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Chapter 122: Asking Jiang Liushi for Help

Chapter 122: Asking Jiang Liushi for Help

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Generally speaking, the 7 Gods’ third boss was experienced and knowledgeable. But what he said, was nonsense to Jiang Liushi. In fact, Jiang Liushi was thoroughly familiar with Jinling City. If there were any mines around there, he could casually inquire about them, why would he ask about something like that at the trade fair?

"So, no one else really knows where I can find a truck like this??" Jiang Liushi glanced at the people around him. Originally, he was prepared to buy detailed information using mutant meat. But now, it seemed like it was impossible.

Only a few people in the hall knew about large-scale construction machinery. Moreover, after doomsday, the government had blocked channels of spreading information. As a result, ordinary people like Yuan boss were quite puzzled.

"It’s true that nobody knows," The 7 Gods’ third boss shook his head and said. It was quite difficult for them to find an extra-heavy truck. Actually, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

"Forget it." Jiang Liushi shook his head. He didn’t hold much hope, so there was no disappointment at all. Such information was not in popular demand, so it was understandable that nobody knew. As for Jiang Liushi, he just heard about it.

That kind of car needed tens of millions yuan, and because it was too heavy, it was not allowed to be driven on the road, so it was only driven in the mines. But at that moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Liushi’s mind, "I know where you can find this kind of car."

[Uh?!] A foreign voice had just transmitted in his mind? Ying had that ability, but her voice was crisper and sweeter, not like that voice, which was soft and indifferent.

[Could it be...?] Jiang Liushi suddenly looked at that cage, in which Ran Xiyu, wearing a white dress, was silently sitting with her arms wrapped around knees.

She had a pair of light gray eyes. Although she was about to face a living hell, that pair of eyes were still calm, like a lake under clouds before the storm…

"Were you the one who talked to me just now?" Jiang Liushi did not know how to communicate with Ran Xiyu, so he tried his best to send his thoughts to Ran Xiyu.

[Yes…] Ran Xiyu quietly responded and then she stayed silent.

[Can this kind of car be found near Jinling?] Jiang Liushi took a deep breath, feeling a little excited; there was finally a lead to where he could find the car he wanted.

Ran Xiyu’s ability could not be underestimated. After all, she was the Ranke Group’s princess. Not to mention, Jiang Liushi recollected that a branch from the Ranke Group was related to heavy machinery industry.

[Not far from it…] Ran Xiyu did not use a positive tone, [I just want to ask you, is this kind of car really important to you?"

Jiang Liushi was slightly shocked, so he did not immediately answer, but Ran Xiyu continued, [If it is not important, then I won’t say any more; but if it is important, you have to agree with a condition.]

Ran Xiyu's special ability was a telepathic one. Although she couldn’t read others’ mind, her psychological perception was better than any psychiatrist, so she could ‘read’ people much better than other. She had felt that it was quite important for Jiang Liushi to find that kind of heavy truck. That is, it’s out of the ordinary.

[What condition do you have?] Jiang Liushi directly asked. In fact, he had already made a rough guess.

[I want you to... take me away!] The black market was just the starting point of the living hell that was awaiting Ran Xiyu. Just glancing at the ‘discarded’ beautiful slave on the floor, Ran Xiyu could guess her future.

As a person raised in the elite cycle, she had an indifferent and arrogant disposition. After her father killed her mother, she had fallen into despair but she was able to accept her upcoming death peacefully... What she could not accept was her dignity being trampled and humiliated. She was in a perilous position, just like a sheep trapped by a pack of wolves.

[You want me to take you away?] Jiang Liushi blinked, [Aren’t you afraid that I’m like the others, wanting to defile and humiliate you?]

[Maybe...] Ran Xiyu bitterly smiled, [But...your spirit fluctuations tell me... you are not the same as the others…maybe in this world, only the soul cannot lie, even if it is so ugly…]

Ran Xiyu stretched out her thin fingertips, gently touching the cold iron bars. Across a few meters away, Ran Xiyu and Jiang Liushi looked at each other, as if they were separated by a layer of distant time and space.

Jiang Liushi slightly closed his eyes, sitting back on the chair. He silently considered the cards he had, and the current situation. About ten seconds later, he slowly opened his eyes, looking at white boss, whose eyes were blooming with luster.

"White boss, I’d like to buy this girl from you. Is it okay?" Jiang Liushi suddenly said. Everyone was shocked and dumbstruck.

"What?" White boss suddenly looked and stared at him, "What did you just say? I did not hear it clearly."

"I want to buy Ran Xiyu, at the price you mention."

Jiang Zhuying, Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were all stunned because they did not know why Jiang Liushi suddenly wanted to buy Ran Xiyu. Once he had said that there were so many people suffering after doomsday, and they could not save them all.

Yuan boss and the others also felt puzzled...

"F*ck, this guy is also a lady-killer. He wants to take away white boss’ woman. He delivered himself to our hands!" Yuan fat mercilessly ridiculed. He did not even hide his thoughts looking at Jiang Liushi- anyway, he had already bought the guns he wanted.

Yuan boss was probably the other contender who really wanted to get Ran Xiyu. When she was robbed by white boss, he did not dare say anything. But when Jiang Liushi suddenly jumped out, he felt that the situation was very interesting.

As an old saying goes, "The mighty dragon is no match for the native serpent." Yuan boss believed that the really interesting part of the show had yet to come.