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Chapter 109: Enter Into the Black Market

Chapter 109: Enter Into the Black Market

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
The sunrise was pretty spectacular. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were both awake before eight o'clock. They seemed pretty refreshed from their rest. Zhang Hai was casually washing his face, while biting a toothbrush. Brushing teeth could be regarded as a symbol for having a quality life. In fact, although toothpaste was easy to find, ordinary people didn't have the mood to brush without enough food to eat.

"Brother Jiang, should we enter into the black market today? There are a lot of people." Zhang Hai having the toothbrush in his mouth, said unclearly.

"Yeah." Jiang Liushi opened the door. He came out first, followed by Jiang Zhuying and Ying. When Zhang Hai saw Ying, his eyes almost left his eye sockets, and the toothbrush fell from his mouth rolling down.

[This! Who's that woman!?]

How did their team suddenly have one more person? And she had even got off from Brother Jiang's MCV! This…what…?

Zhang Hai was charmed with the perfect proportion of Ying's body and her contradictory temperament, so he swallowed the toothpaste from the shock.

"Hai, she must be Brother Jiang's woman! Stop staring at her like that!!" Sun Kun said, giving a slap at Zhang Hai's back.

Sun Kun was smarter than Zhang Hai. Although he did not know how it had happened, seeing such a beautiful beauty getting off Jiang Liushi's MCV, he immediately made a guess of what had happened.

Sun Kun admired Brother Jiang's fortune, [The strongest becomes the king-strong authority governs.]

[Brother Jiang has the capacity to lead a wonderful life without worrying about food or clothing. In this messed up situation, doomsday, the conditions provided by Jiang Liushi are perfect. To sum up, Brother Jiang is a rich handsome man with a mobile home. Every girl would want such an easy and carefree life.]

[When did Brother Jiang encounter this beautiful girl? Last night?]

To them, Jiang Liushi was unfathomable and powerful. They were keeping watch all night, but they were unable to find even a trace of her presence. The probability of something like that happening, to be sure, was extremely small.

"Sister-in-law is really beautiful," Sun Kun was quite the sweet talker, and he immediately began flattering.

However, Ying did not respond at all. In fact, except Jiang Liushi, to her other people could only be discerned as friends or enemies. However, Sun Kun's words made Jiang Liushi and Jiang Zhuying feel uncomfortable.

Jiang Liushi was in no mood to explain at all, "Her name is Ying. She will be a new member of our team from now on. We should eat breakfast, and then enter into the black market."

"Yes! Yes!" Sun Kun and Zhang Hai quickly nodded. They roasted some mutant meat, but also specially cooked vegetables to make it better. After finishing their breakfast, they drove to the entrance. It was already nine o'clock in the morning, and the black market had just opened. Jiang Liushi saw a lot of vehicles, and some ordinary people with some goods coming to the black market's stalls.

In doomsday, the stalls were occupied at random. So the stronger ones naturally occupied a better position, and the weaker ones were near remote corners.

Jiang Liushi noticed that a few ordinary survivors, dressed in ragged, were selling a pack of tea and a can of cola in the corner. Some other survivors were selling half a pack of cigarettes and lighters. It was difficult for them to collect food, so they just wanted to rely on those things in exchange for some food. In addition, there was a variety of small objects, such as razors, daggers, canned fruit, jewelry, and drugs without instructions, sanitary napkins, cond*ms and so on.

Jewelry or something else was useless after doomsday. Generally speaking, cond*ms were in demand after doomsday, because it was very easy to be infected with a disease. Ordinary people would live their days as there was no tomorrow, so they did not care about diseases, but paranormal people were very worried about it.

In fact, most of the ordinary people, would sell things just because they wanted to exchange some food. For paranormals, mutant meat was the hard currency, but for ordinary people, food was life.

Tea, cola and cigarettes were luxurious items, which couldn't be used to fill the stomach, and only paranormals would use food to buy those things. In addition to filling their stomachs, they would like to give themselves a little "enjoyment".

Jiang Liushi naturally looked down on those items, but some weak teams would pay attention to those goods. Jiang Liushi saw an adult man carrying a gun near a stall, in order to buy two packs of cigarettes. Even after doomsday, smoking was an unbearable impulse.

Jiang Liushi's group was too eye-catching in the black market. They had two beautiful girls, two strong guys holding automatic rifles--Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, and Jiang Liushi, who looked like an ordinary person. In order to avoid trouble, Jiang Liushi let Zhang Hai and Sun Kun hold guns. Seeing that scene, even children would come into an understanding; they were powerful. Jiang Liushi could feel that, since they entered the black market, some people were observing them. Of course, their focus was on Jiang Zhuying!

"It seems that they are here for important business, so they are not interested in these small commodities." Not far from their team, a young man and an old man whispered.

"They are outsiders, a big fat sheep just landed in our hands! We have to savor the whole sheep, not even leaving its blood behind," The old man said, licking his lips like a savage beast.

"Zhang Hua, you should bring them in. Probably only things inside the black market will let them feel pleased."