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Chapter 120: Leopard House

Chapter 120: Leopard House

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After doomsday, women, especially ordinary women without power, were always very miserable. Ran Xiyu's fate had been set down, when she was imprisoned by Hong sister.

Jiang Liushi cast a glance at Hong sister. In Jiang’s mind, Hong sister had honey on her lips and murder in her heart. She pushed Ran Xiyu to a living hell by herself. She was like those women running a brothel. Although they were honey-mouthed, the fate of all her girls were extremely miserable. The bidding was brisk. Yuan boss was too excited, had taken off his shirt with bared arms, his bidding had already reached 500 kg mutant meat. Jiang Zhuying frowned at him and turned around immediately. Out of sight and out of mind.

Actually, Jiang Zhuying couldn’t bear much longer with what was happening. She was willing to help but unable to do anything about it.

[The price is climbing up to 500 kg of mutant meat, if this was Satellite Town, adding 3 or 4 hundred kilograms could buy an automatic rifle. Were they hell-bent on spending so much just for a girl?]

In fact, guns, grenades and tri-edge bayonets all had a standard price, so the float would not be too big. But Ran Xiyu’s value came from her identity before doomsday, which was quite difficult to define. Before doomsday, it was said that some rich guys would spend lots of money to buy a famous star’s one night. They liked the feeling of conquest. The current situation was probably the same. Jiang Liushi waited for the cat to jump. He observed every act and every move Yuan boss made. It seemed to be Yuan’s nature to fight. Jiang Liushi was unable either to laugh or cry.

Jiang Liushi did not bid, but he also did not want to see Ran Xiyu fall in the hands of Yuan boss, which would be too miserable. At that point, the glamorous young woman said to Jiang Liushi, "Little brother, are you not interested in her? Or…"She looked at Jiang Zhuying and Ying with a mischievous smile. Actually, she admired at Jiang Liushi’s fortune. In Hong sister’s eyes, Jiang Liushi was too lucky having two beauties by his side, one was pure and the other was lovely. However, it didn’t matter…Ran Xiyu was different from the rest.

"I wanted to bid but I don’t think I have the ability to win..." Jiang Liushi shook his head. When he spoke to Hong sister, he inadvertently looked at white boss. The white boss was looking at him, and his eyes were like bullets. Jiang Liushi slightly frowned, [This person…]

"Jiang brother, I can feel killing intent from that man, he wants to kill you." Jiang Liushi suddenly got Ying’s sound transmission in his mind. As an assistant, Ying could directly communicate, through the Starseed, with Jiang Liushi. Concealed killing intent was hard to be perceived, even an excellent paranormal could not feel it, but Ying was able to see through it.

[Kill me?] Jiang Liushi thought about it quietly. Not surprisingly he had four mutant nuclei. Great winds blow on high hills. Jiang Liushi was as cool as a cucumber.

"I’d like to buy this girl." At that moment, the white boss suddenly stood up. He looked at Jiang Liushi, but he was actually speaking to Hong sister.

Hong sister was stunned for a moment. A sense of happiness came unexpectedly, so she had to make sure she had not misheard, "White boss, you mean…" She hesitated to ask.

The white boss turned his gaze toward Hong sister, he smiled and said, "A ton of mutant meat, and I’ll send you 200 rounds of bullets!" He suddenly pulled the dog chain in his hands.

"Ah!" That poor girl screamed under white boss’ feet. Her whole body was on the ground, but the chain on her neck was torn off. White boss dragged his chain walking toward Ran Xiyu. The fierce competition suddenly came to a stop. How pathetic! Yuan boss opened his mouth, but he didn’t dare say anything.

The 7 God’s boss had voiced his decision, so Yuan boss could do nothing but sh*t his fat mouth and grind his teeth. He knew he hadn’t the courage to go against him and didn’t let his anger get the better of him. White boss made Yuan boss’ hair stand on end.

White boss went in front of the cage, throwing the collar into the cage. Ran Xiyu did not respond at all. She looked at the cage with indifferent eyes, making it look like she hadn’t noticed white boss’ arrival at all.

Seeing Ran Xiyu so indifferent, white boss laughed, "You surely are stubborn, but I do not know for how many days you can keep that facade after you are placed in my Leopard House."

[Leopard House?] Hearing the name uttered by white boss, Jiang Liushi was shocked. The Leopard House was a pleasure chamber built for Zhengde Emperor, during the Ming Dynasty, where he took up residence and handled government affairs.

More importantly, he was fond of beauties, exotic women and raising dogs. It was a place for ‘entertainment’. In fact, Zhengde Emperor was addicted to pleasures such as music, women, hunting and racing. He led a befuddled life as if drunk or in a dream.

The Leopard House left endless rumors. Although lots of felt disdain when they heard of it, most of others would love to have a Leopard House. Before doomsday, it was impossible, but after it, it was more than possible. Many people had the dream of becoming an emperor.

White boss had built a Leopard House, following the ancient emperor’s footsteps. In his mind there was a clear goal. It was likely that the black market was just the starting point.

White boss looked at Jiang Liushi and said, "This friend, have you come to my black market just to sell guns? Isn’t there anything you want to buy?"