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Chapter 111: Top Paranormal

Chapter 111: Top Paranormal

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Zhang Hua did not know why Jiang Zhuying was laughing, but he clearly knew that she was laughing at him, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

[They are extremely audacious! How do they dare to laugh at me!? In this black market, whoever you are, you should accept our instructions and sh*t the f*ck up. This world belongs to the 7 Gods!]

If he was not indulged in his wishful thinking, he would have fallen out with them at once, but he was still keeping his patience. At that moment, Jiang Liushi asked, "Do you have a large number of guns here for trading? How about crystal nuclei?"

He wasn’t fond of Zhang Hua, whose pair of eyes were just like a snake’s. On the surface, he was looking respectful, in fact, he was looking at them back and forth like observing his prey.

"Large quantities of guns?" Hearing the question raised by Jiang Liushi, Zhang Hua really could not help but laugh. A team with just a total of five members wanted to buy guns in large quantities? Even if there were large quantities to sell, could they afford it? He smiled and snappily said, "The 7 Gods have enough guns, and they sell automatic rifles too. However, only two automatic rifles have been sold up till now. Other teams together have only sold a semi-automatic. Who would be willing to sell?"

"In other words, after the black market’s creation, only three rifles have been sold?"

Jiang Liushi understood, and he was sure enough the number of guns in Lan County, was very limited.

"What…feel a little?" Listening Jiang Liushi’s tone, Zhang Hua was increasingly unhappy, "The 7 Gods have one automatic rifle for each one! Other teams, have less than three guns! "Zhang Hua said proudly, so Jiang Liushi nodded slightly," It’s okay."

[Okay? What does he mean?] Zhang Hua frowned, and at that moment he had finally lost his patience, "In the end, how much mutant meat do you have? The least you can have to enter our black market is a ton of mutant meat!" Zhang Hua suspected that he was doing something useless just as a blind man lighting a candle.

He believed that the "smart guy", who had asked whether there was a large number of guns for trading, actually was a brainless guy! What he asked was really nonsense!

"A ton of mutant meat? We have it!" Jiang Liushi smiled, one ton was nothing to them.

"Well," Zhang Hua believed that they had the meat, so he said, "You can go into the inner market!" Zhang impatiently waved his hand, pointing at a house inside the black market. Seeing that house, Jiang Liushi did not immediately move but said, "Can I drive my car there?"

Being at other people’s territories was not always safe. If his MCV was parked next to him, Jiang Liushi would feel relieved.

"What?" Zhang Hua looked at Jiang Liushi with disdain, and he really wanted to ask, [Who do you think you are?]

Once again he tolerated it, but snappily said, "Only the 7 Gods are allowed to drive in because they need to transport large amounts of mutant meat! Three or four tons!" Zhang Hua grunted, he was sure that Jiang Liushi had never seen before three or four tons of mutant meat because his team didn’t seem that strong.

"Three or four tons?" Jiang Liushi smiled. The first mutant wild boar he had killed almost weighted ten tons. "Three or four tons, I’m afraid that it is only enough to buy a gun." In accordance with the black market’s price, what Jiang Liushi said was true.

Zhang Hua glared at Jiang Liushi like a bull seeing a red rag.

He went so far as to disregard the facts and looked down upon three or four tons of mutant meat! Actually, after doomsday, one hundred ordinary people's lives may not be enough to buy one gun.

"Don’t brag! Since you look down our black market, why have you come here?" Zhang Hua naturally thought that Jiang Liushi was there to buy a gun. Of course, Jiang Liushi didn’t want to talk with Zhang Hua anymore. It was meaningless. And then…

"Di dii-!"

The harsh whistle of a truck sounded. A truck was driven from the outside of the black market. Although it was slowing down, it stirred the whole road into a tempest.

In fact, the truck’s speed was too fast. People tried to avoid it, but some of them, because of the hurry, fell to the ground. Seeing the truck, Zhang Hua’s eyes lighted up.

"Yuan boss, Yuan boss is coming, ha ha!" The so-called Yuan boss was a leader from a survivor’s team. His car was a modified truck, which could be recognized by Zhang Hua immediately. Yuan Boss was a top paranormal, he was particularly good at hunting mutant beasts, which made him become extraordinarily rich. Of course, in Jiang Liushi’s view, the so-called "top paranormal" was also just a level 1 paranormal.

"Woo! Yuan boss had a good harvest!" Zhang Hua saw a dead mutant beast in his bucket. It had black hair, filled with blood, which was constantly outflowing.

"Yuan boss!" Zhang Hua was shouting so that he would notice him, while he nodded to welcome Yuan boss. Yuan boss was a middle-aged man with a beer belly. He was wearing a small thumb thick gold chain on his neck, it was obvious that he was a cheeky upstart. Some off-road vehicles were following behind, and other younger brothers carrying guns just jumped off.

"Yuan boss, you have made a fortune!"

Zhang Hua smiled to welcome Yuan boss, however, he was surrounded by those younger brothers. So Zhang Hua didn’t have the chance to move further. "Yuan boss, this time you’ll attend the trading held by the 7 Gods, just because of this mutant beast, right? I guess that it must be around four tons!"

Yuan boss just looked at Zhang Hua and then he took out a cigar and left a puff of smoke.

Jiang Liushi got closer to see what all the commotion was and after that he couldn’t help but ask, "How can these people drive their vehicles here?"