang Zhuying may have misunderstood the situation, but he did not know how to explain what was happening...

"Well, brother… Did you meet this beautiful sister on the way to find me? Does she have an ability moving through walls? I did not feel the door opening before…"

As a matter of fact, Jiang Zhuying had just inspected Ying. She didn't have unique energy fluctuations, but Jiang Zhuying was sure that Ying was not ordinary.

"Uh…Zhuying, can you find a set of underwear for Ying?" Jiang Liushi was slightly embarrassed.

Jiang Zhuying spit out her tongue, watching her trembling tall chest, and then she whispered, "My bras are a little small, so she may not be able to wear..."

Jiang Zhuying also had an excellent stature, but compared to Ying...

"Bra?" Ying was confused because she didn't understand what the word meant.

"Uh, it is the underwear, this… worn on the chest."

The compartment of the MCV was very small. Jiang Zhuying easily found a pair of bra in the bed, but she did not mind her brother, and directly showed her underwear to Ying and her brother. Jiang Liushi was in an awkward position.

"Is this a corset used in battle?" Ying produced an association with Zhuying's introduction. She took the bra, and directly wore it on top of her black shirt.

Her knowledge was mostly related to fighting and the MCV's information. Apparently she didn't know about women's underwear, but she was very smart. She noticed that the bra could be buckled, so she did it with her pair of slender fingers.

However, she felt helpless because her chest was bigger than Zhuying's, so the buckle could hardly close.

Jiang Liushi was excited, his lips slightly dry, but Jiang Zhuying was totally stunned...

Where had that girl come from? She did not even know how to correctly wear a bra!