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Chapter 112: Drive Here

Chapter 112: Drive Here

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"How can these people drive their vehicles here?" Jiang Liushi asked.

[Zhang Hua just said that only the 7 Gods were allowed to drive in. Following such a policy can only result in sowing the wind and reaping the whirlwind. " Jiang Liushi thought. Jiang Liushi’s question was heard by Yuan boss, so he angrily stared at Jiang Liushi.

Naturally, he was lazy to answer Jiang Liushi’s question, in fact, this kind of thing didn’t need his explanation. Zhang Hua said to Jiang Liushi with an unfriend tone, "The rules were set by the 7 Gods. Yuan boss is one of their members, and at the same time he is the deputy manager of the black market!"

"We have the power to make decision. From the opening of our Black Market to present, Yuan boss is our biggest customer. Of course, he has the qualifications!" Zhang Hua naturally tried his best to support Yuan boss. As for Jiang’s team, only when they could bring interests to the black market, it would be possible!

Yuan boss was ambitious and susceptible to flattery. He was pleased with Zhang Hua. So he sucked the cigar, no longer caring about Jiang Liushi anymore. He patted Zhang Hua's shoulder, and moved into the house.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi turned to Ying and said, "Drive my MCV here." Jiang Liushi didn’t pay attention to the so-called rules, he wanted his MCV to be there.

"Okay, Jiang brother. In fact, I don’t need to drive it, because the function of automatic driving was added after upgrading." Ying whispered to Jiang Liushi, her voice could only be heard by Jiang Liushi. Originally, only Jiang Liushi could drive his MCV, but after having Ying, not only could she drive for him, but also his MCV had obtained the automatic driving function.

"Oh, automatic driving?" Jiang Liushi was shocked, "Still, I think you should drive it, because the automatic driving function would be shocking to everyone and it’s better to keep it secret."

Before doomsday, automatic driving was actually a common thing, but it was too strange for a rundown minibus to have that function.

"Well! I got it." Ying answered and followed his orders. Soon, she drove the MCV to their location. As she was driving lots of stalls were destroyed, because of the MCV’s size, but it was quite easy for Ying to drive it. Generally speaking, Jiang Liushi relied on the data provided by the Starseed to drive, but for Ying…she was the assistant, and driving was one of her main functions.

Ying stopped the MCV before the door of the fair. Seeing that scene, Zhang Hua was very unhappy. He thought too much of himself and was getting too big for his boots, though he kept his thoughts to himself. After all, Jiang Liushi was leading a survivor team with paranormals and guns.

"This guy… I’ll let you know the gap between you and the 7 Gods’ team. You should know your place!" Zhang Hua said and passed through the door. Actually, he was about to snitch him to Yuan boss, and let him deal with them. If Yuan boss could spend much more at the fair, he would obtain some benefits.

"We should go into the house," Jiang Liushi said. He was relieved after his MCV was parked near the door.

They immediately passed the fair's door. It was a small building, which had a very simple pattern. After entering, they saw a lobby, in the middle of the hall there were five round large tables. The middle one was the largest, and the other tables were slightly smaller.

A group of people were sitting together, exchange things with each other. In fact, it was done in a very primitive way. Of course, it was unrealistic to establish a lively and perfect market, like the ones before doomsday.

The largest table was completely welded with steel, about five meters in diameter, surrounded by eight thick legs of steel pipes. It looked very heavy. If one wanted to exchange about three tons of mutant meat it could be placed there in order to be split.

Around every table, a dozen of chairs were placed. At that time, many round tables had been filled with people, but around the middle one only a few people were sitting. In Hua Xia’s tradition, it was an unspoken rule, the middle round table should be for more honorable people. The 7 Gods were sitting on that round table, and when Yuan boss appeared, he directly walked toward the middle round table.

On the middle round table, there were a group of beautiful teenage girls who were standing on the side of the chairs, or directly sitting on the big brothers’ legs. They were like their playthings, and of course, even in front of everyone, what they did was considered normal.

"Haha, my dear brother. We haven’t met each other for a long time, right?" Yuan boss used the traditional greeting to say hello. He cupped his hands and raised them to the chest high as a salute. Other people did the same returning the gesture. It seemed that only by using that etiquette could their identity be shown.

"Yuan boss, sit please!" A man wearing a fur said. His eyes were like a knife, on his hand a sapphire ring could clearly be seen. He was wearing a metal skeleton necklace and long metal heel boots. He was always holding a metal chain, as if raising a valiant dog, but when Jiang Liushi approached, he slightly frowned, because what he saw was not a dog, but a young beautiful girl.

A girl about seventeen or eighteen years old, was like a dog lying on the ground with a metal collar. Once the man moved the chain in his hand, the girl had to follow him to move, and the metal collar was grinding her neck’s skin red.

"The damned man!" Jiang Liushi had reached the end of his self-control. Actually, lots of people were hiding a wicked side, and after doomsday with no law, the morals decayed, enabling that wicked side to show its face and even worse. They acted recklessly and cared for nobody; what would be more ‘exhilarating’ than having a beauty a pet...

Jiang Zhuying cannot accept it! Moreover, there were a lot of whip marks on the girl’s body and she was being pulled out in public. If this could be tolerated, what could not?

"His energy fluctuations are very strong, so he should be the 7 Gods’ boss!" Jiang Zhuying said. She was very sensitive to finding other paranormals, but after the brain evolution, Jiang Liushi also had that ability. He had obtained many abilities.

"You’re right. We should go there too." Jiang Liushi directly led his team to the middle round table under the watchful eyes of the people in the room.