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Chapter 125: Running Away?

Chapter 125: Running Away?

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
"Daa-Da-Daaa-"Sun Kun and Zhang Hai joined the fray and began shooting, but both of them were not as capable as the others. They tried their best shooting, but only one guy was killed by them. However, the automatic rifle’s sound was amazing! More people instantly fell to the ground to avoid the rain of bullets! While the rain of bullets was pouring…


A part of the trading hall’s brick wall was demolished by Bai Zhanshan’s punch and, after that, he rushed out of the hole he made!

He escaped! Bai Zhanshan ran away! Originally, his historical tide was surging forward with great momentum. But now, he was unable to fight against the beauty in black. As an old saying goes, "A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him." The situation had dramatically changed as Bai Zhanshan unexpectedly ran away!

That was beyond all expectations!

"Let’s leave!" Jiang Liushi immediately gave an order. His team had already accomplished their mission and they even wreaked havoc, making a name for themselves. However, that was their chance to leave as reinforcement would soon arrive. They had just killed some ordinary people, but Bai Zhanshan’s power was imponderable

If Bai Zhanshan asked other members from his team for help, it was hard to say who would be the victor. Moreover, the 7 Gods’ team had five other powerful members.

Ying was quite silent, but she instantly moved and arrived before Ran Xiyu's cage at once. Hong sister was shocked to death.

"This...key..." She tremblingly said. As she was about to find the courage to speak and give the cage’s key to Ying, Ying just stretched her hands...

She destroyed the cage with her bare hands! Everyone in the room stood aghast and did not dare making the slightest movement.

A ‘frail’ looking beauty with long legs could cause heavy damage to a guy who had turned into a bear, kick a steel table like it was nothing and tear a cage apart! It was difficult to believe something like that.

[F*ck! Who is she?] Although Ran Xiyu was naturally indifferent, she had also opened her eyes staring at the beauty in black.

[This girl is so strong!]

It should be said that in Jiang Liushi’s team, there were three powerful people instead of one. Ran Xiyu’s spirit was strong enough, so from the beginning, she could clearly tell that Jiang Zhuying was the strongest and her brother was special. Whether it was Ying’s terrible speed and power, Jiang Liushi’s shooting skills, or Jiang Zhuying’s current attacks, Ran Xiyu felt extremely surprised.

Asking Jiang Liushi for help was out of desperation, it was her last resort. Even though she did not expect that Bai Zhanshan would be savage and absurd, she was still wary of him. Also, she never expected that Jiang Liushi would have such a unique skill. When he was implicated because of her, almost falling into a trap, she was regretful. Actually, she never expected what followed!

Three people, in less than a minute, left everyone speechless. It was unheard of!

"Everyone, get on my MCV! As for the Hummer and freezer truck we will temporarily abandon them!" Jiang Liushi quickly said. His MCV was parked at the door!

Ying picked up the weak Ran Xiyu by with one hand, it looked like she was carrying a doll! They directly rushed to the MCV, including Sun Kun and Zhang Hai

Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were extremely tired, although in the battle, they were practically useless. In fact, no one could blame them because their strength was limited and their abilities couldn’t be used. In a big stride, Ying rushed to the MCV holding Ran Xiyu.

However, as they were rushing the MCV’s door was closed, Ran Xiyu stared at the door with her beautiful eyes, and they were about to crash on it! She was scared to death, but before they crashed the door opened on its own.

Ying went into the MCV and threw Ran Xiyu on the sofa in the living room. Ran Xiyu could not fathom what just happened, it was really weird!

She leaned on the sofa for a while and then she sat straight, only to carefully inspect the MCV’s interior. It turned out to be a well-equipped and beautifully decorated car. Although the space was not large, a bedroom, toilet and kitchen were all readily available.

Of course, Ran Xiyu had once lived in a motorhome, but that was in the past before doomsday! In the last days, Ran Xiyu had experienced a lot of suffering, hunger, dirty environments, cold, sleepless nights, fear and hopelessness. She was even imprisoned in a cage for a lot of days.

She was suddenly thrown in such a bright and beautiful fully equipped car, which made her feel like she was in a dream. She suddenly saw Ying sitting on the driving position and launching the engine! The beauty with long legs was actually the driver!

The difficulty of driving a bus was naturally more difficult than driving a car. Moreover, they were currently facing a crisis. There ought to be road fighting in the next moments, so the driver’s requirements should be very high.

[This girl dressed in black must be like a Jack of all trades]

After a while Jiang Zhuying and Jiang Liushi and the other two got on the car. Because the black market’s road was narrow, only the MCV and SUVs could be driven in, that large freezer was still parked outside.

"What about the freezer? Will we really abandon it?" Sun Kun and Zhang Hai felt distressed because there were materials and tons of mutant meat in it.

"Who said we would abandon it forever?" Jiang Liushi answered with his mouth slightly bent and his eyes lacking in luster. "Since they decided to fight with us, they have to pay a high price!"

"Uh?" As Sun Kun and Zhang Hai were still confused, Ying had already started the car, so the MCV rushed out just like a roaring beast!

Originally, the black market was full of booths, but they had long been scared and scattered. As a result, Ying could drive unimpeded through all the booths. The MCV roared past the black market. Soon, its speed reached 100 km!