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Chapter 129: Mining Truck’s Whereabouts

Chapter 129: Mining Truck’s Whereabouts

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
After all, Ran Xiyu was just on an internship, who held behind-the-scenes power. Usually, she was like the girl living next door. In the company, she was just an ordinary female student far from being a queen of the market.

"Do you want something to drink?" Jiang Liushi felt that Ran Xiyu was still feeling desperate. Her eyes looked indifferently calm with a hint of loneliness and despair deep inside.

Now, that pair of gray eyes gradually became brighter, "Thank you…Thank you…" Ran Xiyu automatically grabbed what Jiang Liushi offered her. She felt amazing after feeling its cold and smooth metallic touch.

It was a can of Cola. Ran Xiyu was very clear that in this world a can of Cola was an absolute luxury. In contrast, before doomsday, some luxury drinks, such as red wine costing more than ten millions, were the ones truly appreciated and treated as an absolute luxury. However, after doomsday, a can of Cola was quite different. It was true that someone would kill another person just because of a can of Cola. Even for Ran Xiyu, holding it, she also had a strong desire to drink it. She was really thirsty, adding her long-term malnutrition, so she urgently needed sugar to help her function better.

She carefully opened the can, accompanied by its distinctive sound, taking a sip of Cola. It was quite difficult to describe the feeling of a person who was extremely hungry getting some sweetmeats. She felt comfortable as if treading on air. Her blood flow had already accelerated.

That can of cola was nothing to Jiang Liushi. He had many other valuable materials and food. Jiang Liushi found that Ran Xiyu was hungry, so he took a plate of last night's barbecue and then opened the microwave oven. Hearing the sound of the microwave oven, Ran Xiyu was surprised. She hurriedly looked at that microwave oven.

[A functioning microwave oven?]

The power supply had long been interrupted, but it was normal for the MCV to be charged. Taking a look around, the refrigerator was also working with electricity, while beside the refrigerator was an IPAD charging, on its screen there was a paused animation episode. A modern MCV, with a comfortable sofa, and Cola in her hands, all those things gave Ran Xiyu the illusion that doomsday had never happened.

"Ding-!" The microwave oven’s bell sounded, as the food was ready, and interrupted Ran Xiyu’s illusion. The heating was over, so Jiang Liushi took out the plate with barbecue and placed it in front of Ran Xiyu.

"That’s some leftover from last night, but the mutant meat is fresh. Even though we made it yesterday, it is still crisp and delicious after heating it in the microwave. Please eat some." Jiang Liushi was sitting opposite of Ran Xiyu in a very comfortable manner.

"Mutant meat?" Ran Xiyu tentatively asked. Although she did not have the chance to eat mutant meat before, she could see the difference between ordinary meat and it.

Jiang Liushi nodded his head. The energy the mutant meat could provide was necessary to any paranormal, as the consumption for using their abilities was very large. It was quite normal for a paranormal to eat a few pounds. During a battle, they had to replenish energy. For most survivor teams, although they had mutant meat, they didn’t have enough to give to ordinary people to eat. But it was really nothing to Jiang Liushi. In Ran Xiyu’s eyes, the strength of Jiang Liushi’s team was abnormal.

Ran Xiyu picked up the chopsticks, caught a piece of meat and put it in her mouth. It just melted in her mouth, although what she ate was fat, it was not greasy. She had been starving for several days, even before doomsday, that was definitely the most delicious thing she ever had. Ran Xiyu ate quietly, which gave kind of a peaceful feeling. Comparing Hong sister’s cage to that MCV, gave of the feeling of transcending from hell to heaven.

"Thank you for saving me." Ran Xiyu looked toward Jiang Liushi. In fact, her spirit was different from ordinary people. Just by staring at a person's eyes, she could feel that person's thoughts. She looked at Jiang Liushi’s eyes, and she felt that his eyes were like a deep pool, calm and deep. She could only feel pureness, but couldn’t feel anything else.

"You do not need to thank me, because we both need something from each other. If it is convenient, can you tell me about that mining truck?" Jiang Liushi asked, he believed that Ran Xiyu would not lie to him. After doomsday, it was a very stupid thing for the weak to deceive the strong.

"No problem." Ran Xiyu answered looking at him with her gray eyes. She was very calm and started giving information about the mining truck, "As you know, I belonged to the Ranke Group, which was originally a machinery manufacturing company. We had undertaken 12 projects, among which there was a project related to a mine. The Ranke Group was responsible for parts production, after that, through the Yangtze River, we transported them to the mining company. However, in order to cut transportation costs, the mining company purchased a Caterpillar 793 mining truck, which was shipped with our drilling rigs."

"Before the start of doomsday, the cargo ship was in Jinling port delivering the goods to the Ranke Group, but after the start of doomsday I was unable to find information about the current situation on it. If it could be driven normally, it perhaps has been driven away from Jinling’s range. That’s the reason I couldn’t give you an accurate answer earlier"

"So…it seems that there shouldn’t be a problem checking." Jiang Liushi nodded. After the outbreak of the virus, most of the world's population either became zombies, or were killed by zombies. A ship was a closed environment, so it was very difficult for the ship’s crew to survive.

Although Ran Xiyu had said it was uncertain, Jiang Liushi thought it was possible. He was about to say something, but he was suddenly interrupted, "Jiang brother, in front of us there is a group of zombies."

"Oh?" Jiang Liushi narrowed his eyes and looked in front, there were dozens of zombies that blocked their way. He immediately commanded without any hesitation, "Obliterate them!"

"Good!" Ying stepped on the gas, rushing toward the zombies.